Flight suit is a full body garment and it is used by the people working in the flying aircraft such as military airplanes, gliders and helicopters. These suits are generally made to keep wearer warm as well as being practical and they are durable too. It is sometimes used as a compact uniform in close quarters battle or visit, board, search and seizure situations for its practicality.


There is much difference between the olden flight suit and the modern flight suit. The modern fight suits is standard for most air forces and navies which is made of Nomex, a fabric made from spun aramid that is light weighted and fire resistant. The suit is often green or desert tan in color with multiple pockets for specific pieces of gear but the color, style and cut vary greatly from country to country.

Best Flight Suits-[Reviewed by Experts] 

NameKey FeatureMaterial 
Leg AvenueOfficially licensed100% Polyester Check Price
Army UniverseCollared suitePolyester, Cotton Check Price
Rubie'sThick material17% Polyester Check Price
Tru–SpecReinforced shoulders65% Cotton Check Price
Rothco5 Zippered Pockets100% Polyester Check Price
AeromaxRemovable patchesPoly/Cotton blend Check Price
CharadesExtra Patches80% Cotton Check Price
Galaxy Army Navy2 Way Front ZipperPolyester, Cotton Check Price
PropperBi-swing back92% Conductive Fibers Check Price
Forum NoveltiesFlame resistant100% polyester Check Price

There are lots of different numbers of brands and styles of flight suits in the market I have selected the top rated flight suits and listed below.

1. Leg Avenue Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume

Leg Avenue Top Gun Men's Flight Suit

The Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume is the top most products in the market which come with the stylish flight suit. This suit is officially licensed which will perfectly suit the pilots. They are also perfect for volleyball on the beach. They are featured by classic zip up flight suit with interchangeable goose and maverick name badges. They are easy care and these are great fit. The zipper pocket gives a classic look to the suite. You are able to add your own glasses and have a flying adventure. This suite is made of 100% polyester material which is of high quality. This makes the suite a high quality product and it is used for long use. This suite is of olive green color and it is zipped in front for closure. This suit consists of patches that embellish in the top and in the shoulders. The zippers are located on chest and on legs. The bottom of the pant legs is attached with the zippers.

  • Officially licensed
  • Lots of pockets
  • 100$ polyester
  • Little pricey

2. Army Universe US Air Force Military Style Flight Suit Coveralls Paintball Jumpsuit

Army Universe US Air Force suit

The US Air Force Military Style Flight Suit Coveralls Paintball Jumpsuit is a comfortable flight suite that is highly enjoyed by the people have carrier in flight. It is made of polyester / cotton material and they are of high quality. They are collared flight suite which makes you feel comfortable. The suite has 2 way front zippers and that is easy to remove and fit. This suite is attached with pleated leg zippers. It has adjustable wrist cuff tabs with hook and loop closure. It also has two slash pockets on chest with zipper closure. The suite has removable name badge holder on the left chest. It has reinforced shoulder and zippered utility pockets with pen holder on left arm. The suite is designed with perfect under arm holes / vents. It also has two zippered slash pockets and numerous leg pockets with zipper closure. This suite is of different color and you can select it by your favorite colors. This helps you to keep you warm. As this product is made of high quality material it works for long days and are highly durable.

  • Collared suite
  • 5 zippered pockets
  • Light weighted
  • Thin material

3. Rubie’s Top Gun, US Navy Flight Suit Costume, Medium

Rubie's Top Gun suit

The Top Gun, US Navy Flight Suit Costume, Medium are the compact size suite which stands in the top among all the products in the market. This costume is made for the medium size as all the products highly suits the large size. It is officially licensed product by the department of navy. This helps to know that the product is highly safe and they are of perfect quality. This suite is attached with the perfect glasses and also the patches are attached to it. This suite will be suitable for the short people only. As it is made of high quality this product is considered as the durable one. This makes you comfortable and feels free while you wear this. This suite makes you warmer and helps you when you are in flights and at work. This suite gives you comfort feeling and allow you to work efficiently without any kind of disturbances. The zippers and the pockets make you to carry the small particles safely.

