The iPhone 7 is now a most popular mobile phone and the most wanted Phone so far, because of their special features and their quality. The iPhone 7S has become the wide popular in the world by the richness in the mobile phone. The brand Apple has become the wide growth in the world and it attracts all the people by its richness, the price of the iPhone 7 is very high because of the product awareness on it, is increasing every day.


In order to keep your iPhone safe you need to but the cover which protects and choose the iPhone because once it is collapsed or broken your money will be waste. In order to avoid certain condition you need to buy a suitable case to protect your iPhone. There are various types and model of IPhone cover that suits your mobile, according to your preference you can chose your case.

There are different cases available; if you are the great fan of iPhone you might be available of iPhone and their features. If you notice phones the mobile suits by the dimension according, iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But an iPhone 7 case will cover up the headphone jack on your iPhone 6 or 6s, where your iPhone 6s cover does not help iPhone 7. So based on the following review you can select your iPhone covers by their special features and specifications.

Best iPhone 7 Cases & Covers

NameKey FeatureMaterial 
JETechShock absorption technologyPC, TPU Check Price
TrainiumScratch resistantReinforced-TPU, PC Check Price
NeWisdomSandalwoodSoft Rubberized Wood Check Price
SilkPatent pending grip designPlastic/TPU Check Price
CoveryScratch resistant materialThick TPU Check Price
ZizoDispersion technologyTPU, Polycarbonate Check Price
DiztronicUser friendly TechnologyTPU Polymer Check Price
iVAPOTransparentTPU, Pliable Acrylic, Polycarbonate Check Price
SpigenAir-cushion technologyTPU, Polycarbonate Check Price
CoddycaseTPU slim crystalTPU, Aluminum Check Price
FYYRFID TechniquePremium PU leather Check Price
TotalleeHeadphone adaptersPolypropylene Plastic Check Price
HLCTDrop proofSilicone Sleeve Check Price
ElecForUDust absorberTPU Check Price

1. JETech Apple iPhone 7 Case Cover

JETech Apple iPhone 7 Case Cover

JETech Apple iPhone 7 Case Cover is specially designed for Apple iPhone. This cover is designed in 2016 for the purpose of the iPhone 7, it has the major special features of absorbing shocks, so that this case is more protective and safe to use by all.

JETech iPhone 7 case cover is 4.7 Inch, which is well suited in your hands and is simple to use. This case cover is more simple design but is safe to use with it. The JETech is made with PC and TPU fusion to offer full protection all around the device.

This product is highly qualified and also costs more by their certain technology and functionality. This protection around your device with the advanced shock absorption technology and air cushioned at 4 corners is very convenience to use by all.

  • Air cushioned
  • Sleek design
  • Shock absorption technology
  • Less scrach resistance

2. Trainium iPhone 7 Case, [Clarium Series]

Trainium iPhone 7 Case

Trainium Clear Protective Cases is very compatible for Apple iPhone 7 it is the premium protection for the iPhone mobile. It is provided by two layers; these two layers are used protection of the whole device which is featured as shock-absorbing frame, solid body.

The shock absorbing frame is used in the protection against the drops, and a solid body that protects against scrapes, bumps. To provide the device from the scrapes the following technology should be followed in maintaining in the iPhone cases shock absorbing, scratch resistant, hard back polycarbonate panel.

This Trainium Clear Protective Cases was also designed in 2016 in order to protect the iPhone 7 save and protective, it is a slim, transparent protective bumper case body which is highly safe from shock resistance. This case has a life time warranty system, because of its certain features and its protection functions.

Trainium Clear Protective Cases is produced to wrap around your phone with comfortable without hindering the other protective functionality of the mobile.

  • Shock absorbing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Hard back polycarbonate panel
  • Need long press to power button

3. NeWisdom iPhone 7 Stylish Case, [Nature Series]

NeWisdom iPhone 7 Stylish Case

Unique Slim Soft Rubberized Wood Cover is a iPhone 7 case cover which is more stylish, soft with its unique style and is genuine in its character. It is made from the natural wood layer over soft TPU rubber. This rubber wood is very good for health it does not affect the device from any shock and is shock resistance material.

Unique Slim Soft Rubberized Wood Cover is a well designed pattern with its unique features and characters. This case cover is a very thin and is handy. Unique Slim Soft Rubberized Wood Cover has a good grip and fits the iPhone well into the and does not hinder the other protective case buttons responsive, easy to put on and off as well.

