What would you do immediately when you see a spider, cockroach or any other bugs in your home?

Any one loves it? No!

You definitely would scream off. Bugs, Spiders and insects are the most common irritating ones in our home. Absolutely no! Most of them do not like killing this spiders, insects and bug in their house. It’s difficult to chase a bug or spider and kill it too if you are doing it. There are many different types of sprays for killing this bug. But all will not help you in killing them perfectly; moreover this will be a big tough job too.

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This Bug vacuum spider catcher removes the Spiders, Roaches, Scorpions, Flies, Crickets, Stink Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Moths.

Some people do not even go to the rooms if they found such bugs in their home. So keep these problems into the mind, Bug Vacuum were introduced to catch this type of bugs, spider and insects. The first company that introduced this Bug Vacuum was Lentek.

Do you know how a Bug Catcher vacuum works?

By reading the name you would have known the mechanism, yeah its vacuum the bug by using the vacuum bug catcher. You don’t have to touch those bugs and insects to kill it.

How will be a Bug Catcher Vacuum?

There is handle which is made of plastic and a vacuum tube which is able to slide on and off. There is a battery attached to this bug catcher vacuum, and the type is internal. You can charge your bug catcher vacuum by charging. You can place the bug catcher in a plastic base and then plug to the wall outlet. As the handle is long you have the multi advantages.

Best Bug Catcher Vacuums

NameKey Feature 
BugzookaInexpensive Check Price
SokosTransparent Check Price
Backyard SafariEasy to use Check Price
Uncle MiltonFully Enclosed Motor Check Price
Hudson EssentialsLight Weight Check Price
OhuhuEco-friendly Check Price
Edu-ToysKit for kids Check Price
Nature BoundCatch-and-release technology Check Price
SonicBattery operated Check Price
SereneLifeLight weight Check Price

There are a lot of bug catcher vacuums that will help in stopping the screaming sound and also let you keep your home free from bugs, spiders and insects. Here I have listed few of the best bug catcher vacuums based on the popularity, customer reviews, quality, durability and considering the many more process in the market.

1. Bugzooka Bug Catcher Vacuum

Get rid of all types of small bugs and insects using this Bugzooka Bug Catcher Vacuum. There are more benefits and features for a reason to choose this bug catcher vacuum.

This bug catcher vacuum captures the bugs and releases the insects from your home and keeps your home safe and clean.

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A battery free vacuum which is able to generate 10 times of the suction power when compared to the modernized bug catcher vacuums. This releases the bugs into a tube that is fitted into the vacuum which can be removable later for the cleaning purpose. You will be able to take this anywhere wherever you go.

You can just push the base of the bug catcher vacuum so that the vacuum compress the air and then extend the arm to catch the bugs which is of 24 inches after pushing the trigger.


  • Easy to use
  • No Battery
  • Inexpensive


  • Too light

2. Sokos Humane Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum

Sokos Humane Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum works in a simple way. This catches the bug and then releases the creepy bugs, spiders and insects to any of the water areas without causing any harm. The vacuum catcher works gently in a way without making any sound which will not distract the bugs or insects to move away.

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After they catch these creepy crawlers, they release them into a plastic tube which is long so that your home looks safe, clean and hygienic without these creepy adventures. There are four types of parts in the bug catcher vacuum of this Sokos Humane Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum. They are Tube Cover Plug, Vacuum Clear Pipe, Vacuum Motor and Suck Booster which help to catch the bugs and release them to the large tubes. You can take this long plastic tube to any water areas and then release it there.

The bug catcher vacuum weighs of 0.22 pounds and in the dimensions of 3.54 x 0.98 x 13.74 inches.


  • Transparent
  • Easy to install
  • Safety to use


  • Less power

3. Backyard Safari Lazer Light Bug Vacuum Catcher

This Backyard Safari Lazer Light Bug Vacuum Catcher is able to find any type of bugs even in the dark and in whatever place they are in. Through this you can aim for the bugs, spiders or insects using the red led light and catch them up. This is a gentle and powerful bug vacuum catcher that sucks the bugs and places it to the bug pod for the investigation process.