  • Thick material
  • Officially licensed
  • Compact
  • Too small

4. Tru–Spec 27- P Flight Suits

Tru–Spec 27- P Flight Suits

The Tru–Spec 27- P Flight Suits is based on the traditional Flyers 27-P coveralls design. This acts as the coveralls for those who work on the fly service aircraft. It is made for the rescue mission and is made of added protection and comfort fire resistant interlock fabrics. You are able to use this suite whether on the ground or in the air. It is made of BI- swing back with reinforced shoulders. It also has two large upper chest pockets with the cov3ered zipper closures. This suite has the name tape above the chest pocket this helps you to have the badges provided for your respective job. It is also attached with the safety knife pockets which help you in emergency. There is a vertical zipper pocket on the left sleeve in which you are able to keep pen / pencil stall on the top. It has hooked and loop closure. This suite has double pull full length front zipper with inside protective flap. In the back of the garments there is the hook and loop waist that is adjusted with the hidden center elastic. It is of covered zipper closure cargo pockets. It also has extra large calk pockets with covered zipper opening. It has zipper expansion in leg opening with a cuff.

  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Solid zippers
  • Keep warm
  • Short sleeve length

5. Rothco Flight Coverall – Olive Drab

Rothco Flight Coverall - Olive Drab

The Rothco Flight Coverall – Olive Drab is a civilian version of the military flight suit. It is made of 100% polyester/cotton fabrics. This flight suit looks like the real thing and is also great for pilots and ground crew. It has 2 way front zippers and that are highly useful for you to use. It does not offer flash protection and it does help protect your clothes from paint, oil, grease, and other dirt. Totally this suite has 5 zippered pockets that make you comfortable by carrying the small objects safely. It has front and leg zippers and multiple zippered pockets. The leg and arm cuffs are adjustable and it has underarm vents. If you get the correct size then the suit will have enough room to allow you a full range of motion and to sit and stand comfortably. This is made of hook and loop attached and there is a name tab fastener too. You can enjoy the adjustable waist and cuffs that is available in this suite.

  • 2-way Front Zipper
  • 5 Zippered Pockets
  • Perfect zippers
  • Very thin suit

6. Aeromax Adult Flight Suit

Aeromax Adult Flight Suit

The Aeromax Adult Flight Suit is an attractive suite. It has a zipper in the front that makes you easy to remove and fit. This suite has lots of packets and patches. It is available in small size and large size. It is highly known for its high quality material and wonderful detailing. This is made of cotton fabric which makes you comfortable. You are able to hand wash this suite you can get rid of dirt’s. It is made of heavy polyester and cotton blend. This makes the costume highly durable as they are made of 100% pure material. It is of an attractive color which is in authentic blue color of NASA. This suits for large size person also the suits the child version.

  • Removable patches
  • Well roomed
  • Strong zippers
  • Baggy sized

7. Charades Men’s Wingman Flight Jumpsuit and Belt

Charades Men's Wingman Flight Jumpsuit

The Charades Men’s Wingman Flight Jumpsuit and Belt is one of the cool suites among the products available in the market. This suite is made of 80% of polyester material and 20% of cotton material. They are of high quality so they are used for long use without any kind of damages. As this suite is made of high quality material this can be used only for dry clean so that the material will not get any kind of damages. It has adjustable patches and is made of double zip. These zippers are strong and they are use to use. This suite will be comfortable when you work in any motion. They are highly durable and they are highly comfortable. This suite is light weighted so you are able to carry it even in the backpack and you can not feel the hardness of the costume when you are in work.

  • 80% Polyester
  • Light weighted
  • Strong Patches
  • Small

8. Galaxy Army Navy Khaki US Air Force Flight Suit

Galaxy Army Navy Khaki US Air Force Flight Suit

The Khaki US Air Force Flight Suit is a popular flight suite among the people working in air force. It is considered as the high-quality product as it is made of polyester / cotton material. This makes the product to be durable and they do not get damage for long days. This suite is designed by having 2 way front zippers this helps you to have easy use. You are able to wear and remove it quickly and easily by using the front zippers. In this suite you can have the leg zippers which make you comfortable. Everyone needs a comfortable suite by adjusting by their own according to their comfort level. In that way this suite has adjustable waist and cuffs which makes you comfortable. They are build in with patches which is removable. So it will increase the comfort level for you. This has hook and loop in the suite which is highly useful. The zippers are made of quality material and so they are enough strong when comparing to the normal zippers. Many of the customers enjoy this suite because of its perfect design and the comfort by the suite.