This wooden cover is not stretchable and also you do not bend it too hard in order to avoid the breakage of the natural wood cover. It is best to use the screen protector to protect the drops. This Slim Soft Rubberized Wood Cover can be given as a gift to friends, relatives for their birthday or other functions.

  • Protective
  • Sandalwood
  • Soft Rubberized Wood
  • Less bumper

4. Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case Black Onyx

Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case

Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case the Base Grip case for iPhone 7 by Silk provides, it is designed as the slim fit and is light in weight. It is used as grip base for the iPhone 7 and is very protective. This grip base protects the phone with the security and also protects your device from drops, and scratches.

The grip base of your cover will secure the connection to your phone in any satiation and condition. It provides a durable and ultra-light construction which keeps your phone thin and protected. It includes a scratch-resistant screen for the protector layer film.

Silk iPhone 7 Grip Case is featured by a patent pending grip design with highly textured edges to keep your phone more secured in your hands it may in wet or dry conditions. It is patented by the air cushioned corners which provide, absorb and disperse shocks away from phone while also the flat screen provides your phone from the drops.

The case cover is designed by a natural throw buttons to maintain the phone’s tactile, this design carefully covers all the buttons and then protects your iPhone from dust and drops and allow the phone to response quickly. While all ports are easily accessible, this case is more comfortable and allows the ports to work properly.

  • Absorb shock
  • Ultra-light construction
  • Patent pending grip design
  • Bit slippery

5. Covery iPhone 7 Case, Soft TPU Slim Fit Protective

Covery iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, Covery Soft TPU Slim Fit Protective Crystal Clear Case is designed by the TPU slim fit protective crystal clear case with the absorption transparent back cover, it is measured as 4.7 inch in dimension and is constructed in 2016 for the purpose of iPhone 7.

TPU Slim Fit Protective Crystal Clear Case is a semi-inclusive Case which is made of thick TPU, high quality material and is easier to use and fit and makes the phone case comfortable and durable without any damage in it. The cost of the material is also high by the material used in it.

It is a crystal clear and transparent mobile phone, and is 360˚ round and full protection for your mobile phone because of the types of construction. The case is in “S” design, the functionality and the operation of the case cover is more comfortable. The texture and the cover is high quality with competitive price and is scratch resistance material.

The TPU Slim Fit Protective Crystal Clear Case cover is easy to access to all buttons and ports, charging without removing the case from the mobile phone it also protects the screen and the mobile camera. The case cover is provided with 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.

  • Drop proof
  • Highly functional
  • Scratch resistant material
  • Too thick over controls

6. Zizo Static Cover for iPhone 7 Case

Zizo Static Cover for iPhone 7 Case

Zizo Static Cover for iPhone 7 Case is a static cover for the iPhone 7; it is the shockproof mobile model. It is the stylish phone mobile with sleek case and protects the mobile from the scratches, drops etc, and has high durability by the quality of the materials. It is well molded product which ultimately protects the mobile from the damage and is trendy. It is provided by the TPU and pc hybrid cover

The Zizo Static Cover for iPhone 7 Case is a static cover uses the impact dispersion technology. This technology is used for the better quality of the mobile and it’s highly protection process and does not get any of the damage in your mobile. The case cover is tested and proved for the military grade drop- 810-g compliant.

The cover is reinforced on both the sides to ensure the durability and the production of the product. The openings of the protector case allow and access to all controls and features on the phone. The cover is well packed in high quality poly bag packing.

  • Stylish
  • Military grade drop- 810-g compliant
  • Dispersion technology
  •  Stiffer type inner

7. Diztronic iPhone 7 Case, Pixlee Soft Touch

Diztronic iPhone 7 Case

Diztronic Pixlee Soft Touch Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case is the Custom-fit Apple iPhone 7 Case by Diztronic, Its construction is a peace of mind which offers to increased drop protection with an easy to hold and is a slim fit and light weight materials.

The Diztronic Pixlee Soft Touch Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case provides a new fluid motion button design this construction is a true and is easy to tactile. The case is designed as lay-on-the-table design which helps and protects the display from damage when placed face down. It also provides unique pixlee laser pattern back which is very to provide security.

The Diztronic Pixlee Soft Touch Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case is manufactured from the high grade shock-absorbing TPU polymer to protect the phone from any miss behavior and the missing of the phone. It also enables user friendly Technology, which brings the case more compactable and easy in using the phone.

