Memories are always beautiful; it would be exciting, fun and loving to check your photo that was taken 20 years back. In the earlier days, you need a friend or stranger to click a picture of you, but the advancement of the technology has changed everything.


With the help of smartphones, you will be able to take a photo of yourself and people named it as selfie too. People found difficult in taking group selfies or their full size photo through front camera by catching the mobile phones in their hands.

To reduce the discomfort, Selfie Stick was introduced. You can now checkout peoples taking a selfie with the help of these affordable and different types of selfie sticks wherever you go. Yeah, today we are going to look about the selfie sticks in detail below.

Selfie Sticks| A Buying Guide

Proceed below to check in detail about the selfie sticks, how to choose them, benefits and some of the best manufacturers who develop these selfie sticks in supreme quality below.

What is a Selfie Stick?

A portable items which help in securing your phone while taking photographs or shooting videos, they are developed to be light in weight, sturdy, and the comfortable handle assist people in taking different types of photos in various angles to shoot indoors and outdoor for extended period. You can be assured for the high-quality photos without any sacrifice in picture quality.

How to choose the best Selfie Sticks?

Selfie sticks are also derived from Monopods, which help people to shoot selfies in various angles and different types of places. They are attainable, diverse and affordable so that you can get one based on your mobile model. Make sure to note the below qualities before you grab a selfie stick for you.


Some people use selfie sticks daily, and they take them wherever they go, it would be worth for the people who love taking photographs and shoot videos.

You can fold, extend and keep them in your bag as you go, so you should never fail to check out the quality of the manufacturer before you buy them. You need to note down the material quality if it’s sturdy etc. and never get a flimsy selfie stick for you.


The specialties of selfie stick are that you can click favorite photos and shoot videos at any distance without lose in the quality. In this case, it’s important you pay attention for the selfie stick length.

There are selfie sticks developed in both shorter and longer with longevity and sturdy, you need to know which type of selfie stick you need based on your daily routine. If you are going with short selfie sticks, you will not be able to capture group selfies or shoot panoramic videos from some long distance.  


One of the important aspect to check out in every product you buy, in the case of selfie sticks you will capture too much of selfies indoor and outdoors. You need to make sure whether the stick is comfortable, they should not provide you any strain in your shoulder or wrist while taking the selfie from long distance. Check for the handles whether they are comfortable and soft for holding them.


The selfie sticks are developed with extraordinary features to improve the performance. Check for the mounting structure, the size, whether they are waterproof, the material and how soft and comfortable it is to capture images and shoot videos. Go for the one that has the smooth surface so that there is no chance for damage or scratch while placing the smartphone within them.

Benefits of Selfie Sticks

The advantages of selfie sticks are many, here are few of them below.

  • Helps to capture group selfies with any number of people without sacrificing the image quality
  • No need for any tripods to take photos or shoot videos
  • Let you capture number of  pictures from any angle you need
  • Huge variety of available perspectives
  • Easy to use and carry wherever you go
  • Comfortable to pack
  • Reduce shakiness while capturing selfies
  • There are no chances for your smartphones getting dropped from the monopod

Best 10 Selfie Sticks

Once you are clear about getting the selfie stick with essential features, you also need to know the right type of manufacturer or brand you should go with. Every brand many not provide you the best selfie sticks, it’s your responsibility to find the best manufacturer and then grab a one for you.

To help you guys, our top professionals have analyzed for the various selfie stick manufacturer and has brought you the top 10 best selfie stick brand who develop and provides the best one with good quality and an affordable price for their customers. The top picks are listed based on the various perspectives namely the customer reviews, ratings, the popularity in the market, professional analyzing, affordability, quality, price and much more.

Waterproof Selfie Stick from Quik Pod

There is no wonder in Quik Pod, a reliable manufacturer of producing high-quality products for their customers ranking number one in our best picks of selfie sticks. The manufacturer has come with a unique feature to showcase them among the other selfie stick brands.

selfie-1-Quik Pod

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The selfie stick is capable of fitting any DSLR Cameras like hero 5, GoPro Session, Nikon Key Mission 360, Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh WG-M1 Action Cameras, TomTom Bandit, etc. and any of the smartphones. The stick is developed to be completely waterproof and satisfies the Military 810G and ASTM B117/ISO 9227 Salt Water Standards, which is an wonderful aspect.