  • Affordable
  • Leg Zippers
  • 2 Way Front Zipper
  • Substandard fabric

9. Propper Nomex™ Flight Suit Long

Propper Nomex™ Flight Suit

The Propper Nomex™ Flight Suit Long is the best product which keeps you safe enough without weighing you down. This suite is made of flame resistant and they are designed with non – melting material. They are of high quality materials which makes the suite durable. It is designed with the NIR compliant which is used to maintain the radiation level of the pilots using this suite. This suite has six primary pockets with additional accessory pockets. They help you to carry the small accessories carefully. It is designed with two way zippers in the front with cloth pull. Bi-swing back helps you to improve the range of motion. The combination of covered pen pocket / zippered pocket is located in the left sleeve. There is adjustable waist belt with hook and loop closure that makes your suite adjustable and comfortable. There are two thigh – high zippered pockets and two shins – high zippered pockets. There is also a knife pocket on the left leg and has zippered leg openings. This suite makes you comfortable and work effectively without any disturbances.

  • NIR compliant
  • Bi-swing back
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Quite thin material

10. Forum Novelties Men’s Aviator Jumpsuit Pilot Costume

Forum Novelties Men's pilot suit

The Forum Novelties Men’s Aviator Jumpsuit Pilot Costume is a simple designed suite that is highly sold out because of its high quality and style. It is made of 100% polyester material and they are high quality made so this helps to make you feel comfortable and they can be used for long use. This is designed with standard size and it fits all kind of people as it has 42 inch chest. This suite has adjustable patches and they are of made of hook and loop. This suit is made to keep the person warmer in all the situations while they work. It does not give hard feelings to the person who wears. This is highly safe and they are flame resistant. This flame resistant helps you to be safe when you meet any accidents. The pockets available in this suite help you to carry small particles and keep it safe. The zippers in this suite are highly strong and so you will not face any trouble in zippers.

  • Hook and loop
  • Zippered pockets
  • 100% Polyester
  • No patches

History of Flight Suits 

In the early days, pilots didn’t wear flight suits. Most often, they wore wool lined leather coats. However, pilots require special equipment to overcome extreme weather conditions.

Here is a quick look at the history of the flight suit.


For every 3,000 feet of climb, oxygen levels lower and the temperature drops by 5°C. Sometimes pilots suffer from a heavy cold and were at risk of losing consciousness. Leather jackets quickly become insufficient as pilots began flying higher in the air and staying there for much longer periods of time.
The first concept of flight suits began in the 1920’s and was mostly made of wool and was made to adapt all body types.

During the second world war, the aviation experts developed flight suits that are similar in design which is available today.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is history.png
This is a picture of a pilot in prime days, look at the suit which he worn. It’s made of a thick fabric to protect against discomforts.

Good ergonomics were applied for prolonged seated positions, the fabric is chosen for its flexibility and resistance and the suits began being manufactured in a single piece for comfort.

After some years, flight suits were designed to resist against fire also. As of now, the Nomex flight suit is a one-piece uniform that is worn by pilots and crew alike in most branches of the military.

Nomex brand has not only an incredibly durable fabric but most importantly, the aramid fibers that are in the material are fire-resistant.

How do flight suits work

A flight suit is a full-body garment which can be used while flying aircraft such as military airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. Leather is the preferred material due to its durability and protection it offered against flying debris such as insects strikes during climb-outs and landings.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is suit.png
This is a comparison of flight suits worn in 1925 vs 2011. See how these suits have remodeled with equipment and gears. Technology get improved day by day so changes occur.

The bomber pilots could wear their service uniforms as flight gear, fighter pilots needed a uniform that functioned in the tight confines of the typical fighter plane cockpit. The AN-S-31 flight suit was specially developed and emphasized two button-down breast pockets and two button-down shin pockets that could be accessed from the sitting position.

