Are you a professional music expert? Here is a useful article to help you. Mostly many keyboard artists will be aware of keyboard bench. Yeah, today in our article we are going to look for the best keyboard benches/thrones guide and top picks from popular manufacturers. 


This bench helps the musician to sit and play their keyboard efficiently to increase their performance. As the need for these products is high, many brands have come forward with their models of keyboard benches.

Selecting a best one among them is a tough job, and for this, you can simply follow the guide listed below.

Need of a keyboard bench

Before affording a keyboard bench, you should know the need of the keyboard bench. They are useful components that offer complete support to the people using it. Further, using this chair, the player can play their keyboard comfortably in various positions.

In addition to this, the keyboard bench has other functions like making the person sit instead of standing so that, you can play the keyboard without any strain or stress. These keyboard stands have an elegant design, and so they can be used in all the types of functions and programs. 

How to select the best keyboard bench?

Picking the best keyboard bench is an easy task, and you can do this by following the steps listed below.


The first step is adjustability. Whenever you select a keyboard bench, you should choose the one with adjustability feature, as it allows you to access the keyboard placed at various heights and levels. Further, affording a keyboard bench will provide user convenience and comfort. It will also increase your interest in playing the keyboards.


The next step to note is whether the benches are cushioned or not. Tables with cushion offer higher comfort to the users as they reduce stress entirely. With this, you can play your keyboard effectively for a long time.


Next important feature in this list is compactness. Among various types of keyboard benches, compact chairs gather high importance because they can be stored easily in less area.  Further, the compact benches have foldable feature too. You can store these benches easily in less coverage area. 


There are many types of keyboard benches, and these benches vary greatly in their look. Some keyboard benches offer a modern look to the people whereas some benches give a traditional look. So, one should select the best one before they afford it from the market.

Heavy duty product

The next important feature in the list is the heavy duty design. One should afford the keyboard bench that has a long lasting feature with it. Further, the bench should have the capability to hold the weight of the person for a long time. This increases the efficiency and various adaptive functions of the product. 

By considering the above factors, you can select the best keyboard throne from the market.

For your guidance, here are top 10 picks of best keyboard benches. Have a look at this and make your selection better. 

Top 10 picks of best keyboard table

1.Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench



The keyboard throne that ranks first in the list is Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench. It is an ultra-compact keyboard bench designed especially for experienced professionals. Further, various attractive features are also used within the product.

It is an adjustable keyboard bench designed with the x shaped stand, which makes the product attractive so the artist can use the product in all places. Further, the stands have holes and knob feature, with this feature the chair can be adjusted to various heights by removing the knob and replacing it. 

As the product has X strand with it, the base of the strand is unique, and the base of the legs has plastic molding so that it saves the floor from scratching. In addition to this, the entire keyboard bench has high-quality steel construction within it.

This steel construction is durable, and the perfection offered by the product is high. The top of the bench is flat, and it has soft foamed cushion within it, which is padded and also covered with leather lining. This offers ultra soft and smooth experience to the people. Further, this product folds up easily for quick and convenient storage.

Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable

Key features: padded seat, 3 position adjustment.

Pros: height adjustments, portable.

2.KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench

On Stage-KT7800-bench


The next type of keyboard bench in the list is On Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench. The important feature of this chair is its design; this throne has a simple, unique design, which offers various attractive features to the people, and so you can use this chair in many places.

This keyboard throne is sturdy as they are designed with many high efficient durable materials for the longevity of the product. The stand of the keyboard has steel design coated with black powder. This paint increases various functions of the product. In addition to this, the chair has X-stand with it, and are available with adjustable feature too.

Further, the stand is reliable, and so it can withstand various weights of the people. Top region of the keyboard stand has a foam cushioned setting in it. This cushion is lined with leather, and it offers comfortable performance to the people. The legs of the stand are also durable, and it has plastic padding at the base. This padding safeguards the floor from scratches.

On Stage KT7800

Key features: 3 inch thickness, 360 lbs weight resistant.

Pros: foldable, comfort.

3.Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench



The keyboard bench that ranks next on the list is World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench. It is a simple, innovative keyboard bench designed mainly for keyboard and piano players. It is a durable chair that offers complete comfort to the players while playing.

This rectangular keyboard throne comes with a cushioned seating and offers the complete base support to the players. This cushion has leather covering with thick, dense foam padding, which are flexible, and the user can use this with higher comfort.

As it is an adjustable bench, you will be able to adjust them quickly to various positions and it provides three different adjustable positions. All these three locations offer higher comfort to the people. Further, there is a flexible knob at the bottom and you can adjust the chair quickly with it.

The base of this chair is designed with two smooth legs. These legs offer grip and stability to the players. The legs are used for fixing the chairs at a stable position so that players can use these chairs effectively.

World Tour Deluxe

Key features: steel construction, anti-fatigue.

Pros: adjustable, comfortable.

4.TMS Black Ebony Wood Leather Piano Bench



The keyboard bench that ranks fourth in the list is TMS Black Ebony Wood Leather Piano Bench. It is a unique chair designed with various specialized functions and features. The important aspect of this chair is it comes with a storage compartment that can be used for storing various valuables and accessories.

Like other chairs, it is not an adjustable chair, in turn; it has a non-adjustable wooden design with it. The wood used in the chair has a sturdy design with it. Further, it is well polished, and so it offers rust resistant feature to the users. This wood has new black glossy finish with it. This finish is useful, and it offers various a traditional look to the product.

Similar to other chairs, there is soft foam padded seating at the top of the bench. This seating is useful, and it is covered with leather. Further, this leather lining has various additional modulations with it. All these designs reduce the stress of the users. The entire product is durable, and it has the capability to hold two people at a time.

