Are you living in some outdoor areas that have many insects around? Very hard to get rid of this harmful insects like flies, mosquitoes, moths etc?


Yeah here is the solution for those problems. Now you can get rid of these insects very easily using some of the best Electric Insect Fogger.

Why do you need an Electric Fogger?

These insects not only make annoying sounds, they bite us which cause itching and thus the regions have bumps on your skin. Imagine your outdoor living space is the most treasured and fun area of your home and you are celebrating some of the functions there like a dinner party, hanging along with your friends there in backyard, enjoying the climate and many more.

What if the insects disturb your fun? You and your friends will get disappointed easily right? So this is the main reason why you need a Electric Fogger with you. If you want to get rid of any insects that is annoying or harming you immediately get it and have fun.

Here are some of the best collections of Electric Fogger for you to get rid of the insects from your home or any area. This are listed on the basis of popularity among the users, based on the best quality, durability and considering all the good and bad effects of the electric foggers.

Best Electric Insect Foggers

NameKey FeaturePower 
Burgess10 foot cone fogPropane powered Check Price
Burgess10 Feet TallElectric powered Check Price
BurgessSpun Aluminum ContainerElectric powered Check Price
Black FlagNon-toxicElectric powered Check Price
Burgess40-ounce Liquid ContainerElectric powered Check Price

Proceed below for some of the top Electric Insect Foggers to keep you away from the insects.

1. Burgess 1443 MOSQUITO FOGGER


This burgess 1443 insect fogger which is a great tool to get rid of any types of insecticides. This is a well constructed fogger. The most advantage of this fogger is the size of the insecticides tank. 40 ounce size tank explains you how much area you will be able to cover.

You should fill the liquid that matches the tank requirement for evenly killing the insecticides around your areas. It’s good to have extra amount of insecticides with you if you are in need of it. So that you can fill up to the liquid container as you need.

You can light up this type of Burgess Mosquito fogger with igniter and after it gets warm for 2 minutes. A white cloud should be formed in the process. This outdoor propane mosquito fogger is able to dispense 10 foot cone fog which has the capability of ridding your outdoor space from any type of insects.

You can also insect the propane into the fogger so that it would be ideal for the better outdoor living spaces and along with there is a extension card too.

  • Inexpensive
  • Propane Model
  • Extension Cord
  • Low pumping action

2. Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger

Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger

Burgess 960 Electric insect fogger is one of the reliable fogger to get rid of any type of insects. This works similar to a propane model. You will also need an extension card along with the properties of a propane model.

This fogger has the capacity of 40 ounce that is 1.18 in liter. You can easily screw off; this looks yellow in color which is also a bright one that will hold any types of insects for long fogging session. This fogger is of 10 feet tall, so that it will be able to handle more number of insects and also it can able to cover a large area in short period of time.

This fog doesn’t have any smell and also non toxic. The working procedure is very simple, you just need to plug your device to the power outlet and start killing insects. It easy to carry as it weighs less than 5 pounds. Reliable because of its dimensions which ranges from 15.5X11.3X6.9

  • Bright Yellow in Color
  • 10 Feet Tall
  • Non toxic
  • Hard pumping

3. Burgess 982 Electric Professional Thermal Fogger

Burgess 982 Electric Professional Thermal Fogger

Burger 982 Fogger is one of the professional grade fogger which will help you to keep away from any type of insects. This would be a perfect fogger for fire and flood recovery and are used in eliminating the insects and other mildew odor. This is otherwise used for controlling the pest effectively.

Insects are easily killed while using this electric professional thermal flogger over the insects. A low of volume of sprayer or mister is being converted by removing the heating elements. If you are going to use it for the thermal flogging then you can use only the products that formulate this thermal fogging oil or water.

Everyone is not able to use this electric insect fogger, only the professional can be able to handle it perfectly. If you are using it you have to follow the instructions that are provided but the chemical manufacturer, look perfectly the safety guidelines before using this electric insect fogger over the insects.

Be careful, do not use any wet powders in the electric fogger because there are chances of damages in the unit and nozzle components of the electric fogger. Keep your fogger dry for the durability. This can be controlled by chemical flow rate in the heating chamber of the insect electric fogger which is controlled by a knob that can be adjustable clockwise.

  • Spun Aluminum Container
  • Thermostatic Heating Chamber
  • Convertible electric insect fogger
  • Leaks little

4. Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger is one of the economical ways to repel all type of insects at the same time.  The penny you spend for this electric fogger is so less for the reliable results you are going to get it.

As the name explains it works with the help of electricity, so just plug-in your fogger to the power outlet. But this would be not being suitable for fog areas; those areas do not have any electricity, so you will not be able to use it.

This fogger is 10 feet tall, comes in cone shape which will help you to clear your designated area from any insects. This won’t leave any odor or residue, by performing this you will be able to be safe in any fogged area too.

This electric fogger is very simple to use and weighing capacity is 40 ounce and 1.18 liters. And this contains a liquid container with insects, just plug-in and starts fogging. After few minutes of fogging you will be able to enjoy the area without any insecticides.

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger weighs 4.8 pounds in weight and the dimension range is 3.9X6.9X5.3 inches.  This is also suitable to kill any types of insecticides for any outdoor space.

  • Easy to use
  • Odorless
  • Well constructed
  • Flimsy

5. Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger

Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger

This is also one of the professional foggers with some better changes when compared to the previous products.  This type of fogger has the much wide variety of uses and features when compared to the previous products.

If you are regular fogger, using this Burgess 16982150 professional fogger is simple. This will feel you as a universal fogger and can be used for many people who are working in many places and occupations.  This has much commercial use and can be easily converted to all-purpose sprayers.

You have to plug your fogger into the power outlet and start killing the insecticides. The weighing capacity is 40 ounce and 1.18 in the liter.  This also contains a liquid container where you can fill the liquid of your own choice and then you can spray it over the outdoor area or industrial places.

It’s a convertible electric sprayer too if you remove the heating element from the fogger setup. This prayer can be used for all purposes. You will be able to produce different types of fog through this. This is made in the USA and is of less weight. It will fit anywhere because its dimension range is 12.8X12.5X8.8

  • 40-ounce Liquid Container
  • Able to throw dense fog easily
  • Professional Fogger
  • Heavy

Wrapping Up with Electric Insect Foggers

Now you would have got a clear idea of getting the best insect fogger for your commercial or home use. These foggers will help you to get rid of the insects completely from your home, outdoor areas or your surroundings.

The above all of the Electric Insect Foggers have their own features and their own style. Always Electric Insect foggers better well when compared to the propane foggers.

Following particular steps is also very important to handle these foggers, read the manual perfectly so that you can follow the steps to handle the instruction given. Before you start use of the foggers warms them up by plugging in your foggers to the power socket. You need to have the suitable extension cord that suits your fogger and always prefer dry fog rather than the wet fog. You need to pump out each and every time you use the fogger and it’s good to pump out the fog three to four seconds as mentioned in the instruction.

Few foggers will be used only for the indoor purpose so while getting it check whether you are getting the right fogger for your job-related purpose. Following the above steps will help in killing the insects effectively using the electric insect fogger.

Hope these above electric insect foggers help you to choose the right fogger for your purpose and use. If you have any queries or ideas regarding the products please do share it in the comment section below.


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