The lighting system of a motor vehicle has lighting and signaling device in the front, rear and side of the vehicle. This is constructed to know that a car is present and from every direction it should be clearly know whether the vehicle is present in a same place or it’s moving. A vehicle without lights in the needed area moving in the road at dark time it may leads to accident. To avoid these kinds of accidents automotive lights are compulsory in a vehicle. Head light of a vehicle is more important as per like this tail light in a vehicle is also very important.


The other motorist should know where you are and what you are doing with your vehicle in the dark area. The tail light helps to show your presence in fog, stormy weather, and in dark places. It helps to know your presence for others from the behind of you. They are highlighted when you step on the brakes, and moving other sides. The tail lights are important in every vehicle likewise the bulb used inside the tail light is more important than that. High quality tail light bulbs should be used in tail of the vehicle to be powerful in all kind of situations and environment.

Best LED Tail Light Bulbs

NameKey FeatureColor 
PhilipsNo electric issuesRed Check Price
YorkimMirror lighting typeWhite Check Price
JDM ASTARStandard base socketsRed Check Price
AUTOUS905050 Tri-Cell SMD LEDWarm Check Price
Auto Supply MallStandard Or CK socket typeWhite Check Price
LITE-WAYPMMA lens materialRed Check Price
Alla LightingHigh power bulbsRed Check Price
LUYEDXenon white colorWhite Check Price
Doinshop6000K color temperatureRed Check Price
BEAMFUN50000hrs workableWhite Check Price

There are many automotive tail light bulbs in the market, but the entire product are not considered as the best one. Limited products have given good results. We have picked up the best automotive tail light bulbs to help you. View the description of the below best products and get some idea to purchase it.

1. Philips 1156 LED Stop/Tail light

Philips 1156 LED Stop

The Philips 1156 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light, 2 Pack is a breakthrough innovation for your vehicle. If you want to add style to your vehicle there is an only way that you have to change the lights used in your vehicle. Philips vision LED helps you to get more stylish and power full views. By the help of vision LED your lighting will be on the cutting edge. The interior lighting of the Philip 1156 is 6000K bright white light. This shows the power of the light and the light is able to travel for long distance in dark area.

The exterior lighting is fast response time that has instant-on capability. Red intense light is allotted for stop/tail and 6000K white light for back-up applications. This helps to know the accurate motion of the vehicle. This is the first one to market with proven street-legal exterior LEDs as a direct replacement for exterior incandescent bulbs. Several years of experience shows its no. 1 quality. It is highly used for rake and taillights, back-up lights, dome lights, glove compartment lights, trunk lights, and license plate lights. The reliable performance shows the equipments high quality. This adds beauty to your vehicle when you move in the road.

  • No electric issues
  • Base BA15S
  • 12V voltage
  • Expensive

2. Yorkim 6th Generation

Yorkim 6th Generation

The 194 LED Light bulb, Yorkim 6th Generation is the most popular product that shines for long years. This product shines well because of its high quality. There are 10pieces of T10 5-SMD LED wedge bulbs in a pack and each T10 LED bulb contains five beautiful high quality ultra bright SMD-3CHIP 5050 technology LEDs. This suits for 12 volts and there is no UV or IR radiation in the bulb. Directly the bulb can be replaced for all the T10 wedge types. By using the latest technology the superior quality products are manufactured. These bulbs are commonly used in all types of vehicle and used for interior light.

This helps from energy-Saving, low temperature, low Power Consumption, Long-lasting Life up to 100,001 Hours. All the products of Yorkim LED series comes in a static sealed bag with Yorkim original sticker. Because of its high quality the bulbs are highly durable. There are many customers following Yorkim products only because of its good quality and longevity. The white color of the LED light is highly brighter and it travels to longer distance in fog and rainy weather also. LED lights used in the tail light of a vehicle will be more durable and rich color of the light will be executed. It helps to light powerfully in brakes and in turnings.

  • Suits for 12 volts
  • 10 pieces/pack
  • Mirror lighting type
  • Quite dim



The JDM ASTAR AX-2835 Chipsets 3056 3156 3057 3157 LED Bulbs are highly useable for brake light, tail lights, and turn signal. They are in brilliant bright reddish color. Red lights are mostly used for brake light, tail light, and turn signals. They not as power as white lights but the red light is used because it travels longer distance and you are able to look the light presence even in fog or cloudy weather. The red light symbolizes stop action. So the red light is used as an alarm to show your vehicles presence from the back side. It fits 12V low voltage lighting use. It suits for all the wedge types.

Only the standard base sockets are done by JDM ASTAR. So check the type of your socket that whether it is CK of standard sockets. And then place the bulbs in it. The size of the original bulb is also to be noted and then ordered to receive the correct size bulb. Over all this red bulbs attracts through its brightening power. This product is highly durable; you are able to use the lights for long use with its same brightness when you buy it.