The US Navy used a slightly distinctive model that featured slanted pockets with zippers. The material used was either wool or tight-weave cotton for wind resistance and fire protection. There are flight suits for kids, toddlers, military man, babies, etc.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is military.png
Flight Suit for a military men.

As technology advanced, the fire-protective flight suit, helmets, goggles, masks, gloves, and footwear were designed and used.

Flight Suits Vs Coveralls

Coveralls are one-piece protective wear worn for heavy, manual work, and the overalls are usual trousers with a holder, loose straps for use over your normal clothes. Whether you call them coveralls, a jumpsuit, or a boiler suit, it doesn’t entirely matter as long as you get the garment actually you want. Coverall is the full body garment and the overall flight suits clips over the shoulders.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is flight-suits-.png


Many industries use coveralls to protect workers from harm. Some are designed for warmth, breath-ability, and/or protection (i.e. water resistance, hazmat, fire resistant, and so on), depending on what your industry needs.

Coveralls are used by different people ranging from skiers to factory workers to medical professionals and firefighters.

Skiing coveralls are often designed to be reflective, insulated, windproof and waterproof.

They’re the best type of protection from elements on the slopes. Coveralls are used for a range of industrial purposes, ranging with treatments for anti-static, flame spread resistant properties, different color options, and accessories.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is coveralls.png

Flight suits

Flight suits and jackets are originally sewn with a thick fabric to keep pilots warm and protected in unheated cockpits, as of now it comes in a lightweight material to enhance mobility and comfort.

Flight suits are crafted with convenient pockets with sturdy zippers to allow quick access to gear and to secure items in place. For an added level of comfort and protection many flight suits come in Nomex, which is a flame resistant material.

Flight Suits Helmets 

Most of the pilots wear helmets in common, especially when performing aerial work or training. One of the senior pilot Patrick Lafluer tells that the helmet should be mandatory and he explains the advantages of wearing a helmet, both in terms of safety and technology.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is helmets.png
Helicopter pilot Patrick Lafleur wearing a helmet (left) and wearing a headset(right)

Another pilot Adamson takes part in such missions, he wears his helmet at all times. He also wears it during night flights, because of the use of night vision goggles. As a senior pilot, he prefers wearing it when using the sling as well since the helmet stays in place more effectively than the headset. It’s very significant important because he often has to fly with the door off while looking at the load under the helicopter.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is helmetfour.png
Here you can see the helmets worn by different pilots while they are in action.

Another great feature provided by the helmet is noise reduction technology. Adamson clearly depicts highly of the improvements in noise reduction technology that have taken place over the past few years.

Flight suit gear

Before you fly, it’s a routine task to safety check on what you need to wear during your flight?

Life Vest

Life Vest is important when you purchase an FAA-approved life vest, you need to consider comfort as well as the ability to maneuver the helicopter or flight during an emergency. Also, this gear needs to allow for a full range of motion and fit well with harness, helmets and other required gear with no discomfort. Just carry the weight on the vest of your shoulder, rather than the back of the neck to reduce pain or fatigue.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fl.png
Here a pilot wears a safety jacket and has all essential gears to protect from any dangers.

Flight Suit

Flight suits protect you from fires or other dangers and keep you warm. Suits made from Nomex is not only comfortable but also flame-resistant, breathable, and water-proof. Comfort is the key and you’ll want the ease of getting in and out of the suit, high-quality suits can be outfitted with accessories to improve thermal performance including gloves, boots, and hoods.


Pilots should also take care of their undergarments to fully optimize the flight suit’s thermal protection. Merino wool is the best choice as it regulates your body temperature, ventilating hot vapor out and cool surrounding air in while wicking away any sweat; keeping you cool and dry


The above are the top rated products of flight suite. These are rated as best product because of its good quality and durability and many useful features available in it. These are selected after a clear research of these products and I have collected the information from the customers who have used these products. Now it’s time to select the best product that suites you well. As you have many products you can choose the best one according to your comfort and demand. This article will make your job easier and makes you to choose the right flight suite.


  1. My uncle is in the Air force. To gift him, my aunt is searching for a flight suit. But she couldn’t find the right one. So she recommends me to choose a flight suit comfortable for my uncle. Could you suggest me the best one that suits my uncle?


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