The selfie sticks can be used while boating, surfing, diving and any fun activities with ease and the sticks are developed in a way they do not attract sharks while capturing beautiful images and videos the aluminum rod is durable as they are made of high-quality materials. The selfie sticks arm can be extended between 15.5 to 39 inches and are designed to be portable.

The weight of the product is just 7.3 ounces and also comes with a carry bag for holding the selfie stick, you can comfortably fit these stick in your backpack and take it with you wherever you travel.

There is a quick release adapter that is compatible with any device and other accessories included in the product are sure to grip handle, stainless steel screws, GoPro holding strap with remote control, hiking clip, waterproof lanyard, selfie mirror that is built in, carry bag, tightening tool and silicone tether.

As a special bonus, the selfie stick comes with Bluetooth remote control for any Android or IOS, and this can be used on the land, not in the water. The price of the product is high but worth the money you invest in the selfie stick.

Quik Pod

Key Features: Fit any DSLR Camera, Quick release adapter

Pros: Satisfies the Military 810G and ASTM B117/ISO 9227 Salt Water Standards

Premium Selfie Stand Rugged Stick from Lifestyle Designs

One of the best manufacturers who produced customer satisfying products has captured the second place in our top picks of selfie sticks. You can check out the features and other specification of lifestyle design selfie stick below.

selfie-2-LifeStyle Designs

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The manufacturer has built the monopod with high-quality anodized aluminum and heavy duty so that they come for long years, developed to waterproof so that you can take captivating selfies even in water areas.

The selfie stick arm can be extended from 1 to 3 feet and comes with a foam grip, which is very comfortable and soft to hold. The camera angles can be adjusted in any range; there is a ¼ inch tripod screw in the top and socket on the bottom.

The monopod would be the best gift for anyone who is into Podcasting, YouTube, Interviews, Instagram Live, Vlogging, Demo videos, etc. The selfie stick can be extended from 18 to 42 inches tall so that you can take a selfie from any long distance without sacrificing in image quality.

The selfie stick is developed with the sturdy tripod and broader base, simple to use and easily fits your backpack so that you can take it with you anywhere you travel. The Bluetooth remote allows you to capture captivating images and shoot videos by standing on the tabletop or floor easily.

The lifestyle design selfie stick is considered to be the king of the phone clamps as they contain a universal heavy duty phone mount which can be stretched extra wide and durable. It can secure your phone that is up to 3.75 inches wide with their sturdy and soft grip, this also ensures you for no scratches or damages to your smartphones. Simple to insert and remove phone.

The price of the product is high, but you will never be dissatisfied with the product, measures about 1X1X15.8 inches in size and weighs approximately 6.4 ounces.

Lifestyle Designs

Key Features: High-quality anodized aluminum, Extended from 1 to 3 feet

Pros: Foam grip, ¼ inch tripod screw

Waterproof gear Selfie Stick from GoRad Gear

The third place in our top picks of selfie sticks is for the GoRad gear, one of the favorite manufacturers for many people for their high quality, unique features and attractive specifications.

selfie-3-GoRad Gear

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The monopod allows you to click images and videos in the different point of view and angles, made of anodized rust-resistant aluminum tubes and therefore lightweight and durable. You will never feel the pain in your wrist or shoulder as they are made of the soft and comfortable handle.

The monopod is developed to be waterproof, so you can use these selfie sticks underwater like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. and in other activities like skiing, kayaking, snowboarding and surfing, the accessories available within the product is made of high-quality materials for the selfie stick to long last.

The superior material and design attract the customers to go with them, and they also offer lifetime guarantee for the product. Comes with a tripod mount which is made of high quality and aluminum for the sturdiness, the twist locking system helps in adjusting the length of the pole from 17 to 40 inches.

The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the selfie stick, weighs about 14.4 ounces and measures in the dimension of 17X2.5X2.5 inches.

GoRad Gear

Key Features: Anodized rust-resistant aluminum tubes, Tripod mount

Pros: Waterproof, Twist locking system

New Grip Selfie Stick from The Alaska Life

One of the manufacturers who has grabbed a number of awards for their selfie sticks has captured the fourth place in our best picks of selfie sticks; the manufacturer has developed the product with many functionalities and characteristics to show them unique from their competitors.

selfie-4-The Alaska Life

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The manufacturer provides 100% guarantee for their customers as they value them more, you can use the device as a DSLR monopod (or) as an iPhone Selfie Stick (or) as a GoPro selfie stick and much more. Compatible with iPhone 4,5,6,6s etc. and every Android Smartphones that are 80mm wide, also perfectly fits all GoPro Hero camera versions.

