Do you have any idea about the Egyptian cotton sheet? I think You guessed almost. Nothing unfamiliar, these Egyptian cotton sheets are the cotton that grown in Egypt. These cotton sheets are considered to be high-end and luxurious that has extra long fibers, which can be reclaimed into fine strands for conclusive softness.


The expensive cotton Egyptian also called as ELS(Extra Long Staple). This Egyptian cotton sheet has an important place in the market while other cotton hasn’t, because of its quality that can be durable with its long lasting beauty and softness.


If you want to own any Egyptian cotton sheet set, you will have some clarifications on the price, size, softness, comfortability and durability of the product. For that, you need to know what the types are there in the current market, that will help in choose the right set for your home.

Commonly there are two types of Egyptian cotton sheets are there in the market, that you should consider which sheet will be applicable for your bed, before purchasing it.

1. 100% Egyptian cotton:

The specialty of this cotton sheet is, this contains full of cotton with zero contamination of other materials. These sheets are the most expensive, most resistant to pilling, most durable and softest that you can get best as per its costliest price.

You can have long lasting material for many years without wear and rip, you can expect from all the Egyptian cotton sheets.

2. Egyptian cotton blends:

These sheets are made from some percentage of cotton and contaminated with other external materials such as polyester and other types of cotton.

It has chances to easily rip over time or pill, and we can’t use this for long, they may also not durable and not to be soft like pure cotton.

However, we can have this cotton blends in low price, and a great choice for anyone on a budget.  

Top Ten Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

NameKey FeatureThread Count 
eLuxurySupplySingle deep pocket1000 Check Price
Mayfair LinenElastic featured800 Check Price
American PillowcaseEco-friendly materials540 Check Price
BrielleAvoid wrinkles400 Check Price
Pointehaven100% of Egyptian cotton500 Check Price
Thread SpreadHypoallergenic resistant600 Check Price
MaloufLong-staple400 Check Price
Addy Home FashionsDust free500 Check Price
eLuxuarySupplyBreathable foam400 Check Price
American PillowcaseMercerized softness300 Check Price

1. eLuxurySupply 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

eLuxurySupply 100{72959434a4d28c27eed827e5e88985186bf39146a95c829047877b5a53316344} Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

The Exceptional Sheets have manufactured this 1000 thread count sheet; you can have 14.6 x 10.6 x 4.8 inches of product dimensions in the market. These sheets are made up of the 100% authentic Egyptian cotton.

You can collect two pillowcases(21″x42″), one flat sheet(110″x 104″) and a single deep pocket fitted sheet(78×80″) fits mattress up to 15”, You can find these with great Elegance

These sheet collections can make you feel luxury and give comfort sleep. They bring your night heaven.The light sheets are weighed about 8 pounds.

This Egyptian cotton produces longer fiber so you can find this as better for your sheets. Because longer fibers easily turned into softer sheets. It is advised to wash your sheet with mild detergent in cold water.

The plying process being happened to the threads and they changed the threads thicker, this gives a durable sheet for stay longer and gives feel comfort.

I’m sure, when you try this, you will be mesmerized with essential relaxation.

  • Single deep pocket
  • Various colors
  • 100% cotton
  • Pillow cases narrow

2. Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton

Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection

These Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection, made with 100% of Egyptian cotton. CO-8TC-Q0-WHITE has manufactured this sheets. You can get this as 13.1 x 8.9 x 4 inches of dimensions, so you can have large space to sleep with your sheet on the winter nights.

This Queen set includes a flat sheet with 90 x 102 inches, fitted sheet with 60 x 80 x 12 inches that have elastic that allow to stretch and fit over a mattress and two pillowcases with 20 x 30 inches are attached along with this.

These sheets use vibrant colors so, these sheets surely make you feel wonder once you use this. These sheets also make you comfort due to its brilliant softness.

These collections are specially made up for luxurious hotels; surely it will give the exact feeling of 5star hotel rooms with a pleasant atmosphere.

You can find this sheet with 3.9 Pounds. You can carry and wash it easily with no difficulties. Warm wash applicable for this sheet.

  • Elastic
  • Vibrant colors
  • Reliable
  • Less softness

3. American Pillowcase King Size Bed Striped Sheet

American Pillowcase King Size Bed Striped Sheet

These sheets are manufactured by the American pillowcase; you can find this product with 10.7 x 9 x 5.2 inches of dimensions.

