What would you do if you are hijacked or what if you are into the trap of muggers, rapists, vicious animals or carjackers? Escaping from them is not that much easy and there would be a lot of problems in it.


Safety is important for everyone. Pepper Spray is one of the treasure while it comes in protecting your from any dangerous victims.  Pepper Spray is technically known as oleoresin Capsicum. Mostly all people like officers, work going peoples, College Students, law enforcements officers and many are having this pepper spray with them for their safety purpose.

Today let’s look some of the top most pepper spray gun everyone should have with them for their use during an emergency. The listed below pepper spray guns are ranked based on the popularity, Customer ratings, quality of the pepper spray gun and considering most important features.

Best Pepper Spray Guns for you

NameKey FeatureSpray Range 
SaltLockable Case5 feet Check Price
Sabre5 burst of protection10 feet Check Price
MaceStream Spray Pattern20 feet Check Price
Pepper Blaster IIProprietary Delivery System13 feet Check Price
VIPERTEKSafety Switch3 feet Check Price
JPXLiquid OC Capsaicin Pepper Gel23 feet Check Price

Check out the top and best picks of pepper spray guns below based on the customer’s rating and popularity.

1. Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun

This Salt Supply pepper spray gun helps you in any emergency and offers you the trust. This is a non lethal protection of pepper spray gun which has a tear gas and a traditional firearm for the long range production. You can use this pepper spray gun in offensive situations, used for short range and long range defense scenarios.

The one advantage here with the pepper spray gun is that , if there is an imperfect shot, the opposite in defense person cannot escape, because even the imperfect shot can cause temporary blindness, breathing difficulties and many more. X2 rounds of this pepper spray gun are filled with non lethal powdered pepper spray and with tear gas that is the reason for the temporary blindness.

This is pepper spray would be accurate and effective to use for short range and the long range. This has a 12g CO2 cartridge which can power up to three to seven round magazines; you will be able to shot for 21 rounds. Salt supply in the pepper spray gun explodes up to 5 feet cloud that can stay up to three to five minutes.

  • Lockable Case
  • Five year shelf life
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive

2. Sabre Ruger Pepper Spray Gun

Sabre Ruger Pepper Spray Gun

This Pepper spray gun from Roger contains 5 burst of protections facing many different types of threats that is occurring for you. The range protection is of 10 foot and this would be a safe distance.

It has cone based pepper spray gun covers with unique design that resembles a small firearm and that assist with proper focus. This is small in size but a powerful pepper spray gun. SABRE is filled into the spray gun. This is the most trusted pepper spray gun by lot of consumers and police globally.

This pepper spray eliminates 30% heat failure rate which are experienced with any other brands. This will ensure you that there are no failures in pepper spray gun.

  • 5 burst of protection
  • Maximum Stopping Power
  • Easily Reloadable
  • Difficult button options

3. Mace Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Pepper Spray Gun

Pepper spray gun from Mace provides you a lot of unique features when compared to other pepper spray gun. Being the safest product for you this can be the danger for the opposite victim. This consists of a led strobe light which will help you to activate the trigger.

It is pulled two times for the gun to spray it. You will also get the cartridges that can be replaceable and comes for life long. There is a water cartridge which will allow you to familiarize yourself which will match its limitation and capabilities.

The shooting range of the product is 20 foot range and helps you to dispense roughly with eight short bursts and a powerful and unique spray pattern is achieved. As it has a pistol grip, helps to burst it accurately and also helps you with the firm grip to avoid the dropping of your pepper spray gun. The number of shots will allow six to eight bursts.

  • Stream Spray Pattern
  • LED Strobe
  • Four years shelf life
  • Bit Too Big

4. Pepper Blaster II Kimber – Red

Pepper Blaster II Kimber – Red

The pistol grip used in Kimber Pepper Blaster comes in ergonomic grip which has its both rear and front sights so that the attackers are not able to move. The powerful pepper mixture into the gun is used to anticipate the attackers for more than thirty to one hour.

There is another reverse shot where the OC mixture is discharged at ninety mph.  This should be properly disposed once after the use of the pepper spray gun. This can’t be usable again.

The important thing in this Kimber Pepper Blaster Red is that it is used to anticipate the attackers so that you can escape from them easily. It weighs about 0.6 pounds and Two shots are possible with this pepper blaster. There is no chance of blowback while using this kimber pepper blaster for attacking your enemies.

  • Proprietary Delivery System
  • No Blowback
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Need to trigger more



This is a rechargeable weapon to safeguard you easily in any emergency. This is simple to operate. Just fire it in the air; this will stop your attacker. This creates a strong electric sound while firing due to the pulsation of the bright electric current over it.

Anyone who hears this sound will stop by. Still if your attackers come away you can focus the gun over the attacker. This will deliver a electrical voltage which will produce a high voltage shock. This will cause the muscle to stop by and cause confusion among the attacker. They will imbalance and disorient the attacker. By this time you can escape from the place.

The manual itself will contain the procedure neatly about using the power gun and how to maintain the charge and how you can prevent from the damage of the burst from sparking in the air. There are two buttons in addition to prevent the discharges that happens accidentally. You can easily turn it on and use it to the attackers when you need to attack.

  • User-friendly handle
  • Safety Switch
  • Simple Operation
  • Dim flashlight

6. JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

This is one of the top and best Professional security guard equipment pepper spray guns to attack your attackers on your opposite direction. This is mostly used by police officers, military personnel and in jails for the effective performance.

Consist of four cartridges that are reloadable with four shots which can deliver the spray at 405 MPH from the gun nozzle.

There is a slight chance for the blowback, but 85 percentage blows back is not possible. The sound created during this process is very scary that will itself make the attackers move from you and your surroundings.

The range of this spraying is 23 feet and they use the primers for the delivery system. This can keep your attackers stable in the place for more than 45 minutes or an hour.

  • Liquid OC Capsaicin Pepper Gel
  • Hard plastic case
  • Easy to operate and reload
  • Bulky

Final Words

Using this type of pepper spray gun is easy and simple to operate too, but you should get the right pepper spray gun for you. When you buy some particular type of pepper spray guns you have to look for the manuals about using it, if you think you can be able to track it easier and handle it then you can go for it.

You may buy the hottest and the perfect pepper spray gun for you. What if you do not know how to use it or how to aim it? It will not help you to face the attackers. Also check for the pepper spray laws for your country, state or place and then get it. Some type of pepper spray gun would be against law if you use it.

Look for the OC percentage, SHU rating, CRC rating and MC rating for a powerful pepper spray gun while you get it. Also look for the factors like how much range the pepper spray gun is able to spray, what are the strengths of the pepper gun spray, what are the safety features, size, price and the brand you are getting from.

Feel free to share your ideas and tips on this topic with us, if you have any doubts or queries regarding any listed pepper gun spray, you can reach us through the comment section below. Do share the best picks of pepper spray guns with your friends, family and colleagues for their safety in any emergency.