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After that you can release the bug pod to any land or water areas of other locations. There is an iron on patch and a guide bag for adventures to release the bug pod over the water areas of other location.


  • Attached Light
  • Easy to use
  • RED light


  • Flimsy

4. Uncle Milton National Geographic Critter Catcher Bug Vacuum

Easily you will be able to get rid of this bugs and insects through this Critter Catcher Bug Vacuum. The operation is very simple and this consists of a motor which is generated using vacuum.

Place the bug vacuum over the bugs and once it gets caught press the vacuum switch. Immediately the bugs get sucks up in the vacuum, you can view the bugs through the viewing chamber; if you are sure that the bugs are caught up you can remove and close the cap.

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Through this you will be able to suck any kinds of bugs or insects. This vacuum bug catcher was created in associated with the national geographic. This consists of a long tube to suck the bugs.

Through this you can lift the dust from your room and other small places.


  • Fully Enclosed Motor
  • Durable Plastic
  • Durable Motor


  • Little suction

5. Hudson Essentials Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum

Bugs are the creepiest one we all are afraid of, more than that we can say like we are allergic of. So to get rid of your home you will be in need of some of the bug catcher vacuum. Here is one of the bug catcher vacuums from Hudson who are providing an effective vacuum to get rid of the bugs.

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This is not similar to other electric insect killers out there in the world. This bug catcher vacuum is safe for its gentle suction but is able to catch even the larger bugs. It catches for the bug using the suction and then releasing it over the bug pod on a long plastic tube.

Then you can stop the vacuum and turn off the suction. After completion you can take out the bugs and release over some of the water locations. This bug catcher vacuum weighs about 0.5 pounds and black in color


  • Acrylic
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight


  • For light weight bugs

6. Ohuhu Bug Catcher

Ohuhu bug vacuum and makes your lives easier as it is one of the effective catchers. If there are any unwanted spiders and cockroaches in your home, or any unnecessary wasps and mosquitoes at your place, this product will come in handy. Also, this bug vacuum killer is safer to use.

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It can even catch small size bugs as well as little creatures for you. Just press the ON button so that your machine can suck all these bugs easily. It can catch bugs and spiders from a safe distance; it comes in an ergonomic gun design which is very convenient to hold.

This Eco-friendly product can be recycled again and again because it can be charged for multiple numbers of times. This bug vacuum stick can easily work during night time too.  Ohuhu bug catcher is light in weight and it is also portable. Your kids can even carry this lightweight device easily.


  • Constructed with rust-proof, oil-proof alloy material
  • Environment-friendly
  • Can cover locations upto 320 sq.ft


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

7. Edu-Toys Bug Collector Set

It’s the best choice to get Edu Toys Bug Collector Set if you have a child aged above 8 years & want to investigate bugs for their school project. Some major features of this equipment are chromatography, identity detection, fingerprints, & many more. It allows the kids to investigate and analyze their bugs.

It has more than 65 activities along with fingerprints, secret messages, chromatography, cipher codes, identity detection and more. This Kit for kids includes a 30X microscope and necessary lab equipment.

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This bug catcher includes foam discs and instructions on how to hook it up to your Snap Rover.  Just collect the little giants without hurting them with this Bug Collector. Collect and observe living insects and plants.

Handheld Bug Collector with 3 different speeds,

Creature Net with handle,

Bug containers as well as

Instruction Manual.

Kids can view their collections with the ventilated magnifying viewers. Explore your projects with the bug collector, net, tweezers for interesting insects and plants.


  • Perfect toy for kids
  • Comes with 30X microscope & related lab tools
  • Includes foam discs


  • Battery needs to be changed on frequent use

8. Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy

Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy is an environment-friendly toy that lets kids find, catch, inspect, and release their favorite outdoor bugs. Nature Bound includes a built-in LED light, magnifier, as well as a belt clip. Bug Vacuum has fun and exciting features with an excellent scientific design that allows children age 5 to 12 to safely interact with nature, indoors or outdoors, at any time.

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This design comes with a chambered capture gun, so your kids will not have to touch bugs while observing.  Its Triggered suction and clear 360-degree sides keep your child engaged without handling bugs.