  • 12V low voltage
  • Standard base sockets
  • Fits for tail lights
  • Bad contacts

4. AUTOUS90 LED Light Bulbs

AUTOUS90 LED Light Bulbs

The 20 X1156 1141 1003 BA15S 18 SMD RV Camper White LED Light Bulbs are the stylish bulbs ever. The bulb is build of DC 12V. There are 20 pieces in a single pack with 1156-5050-18 SMD LED Bulbs. This device helps to replace all wedge types bulb. It is used in Interior Light, Turn Signal Light, Backup Reverse Light, Tail light, Corner light, Stop light, Parking light, Side marker light, ect. Also common use for Car, Truck, Trailer, RV, ect. These are ultimately Green and environment-friendly products. You can trust this product and they are highly safe and reliable.

It is a LED light-emitting diode with small power consumption and can better protect the car circuit. They are functional and highly durable. This device is easy to use; you are able to understand the structure and the process to be done. It consumes low power and these lights are used for light angle and highlights. These bulbs reflect in with high stamina and the quality of the product can be viewed by the brightness of the light. It is workable in fog and other cloudy weather Even it works brighter when used as the tail light of the vehicle.

  • Super bright LED bulbs
  • 5050 Tri-Cell SMD LED type
  • White LED color
  • Less battery life

5. Auto Supply Mall Cutequeen 2 X 1157 Bay15d

Auto Supply Mall Cutequeen

The Cutequeen 2 X 1157 bay15d white is 1350 lumens super bright with 54smd 54-smd 2835 chipsets LED car lights bulb in stop brake, tail light bulbs by using 12v. It is constructed by new technology with 54pcs 2835 SMD chips so it results with superior brightness and high energy efficiency. It consumes about 1350 limens for each bulb. You are able to replace the bulbs in turning light, revered light, stop light, tail light and work with all types of wedges. The bulb reflects the white color that travel for a longer distance with heavy brightness. This bulb fits only standard and CK sockets, and not preferred for SRCK base sockets.

It works well in standard base sockets and little bit dull while fixing it in CK bulbs. It is of 3-chip 2835 High Power SMD LED, this is the only reason of the success of this product. Every one prefers it because of its durability and longevity. The light of the bulb travels longer ands shows the clear view. Other motorist does not get confused or irritated by your lights power.

  • 1350 lumens for each bulb
  • Standard Or CK socket type
  • Durable
  • Require a low amp flasher

6. LITE-WAY Tail Light Bulb 

LITE-WAY Tail Light Bulb

The LITE-WAY jeep JK Wrangler with clear lens LED used in brake, tail lights and in rear turn signal reverse lights. These lights are very easy to handle with simple methods. Your work to do is just plug and then plays it. Replacing with this device makes you happier when you see the result of the bulb. Instead of plastics ABS material is used to construct the bulb. The pack is designed with 2 lights. It fits for 2007-2015 jeep JK Wrangler & Wrangler unlimited JK. The lens used in the bulb is very clear and the material used in it is PMMA.

The specialty in this product is it is highly water proof and shock proof so you can be cool when you touch the light. These bulbs have UV protection polycarbonate lenses it helps to spread unwanted rays. This item is made for US standard item and it do not fit EURO standard plug. Before using it or before ordering the bulbs check the plug model, and the socket models, it helps you to purchase the correct one and place correctly without any damages.

  • One simply plug-n-play O.E.M
  • PMMA lens material
  • Tough ABS material
  • Bad reverse light output

7. Alla Lighting Tail Light

Alla Lighting Tail Light

The Alla Lighting 39-SMD High Power 2835 Chipsets is extremely super bright red LED bulbs for brake tail light. It comes with 2 set carrying 39 pieces of chips. They are of high quality chips. It works with high power and with high performance led chips per led bulb. It delivers up to 360 degree full angle illumination with projector lens design. They are in brilliant red color that attracts others. It works within the voltage of 12V~18V with built in IC driver. It fits with all types of wedges. It is used for brake light, tail lights and lamp replacement.

Check the socket type of your vehicle and then place the order because it does not fit for CK or SRCK based sockets. This bulb is build only for the standard base sockets. The LED chips are with 39 pieces with high power. It draws less current than the stock lamp because it is made of led bulbs. So your vehicle may require load resistor to avoid hyper flash or malfunction. The Alla lighting is ultimately a stylish look bulb than other bulbs in the market. The efficiency of the bulb is really high and it works for long days without any damages.

  • Built in IC driver
  • SRCK based sockets
  • High power bulbs
  • Signals blink faster

8. LUYED Tail Lights

LUYED Tail Lights

The New generation 12-24v is a super bright low power with 5 x 650 Lumens and fits 1156 1141 1003 3014 54smd Led Light bulb that is used for back up reverse lights, brake lights, tail lights, and RV lights. It comes with a pack of 5 bulbs with 54-pieces high power 3014 chipsets per bulb. This bulb works with the voltage of 12v – 24v. The color of the light is 6000-7000K Xenon White that reflects long distance and is highly brighter. It is of compact size with light weight. It fits all types of wedges and help to process perfectly.