  • Flexible
  • Shock-absorbing
  • User-friendly Technology
  • Little taller lip

8. iVAPO iPhone 7 Case, [Crystal Series]

iVAPO iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, iVAPO Transparent Clear iPhone 7 Cover is the specialized designed and is provided with the enhanced grip case which is softer, slim and is provided with the protective air space in it. The four corners are well cushioned so that it fits into the hand more comfortably, and is handy. The case is provided by the touchable and substantial material with a sleek design which is comfortable and handy easy and easy gripping.

It is specialized by an eye-catching design which is more practical and fashionable and attracts the eyes to the buyers. It is designed by the anti-stretch TPU which is highly durable and absorbs the impact from the mobile. IPhone 7, iVAPO Transparent Clear iPhone 7 Cover is designed in the year of 2016.

It is constructed by the sense of metallic nature which makes your case more versatility. This nature provides the cover case from the shock. IPhone 7, iVAPO Transparent Clear iPhone 7 Cover has the lifetime warranty because of its best quality system and the material of the products.

  • Slim fit
  • Eye-catching design
  • Transparent
  • Too tight to in/out

9. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case is a crystal clear phone with the air cushioned corner on both the sides which is well easy to carry and is safe for the phone when it is dropped down. It is the protection as same as the jet black iPhone 7. The size of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case is length 0.79 inch, width 3.74 inch, height 7.48 inches and is a low weight; which is very comfortable and easy to carry.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Case cover was introduced in the year 2016. It is made for the purpose of handy and safe, it is highly durable which is made from the high quality and is flexible. It has inserted the application of hassle-free which is able to feel soft and comfortable.

The case cover is constructed by the raised lips to protect camera from damaging and provided with the back protection to provide the mobile from the damage when fallen. The mil-grade protection with air-cushion technology for all corners which protects the iPhone from the any misbehavior and is very well comfortable to fit inside the hand.

The Hybrid drop protection technology is very useful and innovative that it provides the iPhone from falling down the floor smoothly.

  • Hassle free
  • Air-cushion technology
  • Hybrid drop protection technology
  • Not dust proof

10. Coddycase iPhone 7 Case 2 in 1 Hybrid Hard Back Case Cover

Coddycase iPhone 7 Case

Coddycase 2 in 1 Hybrid Hard Back Case Cover for iPhone 7 is manufactured by a very attractive color which tends more ladies to buy the product. It is the natural handmade product which protects the screen very well by its largest protecting case. The dimension of the Coddycase 2 in 1 Hybrid Hard Back Case Cover Size is length 7.26 inches, width 0.45 inches, height 3.26 inches, which is more comfortable and easy to carry.

Coddycase 2 in 1 Hybrid Hard Back Case is featured by a Ghostek’s explosion proof technology which does not allow current to pass through and is shock resistance and water resistance and is able to protect the mobile from the heat, this screen protector is proved to a best screen protector, which does not allow the mobile to cause damage.

This case cover is constructed by the full TPU slim crystal clear body and aluminum frame which is very safe and protective to use and the cover the mobile phone and shows more richness by the presence of the stylish colors. This case cover provides the protection of the iPhone from the damage and easy access by their structure of the cover for the functioning of all the ports and jacks.

The Hybrid Hard Back Case Cover is very stylish and does not show the bulky in it. It maintains the protections against iPhone while it is fitted into the case. It is designed by the shock absorbent design which reduces the heat and shocks over the mobile frame, and does not cause any impact over the phone.

  • Shock resistance
  • TPU slim crystal
  • Hybrid Hard Back Case
  • Fingerprints

11. FYY iPhone 7 Case, [RFID Blocking wallet]

FYY iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, FYY Handmade iPhone 7 Wallet Case is purely the 100% handmade mobile cover which is rose gold in color and is very attractive to use and feels some richness in it, it is wallet case stand cover which is very safe for the mobile phone to use. The dimension of the product is measured as 6 x 3 x 1 inches.

The product of the material is made is very quality concern product of top quality is used which is made with premium PU leather and is 100% handmade product so that it is constructed by the safe protecting process. The wallet cover has multiple functions; this process enables the one of the Kickstand functions which is useful for watching movie and video chatting and can easily access all the ports and provides for comfortable with the wallet cover.

The handmade cover uses the RFID Technique which is extended as Radio Frequency Identification technology, through the radio signals it helps in identifying certain data and to read the data from far. The wallet cover holds large space in it while we can store Card slots and Note Holder provides, debit card, credit card, ID card this can be kept on the cover and is easy to access.