The selfie stick is developed to compatible with any tripods; they are durable and rugged. The monopod is waterproof and therefore can be used underwater too. There is a thread on the bottom is attached to the tripod, and therefore it can be used as a self-standing selfie stick. You will be able to extend the arm to any length, and they come with soft and comfortable handles for avoiding the pain over your shoulder and wrists.

The selfie stick is considered to be the perfect gift for the people who are into the photography and videography areas, measures about 7.2 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 16.9X4.7X2 inches. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested in the multifunctioning selfie stick.

The Alaska Life

Key Features: Thread on the bottom, extendable arm

Pros: Compatible with any tripods, Waterproof

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth from Mpow

If you are the one who is looking for the best type of selfie stick for your daily routine photo shoot and video shoot, you can try going with the Mpow selfie stick, and this ranks fifth in our best picks of top 10 selfie sticks.


buy from amazon

Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity, the selfie stand comes with a full led light which can be adjusted to 360 degrees for making your night photoshoot and video shoot supportive in both indoor and outdoor areas. You can make use of the known down mirror for checking your appearance.

The fill light cable available within the product is used to turn on the light on the selfie stick by plugging into the fill light port. The 1500 mAh battery makes the battery life last longer. The charge last for 30 hours of Bluetooth connection time, 72 hours of led fill light time and three years of standby time which is a great one.

The selfie stick top mount is used for any point positioning, and therefore you can adjust the position as you need, there is a postpositional reflector helps to use the rear camera at a better level. Compatible with iPhone 7, 6S, six 6S plus, 6 Plus, 7 Plus, HTC, iOS 5.0 and any smartphones that support android 4.2 and above.

The Selfie stick can be extended between 1.8 to 3.3 inches, and the length of the rod can be adjusted between 7.5 to 33.9 inches. The monopod is developed to be portable and lightweight, so you can fit into your backpack and carry with you wherever you travel. The package includes a USB charging cable, selfie stick and carrying bag for mounting the selfie stick.

The price of the product is high but worth investing over the selfie stick, measures about 6.4 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 2X 2.1 X 8.1 inches.


Key Features: Bluetooth connectivity, full led light

Pros: Fill light cable, 1500 mAh battery

High-End Professional Selfie Stick from Fugetek

Are you in need of the best selfie stick to capture captivating images and video at a reasonable price? If so, go with the Fugetek selfie stick without any hesitation as they produce extraordinary products for their customer considering their value and this product stands sixth in our best picks of top selfie sticks.


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Two phone mounts can be interchangeable, one of the mounts can be extended up to 4.2 inches, and this helps in eliminating phone to drop or slip from the mount, the second one is a spring mount which comes with extra mirror attachment for capturing the rear HD cameras.

Compatible with all large smartphones, GoPro, Mount Smartphones and Digital Cameras. The monopod can be extended up to 49 inches, and the flip locks are developed to be quicker. They are made of high-quality materials and therefore durable, the Bluetooth connects faster, and the battery can be recharged, they stand by up to 300 hours which is a great one.

The selfie stick would be the best gift for the ones who are into the photography and videography side, this particular selfie stick with two mounts in the latest model from the manufacturer and are developed with the above new accessories and features. The price of the product is reasonable for their features and measures about 9 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 16 X 2 X 2 inches.


Key Features: Interchangeable phone mounts, Quicker flip locks.

Pros: Light Weight, Battery stand by up to 300 hours.

Bluetooth Remote Selfie Stick from Kungfuren

One of the manufacturers who has more craze among the customer for their high-quality products and materials used in them ranks seventh in our best picks of top 10 best selfie sticks. The manufacturer has come up with many advanced characteristics of the product to showcase unique themselves among other selfie stick brands.


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The monopod is developed with iPhone tripod stand and remote for easier access; the Bluetooth remote control helps in taking captivating images and videos, you will be able to capture group selfies without any sacrifice in pictures from any long distance in various angles as you wish.