It is used for the backup of reverse lights, turn signal lights, tail lights, etc. It shows ultra high performance price ratio and strong light intensity and low current output. This can provide enough brightness and save a lot of energy for your car. This helps the bulb to work more effectively and they are highly durable as they are working in a better way for long period. This bulb supports only the range of DC12v-24v. This can be used only in some special vehicles like motorcycles and heavy trucks and some electric machinery products. This bulb helps to built in constant current source drive. The life span working hours will be 20000 hrs.

  • Easy to handle
  • 540 lumen
  • Xenon white color
  • Less lumens

9. Doinshop Tail Brake Light

Doinshop Tail Brake Light

The Doinshop 2x Universal Car Red Lamp Bulb is a super bright LED bulb. It is a 100% brand new product and it is considered as the best quality product by the customers who have used these bulbs. A pair of 24 SMD LED red reflectors light is in a single pack. This is used as tail light, brake light, and stop light. It is separated and works in 3 different ways of wire connection they are black which is used as cathode/ground and then blue that is used as small light (for 50% light), and then finally red it works as turn signal or brake light (for 100% light).

It fits all kind of motorcycle, ATV, car, truck, and SUV. The lights are brighter even in cloudy places and in fog area. This bulb emits 6000K red color and they have long lasting life. This light is highly weather proof; they can be used in any kind of area with any kind of weather conditions. The life span of the bulb is 10000 hours. It works on all 12V DC vehicles. The cable is also attached in the pack and the length of the cable is 44cm. They work in better way that makes you comfortable and they are long lasting with high power till it ends. The outer area of the bulb is made of plastic material so that you can aware from shock.

  • 12V of voltage
  • Weather proof
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Tiny

10. BEAMFUN 1157 Tail Signal Bulb

BEAMFUN 1157 Tail Signal Bulb

The BEAMFUN 1157 BAY15D 24-SMD 5050 LED car lights bulb for Stop brake, tail light bulbs and used as replacement for RV, SUV, MPV car in turn tail signal bulb and backup lamps bulbs in white color. The package includes 2 x 1157 BA15D 24-SMD 5050 RV camper LED light bulbs that fits for tail light backup white color. It fits limited wedges like 1157 BAY15D base, popularly known as 1157 or 1016 / 1034 base. It suits only for the vehicle with DC 12V of voltage. It is workable in tail light, stop light, and brake light.

And also it can be replaced for turn signal light that needs load resistor, side marker light, and parking light. This bulb is brand new product with high quality and super bright than other products. They are highly durable as they work nearly 50000 hrs. It gives stable performance. They are light weighted and are easily installed. The body of the bulb is light even though they are safe and reliable. These are considered as the environment friendly products. They don’t get damaged easily.

  • 24 (5050 Chip) SMD’s
  • 50000hrs workable
  • High-intensity SMD LED
  • Less brighter than incandescent bulbs

Why Use LED Tail Lights?

LED tail lights offer unique advantages over standard lights; these lights provide higher visibility and ensure better safety in driving. It’s cheaper and almost easier to install so LED’s are simply better. With LED technology, the tail lights and brake lights are integrated into a single unit. LED’s have a very long lifetime and is very robust. Compared to HIDs, or halogens that take some time to light up and achieve full brightness, LED’s will light up immediately they are turned on. This means that drivers behind you will have enough time to react when you step on the brakes for instance.

  • Lower power consumption
  • Much higher light output
  • Quicker response time on brake and tail lights
  • A lifespan that will probably outlast your vehicle
  • LED bulbs and lights may be more expensive but they’re also going to end up being a lot cheaper in the long run since the run time of these varieties of lights is usually measured in tens of thousands of hours.

LED lights bulbs are a more common upgrade which increases the visibility and can make a significant difference in your driving experience. Enhancing the visibility of your brake lights, reverse lights, and rear turn signals will make it safer for those who driving behind you.

What are the Benefits of LED Tail Light Bulbs?

LED lights offer several unique advantages, first of all these lights provide high visibility and ensures better safety in driving. Tail lamps are important to indicate your position to the vehicle.

LED’S have a much longer lifespan. Approximately 15,000 hours compared to the 1,000 hours of the halogen bulbs. While they may be more expensive, their durability more than makes up for the cost.

HIDs are the brightest of the three types of car headlights. They can blind oncoming motorists and their brightness also creates a shadow effect which makes it hard to see other objects when driving.

With LED’s, you do not have to worry about too much brightness causing temporary blindness to other motorists. They offer a decent illumination that is far better than the halogens.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights require only minimal amount of energy to function. Tail lights made of LED create less strain on car batteries.


LED lights may last for a long time because they are highly durable. They are less susceptible to breakage because they don’t have a filament and the heat they produce is highly concentrated.

Ease of Installation

Most LED replacement lights are simple plug-and-play installation which makes the process as easy as possible. An individual just need to have proper materials for installation and one can easily put the lights on the rear of his car.


The above products are the high rated automotive tail light bulbs in the market. These are collected after a clear view of the customers review and the result it has showed. This review may help you to get the best quality tail light bulbs at good rate and durability.


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