TMS Black Ebony

Key features: black ebony wood, black glossy finish.

Pros: solid wood frame, easy to use.

5.ChromaCast CC-DTHRONE Universal Drum and Keyboard Throne



The product that ranks fifth in the list is ChromaCast CC-DTHRONE Universal Drum and Keyboard Throne. The specific feature of this product is its design. The seating of this chair is designed in round shape, and so you can use this product in various places.

It is a simple easy to use keyboard chair designed with the durable feature. The entire product lasts long compared to others. Further, the chair has a lightweight design with it, and so you can carry this chair to various other places without any problem.

It is also an adjustable chair, and you can adjust them easily to different heights as per as your need. To vary the height, a knob is given below the seat. By replacing this knob, you can easily adjust the height. Further, this chair is foldable, and so you can carry this chair easily to various situations and conditions.


Key features: padded seat, tripod legs.

Pros: easy to assemble, sturdy.

6.Casio ARBENCH X-Style Keyboard Bench

Casio-ARBENCH X-Style-bench


The keyboard bench that ranks sixth in the list is the Casio ARBENCH X-Style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench. It is a simple, innovative chair that has a black design with it. As the design of this chair is black, the durability offered by this chair is high compared to others.

This chair comes with an X-stand set-up, and so the height of the chair can be adjusted easily as per as your need. Further, the design of this product looks elegant, and so you can use this chair in all the places. Further, the base of the chair has the floor scratch-proof design with it. With this, you can use this chair even on glass surfaces and places.

Apart from all these features, the seating offered by this chair is well cushioned with high-quality foam pad set-up. The foam pads used within this seating is soft, and this provides complete comfort to the people. Further, the seating is lined with highly durable leather that will not wear out with time.

Casio ARBENCH X-Style

Key features: black X style frame, cushioned seat.

Pros: compact, heavy duty material.

7.Gearlux Adjustable Keyboard Bench



The product that ranks next in the list is Gearlux Adjustable Keyboard Bench. It is a simple rectangular keyboard bench designed especially for keyboard artists. The design of this table is similar to other benches, and this bench keeps the stress completely away from the body.

This keyboard bench comes with a comfortable cushioned seat designed with soft foam. The foam is thick, and so you will never feel stress with this chair. Further, the foam is covered with leather lining. This coating is durable, and it never wears out with time. Hence, the lifetime of the chair is high.

This chair is a foldable chair that comes with X-stand set-up. This X-stand offers adjustable, and it has holes at the bottom to vary the height of the chair. Further, the base of the chair has grip design with it, and it provides complete stability to the people. The maximum weight bearing capability of this chair is about 350 lbs.

Gearlux Adjustable Keyboard Bench

Key features: extra padding, height adjustable.

Pros: comfortable, compact.

8.Musician’s Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench



The keyboard chair that ranks eighth in the list is Musician’s Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench. It is an easily adjustable, heavy duty keyboard chair that can be used effectively in all the places. It is a user-friendly keyboard bench that offers complete comfort to the users.

Similar to other keyboard Thrones, this product is also designed with X stand at the bottom. This chair can be adjusted to various levels, and so various functions and features of the product can be determined effectively with it. Further, the stand of the table has the floor scratch-proof design with it.

The cushioned seating used within the product is thick and elegant. The cushion is made up of foam that offers comfort to the users. Further, it is lined with leather material so the lifetime of the chair is maintained high compared to other products.

Musician's Gear Deluxe Keyboard Bench

Key features: heavy duty material, rubber foot.

Pros: easy to assemble, great thickness.

9.World Pride Black PU Leather Piano Bench



The World Pride Black PU Leather Piano Bench is one among the best keyboard chairs that rank 9th in the list. This chair is designed with sturdy wood material that lasts long more than the steel chairs. In addition to this, the wood used within the product is painted with a durable coating.

This paint gives color, and it offers rust resistant and insect resistant feature to the chair. Four wooden legs are used within the product, and all these four legs provide stability and performance to the product. The use of wood increases the weight bearing capability of the chair and so fat people who weigh above 440lbs can use this chair efficiently.

The cushion lining this chair is soft, and it is made up of leather. This leather lining is durable and it last long. The leather encloses foam bedding with it. This foam bedding is soft, and it also adds flexibility to the users.

World Pride Black PU Leather Piano Bench

Key features: rubber feet, sysnthetic leather.

Pros: sturdy, leather padded.

10.Ultimate Support JSMB100 Medium Keyboard Bench



The last chair in the list is Ultimate Support JSMB100 Medium Keyboard Bench. This keyboard bench is an attractive throne designed widely with various important and useful features. The performance offered by this keyboard bench is high, and so it lasts longer than the conventional means.

This bench has an X-stand with it. This X-stand is flexible and offers complete comfort to the users. Further, various types of knobs are equipped with this X-chair. These knobs are used for adjusting the height of the chair to different levels. In addition to this, the stand is made up of steel, and it lasts longer.

A high-quality soft cushion pad is placed above the chair. This cushion pad is designed with soft foam, and so these chairs offer complete comfort to the users. Further, the lifetime of this foam is high, and it lasts long more than conventional means.

Ultimate Support JSMB100 Medium Keyboard Bench

Key features: 2” thick padded, X-style steel base.

Pros: durable, sturdy.

Final words

The above mentioned are the best keyboard chairs from different manufacturers available in the market. Do use a keyboard throne and enjoy playing your favorite music long time.

Do have any queries? Feel free to shoot your questions with us through the comment section below. Share your views regarding the product. 

What type of keyboard chair are you using?