These sheets have made up by 100% of Egyptian cotton, so It looks luxurious and last for longer. You can find softness while sleeping and durable in long lasting with this sheet.

It includes six piece king set, such as one pocket fitted sheet(76″ x 80″) which fits mattress up to 18”.an elastic flat sheet with 102″ x 105″ and four pillowcases in the range of 21″ x 42″.

You can find better durability, softness, wrinkle resistance, comfort and beauty than other popular brands. These sheets are comfortable at all the warm and cool night due to its medium weight.

With this cotton fabric, you can find silky softness, Lustrous Sheen and wrinkle resistance in using. It is suggested to wash this sheet in the warm water and dry in the medium heat.

This 100% cotton fabric is good for all the sensitive skin, and I’m sure It will give the comfort and easy breathing at night. Try this once.

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • High Comfort
  • Sheet not deep enough

4. Brielle Egyptian Cotton Sateen Fine Sheet

Brielle Egyptian Cotton Sateen Fine Sheet

This Brielle 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen fine sheet set manufactured by the Brielle organization. You can find it as 11 x 2.8 x 13 inches of dimension.

These sheets are constructed of the fine Egyptian cotton, so it is comfortable for your skin, and you can find this cheap that better on your budget.

It includes four piece set such as a flat sheet with 90 by 102 inch, fitted sheet with 60 by 80 inch fits mattress up to 17 inches and 20 by 30 inches standard pillowcases in two pieces.

You can use this in both winter and warm nights because it weighed as 3.6 Pounds. You can have a soft fabric with a silky sheen. This sheet uses sateen that is an eye-catching and luxurious weave.

Machine wash is applicable and doesn’t remove wrinkles immediately with dry.

You can find this Brielle sheet as a durable, soft and better budgetary option for your bedroom.

  • Avoid wrinkles
  • Pure cotton
  • Smooth
  • Too thin

5. Pointehaven Egyptian Cotton King Sheet Set

Pointehaven Egyptian Cotton King Sheet Set

These Pointehaven 500-Thread Count 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets manufactured by Pointehaven organization.  You can find this sheets in a 13.7 x 10.1 x 7 inches of dimension. You can get the item weight up to 15.4 Pounds.

You can have 100% of Egyptian cotton with this sheet set. You can find this model in various colors such as ivory, white, espresso, blue, sage, and chocolate.

This cotton sheets includes 106 by 112 inches of a flat sheet, 72 by 84 inches of a fitted sheet, fits mattress up to 21 inches and 20 by 40 inches of two pillowcases.

It worked by 500 thread count for the luxurious finish and 100 percent of Egyptian cotton that helps in comfortable sleeping and allows for easy breathing.

The sateen weave is used for its comfortability and eye-catching weaving. I’m sure you will feel comfortable and better softness in this Pointehaven 500-Thread sheet set.

  • Large sheet
  • Three sizes available
  • Soft
  • Heavy

6. Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton Sateen King 4 Piece Sheet Set

Thread Spread Egyptian Cotton

These cotton sheets have manufactured by Thread Spread Organization. You can find this product in 12 x 9.3 x 4.8 inches of dimensions and its weight about 5.4 pounds.

An important characteristic of these sheets is to make you feel luxurious environment in your bedroom at a very affordable price with top quality.

These sheets are made from the Egyptian cotton fabric that gives extreme softness and makes you feel completely comfortable in all of your nights.

You can get four pieces set with this product such as a flat sheet(108″x102″), fitted sheet(80″x78″) fits mattress up to 17” and two pieces of pillowcases(20″x40″) along with it.

This Thread spreadsheet are machine washable and tumble dry low.

  • Hypoallergenic resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Fade resistant
  • Little light and rough

7. MALOUF Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet

MALOUF Egyptian

These sheets have made from Malouf manufacturer; you can get this sheets in 75 x 39 x 9 inches of dimension. This product weigh about 4.8 pounds.

These sheets have made by 100% Egyptian cotton fabric so you can find very authentic and long staple with this sheets, this long staple helps the cotton to woven to be more extensively.

Also, the long staple that creates softness and works for long years with durable capacity.These sheets weaved carefully so you can make an easy breathing while sleeping.

You can search this sheets in various available colors such as White, Khaki,silver sage, chocolate, slate, and Ivory.

The fitted sheet can fit the mattress up to 6”-22” that fully elasticized to secure fit. You will find the most secure, comfort and luxurious once you use this.