In most of the Debit Cards, Credit Card, ID Cards are set in the RFID chip, the RFID reader can easily read the cards information from the far of 10 feet distance which is nearly 3m without even touching them. This handmade cover case is designed to protect your cards information from stealing with blocking material of RFID shielding technology.

  • Portable
  • RFID shielding
  • FYY Handmade
  • Tight credit card slots

12. Totallee iPhone 7 Case, Thinnest Cover totallee The Scarf (Black)

Totallee iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, Thinnest Cover is the ultra thin premium case cover, black in color which shows more stylish look in it its thickness is only 0.02 inches which is a very slim cover and is with low weight. It does not look bulky. It is very slim so that it is well fitted in the hand and is very comfortable to use.

It is very elegant to look by their appearance and most of the men’s tends to buy this product. It is very handy and is easy to hold the product and also can be kept in pocket which is a pocket size case cover. It is also provided by the extra grip so that it helps in preventing the phone from slipping out from the hand and yet the IPhone 7 Case, Thinnest Cover is very flexible and hard to use. . The slim design will work with all major brand screen protectors, headphone adapters and chargers.

IPhone 7 Case, Thinnest Cover is constructed by a high quality polypropylene plastic which is very smooth and stylish and provides a grip for the hand from falling it is provided by an anti-slip feature. It is glass like appearance made of semi transparent, through material which shows off the phone’s original design and shows its brand which is very elegant, rich and cool in their look.

The case cover is provided by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 90 day warranty from a California based company from where the quality can be trusted. The cover uses the protection free technology which prevents the mobile from scratches and bumps. It also has extra space in the case which is not added bulk of typical iPhone cases.

  • Slim design
  • Anti-Scratch Protective
  • Headphone adapters
  • No drop proof

13. HLCT iPhone 7 Case, Rugged Shock Proof

HLCT iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, HLCT Rugged Shock Proof Dual-Layer Case is Rochester based product, This HLCT case cover is manufactured in New York specially designed for a perfect fit for Apple iPhone 7, it is designed to be a drop proof, shockproof iPhone 7 case, which does not allow electric current to pass through and also protects us from the heat and is shock resistance. The Product is measured as 5.7 x 2.9 x 0.5 inches and the item Weights to1.4 ounces.

The HLCT Rugged case is with comfortable and portable charging ports, audio ports for speaker cut-outs and buttons and it is very easy to access and is comfortable to use. The case is made with a high grade flexible shock absorption inner gel silicone sleeve is shock resistance and absorbs all the bad conductors in it.

The case is constructed by a kickstand which is easy to access and lets you to watch movies and in free hands and easy than other cases, it has high durable because of their quality. This case is specially designed for iPhone 7 in the year 2016 and is more compatible. This product has 100% warranty based on customer satisfaction.

  • Drop proof
  • Shock Protective
  • Compatible
  • Heavy to hold

14. ElecForU iPhone 7 Case [Full Body Clear]

ElecForU iPhone 7 Case

IPhone 7 Case, ElecForU Soft TPU Protective Clear Case Cover is a full body cleared cover which uses the technology of TPU soft protective, which is highly soft and is catchy. This case cover is very compatible to use and is handy. This is specially designed for Apple iPhone 7 4.7 inch. The size of the product is measured as 7 inches, 4.5 inches, and 0.75 inches by their length, width and height, and weights to 3.2 ounces.

IPhone 7 Case, Elector Soft TPU Protective Clear Case Cover is made from the high quality material of TPU material, which is highly durable and is flexible. The case cover is provided by a full protection design covers at every corner, which is more flexible and does not provide damage and provided with a strap hole on the side which is very easy for carry.

It is constructed by a special bubble design on four corners which is an anti-shock and scratch resistant for small drops. It is provided with a better protection product. This product has a life time warranty by their quality of their product and has free life time customer service.

The Package of IPhone 7 Case, Elector Soft TPU Protective Clear Case Cover includes TPU clear case, wet/dry wipes, dust removal sticker, dust absorber, screen protector, microfiber cloth, with the 0.33mm tempered glass. This is highly resistance and qualified product.

  • Durable
  • Dust absorber
  • Bubble design
  • No scratch resistant


IPhone is a quality product and it is highly rich product, it cannot be brought again and again in order to protect this iPhone you need to use a valuable case cover with the advanced technology in it. This case cover must suit your iPhone and must me more protective also it must be stylish to use, so from the above review you can chose your iPhone case and satisfy your needs.


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