Have you ever seen people using balance boards? Yes. Quite often the individuals in circus use balance boards for entertaining the audience, apart from this there are many advanced advantages and features of this balance boards. 


Recreation, balance training, brain development, exercise, therapy are some of the places where you can use this balance boards in a high amount. Many experts and therapists recommend these balance boards, and so it is important to select and use the best balance boards from the market.

As there are many types and varieties of balance boards in the market, selecting any one balancing board is a simple task, But selecting the best one from the many is quite hard. Here is a complete guide on balance boards. This guide will help you to identify, select and pick the best balance boards from the market.

Need of a balance board

It is important to know the need of the balance board because by knowing this, you can quickly develop and increase your efficiency in using a balance board. As I referred, balance boards are not only meant for the recreational purpose.

The important benefit of these balance boards is to develop the body metabolism by stabilizing the mind. People who have abnormal metabolism function can use these boards. Sometimes, these boards can be utilized for deciding correct decision a right thing from various choices. The people who feel hard to balance have a disturbance, and they can locate and cure that interference completely with these boards.

So, it is important to use a balance board to maintain your health and mind.

Top 10 Balance Boards

NameKey FeatureWeight Capacity  
Simply FitUnique twisting motion400 lbs Check Price
ALEX ToysSteady Base200 lbs Check Price
Revolution Balance BoardsAnti-fatigue300 lbs Check Price
Yes4All15-degree tilting angle300 lbs Check Price
CarromAnti-skid strips300 lbs Check Price
ProFitnessPhysical therapy system330 lbs Check Price
Sivan Health and FitnessPNF stretching250 lbs Check Price
Yes4AllSecure gripped base300 lbs Check Price
VictorWide shape440 lbs Check Price
SportneerDurable non-skid surface551 lbs Check Price

1.Simply Fit Board – The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board

Simply Fit Board

The balance board that ranks first in the list is the Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board by simply fit board brand. The important feature of this board is durability. Further, various advanced and additional features are also seen on the board.

It is a simple twisting board that has A shaped twist in it. This twist is efficient, and it offers perfect result to both men and women using it. Moreover, this is a balance board, and so the grip provided by the board is high compared to others.

This board is made up of sturdy materials, and so it has the capability to withstand various weights effectively. Further, this is an original balance board recommended mostly for experienced people. In addition to this, the board is a durable, lightweight board that weighs about 3 lbs. You can easily carry this board to various places for a workout.

This board has unique motion set-up with it. This motion design regulates the body, and it acts on various attractive aspects quickly. With this, you can easily use this product in different places and conditions.

  • Unique twisting motion
  • Lightweight
  • Support 400 lbs
  • Little Hard to twist

2. ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board

ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board

The balance board that ranks second in this list is the ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board. It is a specially designed kids boards that suit the best for toddlers above three years. It is a kid’s friendly board, and so it has various adaptations specially designed for children.

This balance board has an overrated design with it. This design is sturdy, and it acts upon different aspects of the body. This balance board promotes lots of skill development feature to the kids with fun. Mostly many kids like the fun element within this board, and so they use them often in various places.

Installing this board is quite hard, and so you need adult installation for this. Kids cannot install this board with their hand. In addition to this, durability offered by the board is also high, and so you can use this product in different environmental situations and conditions.Further, the graphics design used within this product adds additional features to it.

  • 2 sideboards
  • Steady
  • Safe
  • Smaller

3. Revolution Balance Boards 101 Trainer

Revolution Balance Boards 101 Trainer

The next balance board in the list is the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer. The important feature of this board is its advancement and training function. This board is designed and made in the USA. Further, it has hardwood construction, and so the durability offered by the board is high compared to other facts.

This hardwood has a clean and elegant design with it, and this design attracts various people to the product. The grip offered at the top of the balance board is high, and so it provides complete comfort to the people. Even the beginners can use this board and balance themselves effectively.

In addition to this, this is a lightweight product, and so you can use them in all the types of environmental situations.  This balance board also has smooth and soft lightweight roller at the bottom. This soft roller reduces vibration and sound so that you can restore your body. This balance board acts as the best choice for yoga, fitness, sports board, skateboard, Wakeboarding board, etc.

  • Hard wood
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Comfortable
  • Need to bear more weight

4. Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

The next important balance board in the list is Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board. It is a simple, innovative balance board designed in wobble. Further, this board is in round shape, and so the performance offered by the board is high compared to other balance boards.

It is a best-suited beginner and professional board that suits the best for the beginners and trainers. Even, kids can practice balancing easily with it. The grip offered by the board is high compared to other facts. The increase in grip increase many factors of the product. Further, it also provides the non-slip performance to the users.

It is small balance board that provides the versatile performance to all the people. Further, the balance board offers full 360-degree rotating angle to the users. The tilting angle given by this product is about 15-degree, and so even the beginners can use this chair with comfort. It is entirely a satisfactory product. The lifetime of this balance board is high, and so you can use them durable in various climatic conditions and situations.

  • Anti-skid
  • 15-degree tilting angle
  • Non-slip surface
  • Small circumference

5. Carrom Balance Board

Carrom Balance Board

The best balance board that ranks fourth in the list is Carrom Balance Board. The important feature of this balance board is its design. The entire balance board has a slim design with user-friendly features. Further, the graphics design in it offers various attractive features to the people.

This balance board is one of the best balance board that provides perfect balance and coordination to the individuals. Even teens can use this board with higher functions. Since the coordination is great, grip given by the board is also large. So that, you can be safe in the top of the board for a long time.

The weight limit of this product is about 300 pounds so that elders of various heights can use this product. This balance board has a wooden design with it. Further, the wood used within the product is durable, and it lasts long. This balance board is not recommended for the kids below 13 years.