  • Authentic Egyptian cotton
  • Long-staple
  • Long size
  • Top sheet is huge

8. Addy Home Fashions Egyptian Cotton Sheet

Addy Home Fashions Egyptian Cotton Sheet

These Addy home fashions Egyptian cotton have manufactured by Meenakshi Mills. You can find 13 x 3.5 x 10 inches of product dimensions. You can find the product weight up to 4.2 Pounds so that you will feel lightweight and comfortable for both cool and warm nights.

You can feel luxurious and silky soft touch when you use it. You can get four pieces set includes one flat sheet(90″ x102″), fitted sheet(60″ x 80″) elasticized sheet fits mattress up to 15” and two pillowcases each in 20″ x 30″.

You can find the comfort and luxurious feel in an affordable quality. The stylish stretch and the use of Egyptian cotton give more softness while sleeping. This sheet is easy to care and durable for long years.

These sheets are machine washable, and the deep pocket fitted sheet available in multiple colors that you can choose any color for your existing bedding.

  • Breathable material
  • Dust free
  • Light weight
  • Less silky

9. eLuxuarySupply Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

eLuxuarySupply Egyptian Cotton Sheet

These 400 Thread Count- sheets have manufactured by Exceptional sheets, this product has the 13.2 x 10.4 x 4.8 inches of dimensions. You can find this product about 6.1 pounds of weight.

You can get the ultra soft sheets and durable product with this 100% Egyptian cotton grown in the basin of the Nile river. It will become softer in every wash so you can feel comfort in all nights.

You can get 5 pieces that includes two fitted sheets(38″x 80″) with deep pockets fits mattress up to 15″-18″ , a flat sheet(108″x102″ ) and two king size pillowcases(20″x40″)

By this sheets, you can feel more comfort, and you can find easy breathability throughout your night. It is advisable to wash in cold water with mild detergent.

  • Breathable foam
  • Pure cotton
  • Easy to wash
  • Hard

10. American Pillowcase 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet

American Pillowcase 100{72959434a4d28c27eed827e5e88985186bf39146a95c829047877b5a53316344} Egyptian Cotton Sheet

These Queen size flat sheet available in the 15.8 x 13.3 x 1.9 inches of dimension. The product weight is up to 2.1 pounds. These sheets have manufactured by the American Pillowcase organization.

You can choose from different colors available, in flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases. These sheets have made from 100% Egyptian cotton so it may wrinkle so, wash before use is advisable, this is machine washable, take it out of dryer once it finishes drying.

The Queen flat sheet available in the size of  94″x105″, the fitted sheets are sold separately.

You can feel comfort because it made up of 100% Egyptian cotton and luxurious look in a very low price.

  • Bio-polished
  • Mercerized softness
  • Breathable fabric
  • Flimsy and Thin

How to choose the best Egyptian Cotton Sheet?

To Choose any set of sheets, It is important to consider some factors as per its durability and long lasting quality because you are going to use it daily for years to come.

Without clear with the quality and durability of the sheet, you pick up the sheet by certain criteria such as by your favorite color or because of its low price then your sheet won’t work for longer with comfortability.

So, it is important to lookout for some features before going to purchase the cotton sheets.

Thread count:

The higher thread determines the softness of the sheets. They bring excellent softness and comfort is simply amazing. However, the higher thread count is more expensive.Only  If you use this, You can feel this comfort and puzzling softness truly unparalleled.

The high quality and high in price cotton sheets made with Egyptian cotton have few hundred threads per square inch while better ones may have 1000 and more threads.


These sheet sets can find from a minimum amount of fewer than hundred dollars for a basic set to maximum several hundred in high quality with a larger size.

Don’t go for the low quality in a low price that you can’t hold it for longer and you need to bring replacements often.

Use high-quality sheets without considering its price, anyway you will be no need to replace it anymore, and it will stay for longer, you can save your money after spend for its purchase at once.


Choose the color that already existed on your bedding. If you buy any set of the pillowcases, you need to choose by its color combination that matches to your existing bedding like the color and design.

Available sizes:

Don’t lookout only for softness on the cotton sheet set, Try to buy a sheet that fit your bed.

To sleep comfortably, it is important to find the right size sheet according to your existing mattress size.

If you have a thick mattress such with pillow top, then you need to go up a size, For example, a queen pillow top mattress can work better, that has king size sheets.


  1. I am looking for to buy a MALOUF Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet. I think that it would be comfortable for me. But could you tell me about its cleaning process?