Nature Bound Bug Vacuum includes a catch-and-release technology that helps to keep your kids and bugs safe during exploration. Your children can make use of this bug catcher to catch ants, beetles, flies, spiders, moths for homeschooling projects. This new-modeled bug catching gun obviously allows for harmless catching, observing, and returning of all buggy specimens.


  • Simple to use this equipment
  • Eco-friendly
  • Innovative bug catching gun


  • Poorly made design

9. Sonic Technology Bug buster

Have you tried out the Sonic technology Bug buster bug vacuum yet? If not, try this amazing bug vacuum from amazon and feel free from bugs. It’s a powerful and reliable bug vacuum stick that will gently and safely suck up bugs. This yellow bug vacuum by Sonic Technology is a great way to go green by getting rid of insects naturally.

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Its battery operated and has a long clear tube to keep you an arm’s length from the past and strong suction to help you capture the insects. Moreover this device is a safe choice for kids because their lightweight designs make your kids outdoor activities not only fun but full of learning too.  With this vacuum, you can easily keep your home safe from spiders, bugs, insects, and many more small pests.

Also, the non-toxic and mild pressure of the vacuum does not kill any bug; it’s very easy to use. Additionally, this product is safe for all people of different age group.


  • Excellent stoking
  • Reliable and convenient
  • Non-toxic


  • Average suction power

10. Handheld Insect Vacuum Sucker Stick

SereneLife is a recognizable brand which works great for sucking the bugs and releasing them without any harming. It’s one of the best high-performing vacuums for your household and workplaces. This bug vacuum spider catcher is light with only 8.8 ounces and does a pretty job at catching any type of bug and insect.

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The handheld design is best for variety of uses in both indoors and outdoors.  Provides convenient button activated pest control. The insect catcher offers you a safe, Eco-friendly, and humane way of keeping unwanted bugs and insects from getting into your home without harmful and toxic chemicals.

This spider catcher is perfect for kitchens, decks, patios, porches, and basements. This hassle-free pest control stick is equipped with a built-in LED flashlight which means you can use it at ease during the night to help with aiming. To switch on, just simply press the “LED” button just below the “IN” button.


  • Comes in handheld design
  • Lightweight
  • Catch all types of bugs and insects


  • Battery drains out at a faster rate

What is a Bug Vacuum?

One of the worst problems to deal with in your home can be insect infestations. So to stay free from flying insects such as wasps, houseflies, mosquitoes, moths, and gnats use a bug catcher vacuum.

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Here, a man uses a Bug Vacuum Stick to catch the spider, it’s quite simple and easy to trap all the bugs and insects with this handy tool.

A bug vacuum is a portable vacuum cleaner with internal batteries. Some bug vacuums feature non-lethal designs which hold the trapped insects inside, the insects may be captured on an adhesive internal device, or simply held inside the device until it dehydrates and dies.

Applications of bug vacuums

For adults

Bugzooka is the best bug vacuum for adults; this product is simple and easy to use. With this bug catcher one can easily hold the bugs from a reasonable distance. It’s an ideal product to be kept at office and home. By using this product, you can keep your house clean for your kids and pets.

For spiders, flies, and roaches

Ohuhu bug catcher works great which keeps your house out of roaches, spiders, and ants without having to kill them. Just simply point the nozzle at a bug, press the button, and see as they are sucked right up into the tube. Since it is USB rechargeable, you need not waste money on batteries.

 For garden

The yellow bug catcher vacuum by Sonic Technology is the best way to go green by getting rid of insects naturally.

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Here a little girl easily traps the bug and insects from a garden with the handy equipment.

All the bugs are sucked inside the tube safely and later released outdoors with no risk of either party being harmed.

For kids

Using Nature bound bug catcher toy, your young little kids will have lots of fun while bug hunting. Furthermore, catching the insects and seeing them trapped is the most enjoyable part for your kid.

For kids backyard exploration

The Backyard Safari Field Kit is a great gift for the young kids in the family. It comes along with the bug vacuum, mini tools for your child to dig up, and a net, just in case the bug is too quick to be captured by the vacuum.