The monopod contains the anti-skid pads so that your smartphones and other devices won’t skip or roll down; the phone holder can be adjusted in three ways to attain the angle you need. The rotation head that can be adjusted in 225 degrees is a supportive feature for the product. The selfie stick can be folded and extended to 7.8 to 26.2 inches, and the holder can be extended from 2.24 to 3.28 inches.

You can simply fit the selfie stick within your backpack and carry with you everywhere you travel. You can use this selfie stick as monopod and tripod with ease, the price of the product is affordable, and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation, measures about 5.4 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 7.8 X 1.8 X 1.8 ounces.


Key features: Bluetooth remote control, Anti-skid pads

Pros: 225 degrees adjustable rotation head, Folded and extended .

Bluetooth Remote with tripod Selfie Stick From Foneso

If you need to capture best photos and looking for a perfect selfie stick within your budget, then you can go with this Foneso selfie stick without any hesitation, and this ranks eighth in our best picks of top selfie stick brands.


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The selfie stick can perform multiple functions and has the advanced add-ons, the metal tripod along with the Bluetooth remote help in capturing the static shots during the sports events, presentation, holidays, lecture, etc. They are designed to be beautiful, sturdy and economical with a neat design.

Developed in three different modes namely handheld mode, tripod mode, and GoPro mode. The handheld mode allows you to take photos with your friends, lovers, kids, families, etc. In the tripod mode, you need the metal tripod to be attached and then with the help of the remote you can take the photos by setting the right angle, distance, etc. GoPro mode can be used for taking photos of the outdoor activities.

The selfie stick is compatible with all types of smartphone, Android OS and iOS. The package includes a foneso selfie stick, metal tripod, remote shutter, wrist strap and two batteries for replacement. The price will fit within your budget, and therefore you can get it without any hesitation, measures about 12.8 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 9.5X1X1 inches.


Key Features: Metal tripod, Bluetooth remote.

Pros: Three different modes, Compatible.

Quick snap Wired Selfie Stick from Perfect Day

The manufacturer has been awarded a lot for their high-grade materials used in their products and this selfie stick from perfect day ranks ninth in our best picks, the manufacturer has delivered too many successful products for their customers and this particular product tops them all.


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The user-friendly design is loved by most of the persons; you need not required to install the selfie stick, it’s just enough if you plug in and then take a snap of you with your friends, kids, lovers, family, etc. The selfie stick is easy to use and fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.

Capable of shooting both photos and videos without sacrificing the image quality, you will be able to take pictures and video from any angles at perspective height with this user-friendly selfie stick. Compatible with most of the smartphones, iOS, etc.

The head can be adjusted to 270 degrees, and therefore you can shoot captivating images and videos anywhere with this splendid selfie stick. The price of the product is less when compared to the previous products, measures about 4.8 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 9 X 2 X 1.4 inches.

Perfect Day

Key features: 270 degree adjustable head.

Pros: User-friendly design, Compatible.

Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Stick from Accmor

The manufacturer who captures the tenth place on our best list of selfie sticks has come up with advanced technologies and features for delivering a successful product for their customer. The selfie stick can be a monopod or tripod, comes with Bluetooth remote control and mini stand bundle tripod features.


buy from amazon

Compatible with Android Smartphones, POV and Digital Cameras like Apple iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5s, 5C, 4, 4S, GoPro Hero cameras, Sony Action Cam HDR, AS100VR, AZ1, DSC QX1, QX10, Samsung Galaxy S6, S4, S2, S3 and much more.

Easy to use, made of lightweight aluminum and therefore mobility is much easier, they are developed with a soft and comfortable handle so that there is no chance for the pain in wrist and shoulders, the mount enables you to hold the compatible devices firmly so that your device won’t slip or drop off.

Comfortably fits your backpack so that you can carry with you wherever you travel, the price of the product is less when compared to other products listed in our best picks of Selfie sticks, Measures about 10.6 ounces in weight and comes with the dimension of 16.1 X 3 X 1.8 inches.


Key Features: Bluetooth remote control, Mini stand bundle tripod.

Pros: Lightweight aluminum, comfortable handle.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above buying guide and best picks of Top Selfie Sticks helped you to know about the selfie sticks in detail.

Capture captivating images and videos on your favorite places by choosing any of the product listed above. Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the selfie stick are welcome.

Have you used any of the above selfie sticks before? If not what brand selfie sticks do you use? Let us know through the comment section below.