  • 300-pound weight limit
  • Anti-skid strips
  • Easy to use
  • Flimsy on hard surface

6. ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

The next important balance board in the list is the ProFitness Wooden Balance Board. From the name, it is clear that this is a wooden balance board designed especially for providing stability to the people. The grip offered by this board is high, and it has a slip-free base design in it.

The entire wooden balance board is in round shape with various advancements and functions. This balance board is designed with core strength phenomenon so that the durability offered by this board is high. Further, the increase in strength increases various adjacent functions of the product.

It is a medically proven product designed for determining various injuries and its effects. The entire product is designed sturdy with the lightweight feature. With this, you can carry the balance board to different places easily. The weight of this balance board is about 3lbs, and the weight bearing capability is above 300 lbs. It is a 3960-degree rotating balance board recommended mainly by therapists.

  • Rounded base
  • Physical therapy system
  • Safe
  • Opt for Advanced balancer

7. Sivan Health and Fitness 16″ Balance Board

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board

The Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board is a simple, innovative balance board that ranks seventh in the list. It is a round balance board that has textured surface at the top. This textured surface offers full grip to the users.

With this board, one can quickly develop and improve all the metabolism and activities of the user. It improves balance, and so, the product quickly gets adapted to the need of the user. The round shape of this balance board promotes the user to exercise in all the direction. It increases various additional impacts and aspects of the product.

It is a medically proven balance board that can be used flexibly in all types of places with different needs. You can use this product even to increase the circulation within the legs. This balance board can also be used for exercise, yogas, etc. Further, this is a small balance board, and it can be ported easily to various places.

  • 16″Diameter
  • Textured surface
  • PNF stretching
  • Less substantial plastic

8. Yes4All Balance Board

Yes4All Balance Board

The balance board that ranks eighth in the list is Yes4All Balance Board. This balance board has round designed, and it does all the functions similar to other boards. This balance board is specially designed for balance and exercise training. Various attractive and adaptive functions are also seen on this board.

The Yes4All Balance Board stands as an ideal choice for various therapeutic treatments and features. With this board, you can quickly improve different aspects such as strengthening muscles, joints, ligaments. In addition to this, the balance board also offers complete balance training to the beginners.

This balance board also has textured, non-slip surface design in it. This non-slip surface provides grip, and so the beginners can get full training using these boards. Further, this is a round board, and so it has a 360-degree rotating surface with it. The entire product is compact, and you can carry them easily to various places.

  • Non-slip surface
  • Molded plastic
  • Secure gripped base
  • Cant use with bare feet

9. Victor Steppie Balance Board

Victor Steppie Balance Board

The balance board that ranks ninth on the list is the Steppie Balance Board. This steppie balance board is a unique balance board built with many features. Unlike other balance boards, this is a specially designed rectangular balance board designed with a curved base.

It is an high-performance balance board designed with the anti-slip feature. This feature offers higher grip to the people and so you can use these boards while performing any types of functions. further, this is simple low impact balance boards that can be used in meetings, exercises and other important places.

This balance board helps you to ground correctly and so you can use these bopards in all situations. Further, this is a lightweight board. With this, you can carry this board. The weight bearing capability of this board is high, and so you can use them in all places as per as your need.

  • Wide shape
  • Stabilize muscles
  • Low impact
  • Too high when using with standing desk

10. Sportneer Wooden Balance Board

Sportneer Wooden Balance Board

The Sportneer Wooden Balance Board is a perfect balance board that ranks last in the list. It is a high-quality, flexible balance board designed with the durable non-skid surface. As the surface has non-skid feature with it, even beginners can use the board to develop their functions.

This product has 360-degree rotation base with it. This support is effective, and it is used for performing and delivering various useful functions to the user. Further, the product inclines at an angle of 10-12 degrees. This inclination offers additional support to users. With this, you can use this balance board for various important functions and uses.

This balance board offers core strength to the people. With this strength, you can use this product for various health hazards and in its problems. The entire product is lightweight, and so you can carry them to various places.

  • Durable non-skid surface
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Flexible balance board
  • Slide when used on bare floor

Guide to pick a right balance board

While affording a best balance board, the first step is to keep three important factors in mind. These three factors are your height, weight, and level. Based on height, the balance boards are categorized into four types( Extra small, small, large and medium). One should select their size perfectly so that they can determine the best one.

Apart from size, the weight also plays an important role. Based on weight, the balance boards are categorized into a starter and first boards. Further, based on level, the boards are also classified into a starter and original boards. The people at beginner level are recommended to use starter board, and the people who know well about balance boards are recommended to use original boards.

In addition to the above facts, you should also check the following functions within the balance board.


The balance boards are available in various models and design. Based on these models and design, various functions of the balance boards vary widely in their features. So, it is important to check the layout of the balance board and select the one with the design that suits you.


The next important feature you should keep in mind is its quality. The increase in quality increases various additional functions to the product. Further, the product designed with high-quality materials offers durability and so the lifetime of these products can be increased.


There are many types of balance boards, and one should select the best one that suits their needs and modes. The people new to balance board should use a beginner balance board whereas the people well experience in boards should use the original one. Further, one should select the perfect model of balance board that suits your need.

With these useful features, you can quickly choose and afford best balance boards from the market. To make your search easy, I have listed some of the best balance boards from the market. Hope this will guide you and make your selection better.

Best Sellers

1Simply Fit Board - The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board3.9 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
2ALEX Toys Active Play Monkey Balance Board4.4 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
3Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer4.8 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
4Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board4.6 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon
5Carrom Balance Board3.8 out of 5 stars Buy on Amazon

Final words

The above mentioned are the complete guide and important features of best balance boards. Hope, this article is useful to you. Do, follow this guide and select the best one from the market.

If you have any queries in this article, comment it in the box given below.



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