Uses of Bug Vacuum

A bug vacuum is battery operated so you can take it wherever you want, it’s a great portable equipment to draw in bugs using suction. But the amount of suction a bug vacuum creates is gentle enough to not injure the insect, so keep your interior free and maintain the balanced Eco system.

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How does it look like? Just look for a model with a clear tube emerges from the front that will aid in placement of the vacuum before you initiate suction. This bug pool vacuum is also available for kids so for them look for a model with a viewing chamber, some of them are even detachable. If your intention is just to catch the bug and moving it outside, then there’s no need for such accessories.

A bug vacuum is a great way to deal with insects, so use a good insect fogger as it establishes a largely insect-free outdoor area so your friends and family can enjoy a porch free of mosquitoes, flies, bees, and effectively reduce the bugs that make their way into your home.

A bug zapper is also called a bug light which emits ultraviolet light to attract insects and then kills using an electric charge. These are mainly designed for outdoor use and there are also units made to be installed inside, so bug zapper helps you to reduce the bug population.

Use the insect fogger carefully as per the instructions and stay free from the noxious fogging agents. Insect repellents are now available in the form of bug spray so you can apply around doors, windows, and other areas to create a border.

How to make a Bug Vacuum?

If you love to find a way to get rid of spiders without having to get close to them , then just make a bug vacuum or spider rifle. The vacuum uses a long tube and compressed air to suck the spider into a chamber that can be emptied outside. You just need a few materials and tools to make a perfect bug catcher.

Make the Handle

To construct the handle you need to begin by cutting your PVC pipe, then using the hand saw, cut two 4-inch sections, a 2-inch section, as well as one 18-inch section of the PVC. After this attach the two 4-inch sections to the 90-degree fitting with the PVC cement.

At the end of the handle, cut a 1-inch, centered notch down the sides of the pipe. Take the hose clamp and slip it into the 1-inch notch, then hold the can of air. Glue the 1-inch end cap over the end with the hose clamp.

Make the Barrel

Next step is to start by drilling a 1/8-inch hole in the top of the T-fitting. Using the PVC cement, attach the 18-inch pipe to one end of the T-fitting, and the 4-inch handle to the other end.

Construct the Bug Chamber

Glue the 2-inch piece of PVC to the bottom end of the T-fitting. At the end of that, glue the 1/2-to 1 inch coupler. Attach the 1-inch piece of PVC pipe to the coupler, just push them together. Using the 1/16 drill bit, drill as many holes as possible into the 1-inch end cap and then glue it to the free end of the 1-inch PVC pipe.

Making the Vacuum

Fit the can of compressed air into the hose clamp and tighten it. After that, insert the tube from the can of air into the hole at the top of the T-fitting and the other end of the tube to the can.

Now your vacuum catcher is ready to suck spiders into the bug chamber by aiming the end of the gun at them and spraying the compressed air trigger. Once you have picked the spider, take the gun outside and remove the bug chamber and release the spider.

What happens when you vacuum a bug?

Almost every spider sucked into a home vacuum cleaner will die—either immediately, from the trauma through the machine’s narrow tubes, or eventually, from thirst.

Let’s see how the bug catcher vacuum traps the bug through this video:

Vacuuming up these bugs helps kill those that are within view, but does nothing for those hiding in cracks, crevices and shoes inside the closet. To control the population of bug and spider inside the home, vacuum up visible webs and spider eggs. Keep the home clutter free and clean.

Final Words

You can avoid any types of creepy bugs using this all types of Bug Catcher Vacuum. The above all vacuum will be suitable for mostly all types of commercial places. But it’s good to consult a professional bug control technician for tips on going bug controls that you are not able to handle alone.

As all vacuum bug catchers comes in long plastic tube to catch the vacuums, you should wear gloves for some safety process. There may be possibility of this bug escaping and there is chance of bug or spider bites on you. Also this vacuum bug catchers just catch this bug, they doesn’t kill them. So when you are releasing out the bugs, make sure you are in some watery place to release the creatures.

Apart from these, vacuum bug catcher is a treasure for your home to keep away the bugs, spiders and insects. You can be happy for the penny spent on these vacuum bug catchers. If you are having any queries regarding this bug catcher vacuum you can feel free to ask us through the comment section below.


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