Whether hunting, or hiking or mountaineering, keeping a bear spray close at hand will help you from bear attacks. Bear Spray is the most effective means of repelling an attacking and aggressive black bear in a non-toxic, non-lethal manner. Bear spray attacks the bear’s eyes and upper respiratory system, causing intense burning and giving you the best chance to escape.

 Bear spray comes out from the canister at over 70 mph, so it is likely be effective even under windy conditions. Bear spray is strictly a deterrent, not a repellent; so just make use of it only during an encounter with an aggressive bear.

It is specially intended to be used to deter a charging bear. This bear spray has three main components which are a potent wax-like extract from a pepper plant, a fluid to dilute it and a strong propellant to force the mixture out of a canister. As fast as the trigger is pushed, the canister will shoot a roughly 25-foot-long cone of spray into the air.

Here I’ve picked the Top 10 Bear Sprays for you! I’ve researched more than 50 products and shortlisted the great 10 on the basis of customer reviews, quality, canister ability, speed range, durability etc.

Top 10 Bear Sprays[Reviewed]

Name DurationRange 
Sabre Frontiersman9 sec35 feet Check Price
UDAP 18HP7 sec35 feet Check Price
Counter Assault9.2 sec12-32 feet Check Price
Guard Alaska9 sec15-20 feet Check Price
Mace6 sec bursts Up to 35 feet Check Price
Ruger RB01009.2 sec20 feet Check Price
UDAP4 sec30 feet Check Price
Guard Alaska 9oz.9 sec15-20 feet Check Price
Dragon8 secUp to 10 feet Check Price
7 sec15-20 feet Check Price

#1. Best Overall- Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster

The Frontiersman bear spray is a powerful solution, besides bear spray, Sabre is one of the world’s top seller for pepper spray. By considering EPA guidelines, this bear spray holster contains the most powerful formula of 2% major Capsaicinoids in this industry. This makes it one of the most effective bear sprays out there. 

What makes bear spray effective? The higher volume of capsaicin, which is an active compound of chilli peppers, the more effective the spray is. So Frontiersman tops our list because it can reach up to 30-35 feet with a single spray, this is impressive when compared to other bear sprays.

The bear spray frontiersman comes in two sizes, a 7.9 ounce can and a 9.2 ounce can. The 7.9 oz has a range of 30ft, while the 9.2 oz has a range of 35 feet. The free bear spray holster allows the user to fluidly fire the spray for the hip for suddenly attacking the bears.

Frontier bear spray is available in belt holster and chest holder options, with no Velcro closures or cumbersome straps so it can disturb the bear as you try to access the spray. Choose Frontiersman… Because it’s the best bear spray which comes with comfortable holsters and other convenient options.

It’s one of the fantastic bear sprays for hiking, backpacking, and also for runners because this frontiersman spray is very effective. This is a compact bear spray so you can consider a little more weight to feel safer.

  • 35 foot maximum range
  • Comes with a holster
  • Glow in the dark safety
  • Container can be cumbersome if the holster isn’t used

#2. UDAP 18HP Super Magnum Bear Spray

A bear spray that has been registered under EPA is always effective, so that I’ve picked this product and ranked #2 in our list. UDAP bear spray is one of the most popular brands which is currently out there on market. The canister contains 13.4 ounces of bear repellent, so you’ll never run out of bear defense.

This UDAP bear spray has been designed to spray a maximum of 35 feet. Its 2.0% major capsaicinoid concentration makes it strong and effective than other bear sprays. The maximum spray time of UDAP Super Magnum is 7 seconds but when compared to Counter Assault it is 3 seconds shorter, but that is fine.    

When you look for the best bear spray on amazon, definitely this product will stand high. It has a wide range which will give you a plenty of room to use the spray safely in case of any attack. There is a lightweight canister for easy handling.

Some sprays deliver a narrow fog of pepper spray, but the UDAP brand sprays a high volume blast of highly concentrated sprays and deploys a dense fog. With the help of this feature, the bear won’t be able to come near you because as soon as you spray even a little bit, the cloud can form immediately.

If you use it correctly, it is an extremely effective deterrent against overly aggressive or attacking bears, just make sure you have a spray like UDAP to protect yourself wherever you go.

  • Quick volume delivery
  • Maximum EPA stipulated CRC of 2.0%
  • Can create the fog very quickly
  • Trigger doesn’t allow for easy burst firing

#3. Counter Assault Bear Deterrent

Counter Assault is one of the best brands in producing pepper spray for bears. They are known for their high-quality of production and for its effectiveness in deterring and stopping bear attacks.

Do you look for an effective bear deterrent? Is it hard to pick the right one from different brands? I recommend you to pick the Counter Assault Bear Deterrent as it has been tested and proved to be the best on many occasions.

This brand got registered by EPA and produced two different sizes of bear spray, an 8.1oz can and 10.02oz can. This bear spray repellent has 2% capsaicin that’s why it is ranked at the top list of bear sprays. One of the significant key features of this bear spray is the length of its reach.

The spray can go as far as 32 feet, which is necessary to control your furry attacker. It easily reaches up to 32 feet and can spray for a continuous 9.2 seconds in the 290g canister. It’s a great tool for hikers when they go for a bear country; this bear spray comes with a sturdy belt holster for quick and easy access.

This bear spray doesn’t drain easily so it is useful for women, runners, and hikers; also there is a safety cap that prevents accidental discharges while you’re walking or trekking.  Counter is the favorite brand for campers, this formula also offers the highest percentage of capsaicin allowed by the FDA. This large can is the best value for money which offers an excellent value.

  • Large volume of spray
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Safety cap included for accidental discharges
  • The holster is a bit tight

#4. Guard Alaska Bear Spray

Guard Alaska ultra hot bear spray is one of the most effective and powerful bear defense spray available today. Do you love to go for an adventurous trip? But if there are many bears around, then it’s better to have a can of bear spray with you. It’s the best compact bear pepper spray that can help you stay safe in any situations.  

A 9 ounce canister of this spray is capable of covering 15-20 feet of distance, it comes with an own holster and belt clip for the user’s convenience. This is the best duration when compared to other brands. It is actually the longest spraying bear spray when compared to size of the can in ounces. This is an EPA registered bear spray which is not only effective but also environmentally friendly. 

Alaska Bear repellent spray must be kept with every hunter, hiker, or fisherman in the bear country. Its 20 feet range will deter bears and other harmful animals instantly. This high volume bear spray comes in two packages: one for the product and the other for a holster featuring a nylon sleeve with Velcro closure and belt hook.  

This bear spray is perfect for campers and hunters because they may travel to different camp sites, some places have wild dogs and coyote while others have mountain lion and bear so it’s better to take Guard Alaska with you. It’s an affordable option when you need something to keep your wallet from sinking.

  • Comes with a holster
  • Great hand trigger
  • Environmentally safe
  • Strength of the repellent is low

#5. Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray

Mace is the powerful self-defense spray, having a bear defense spray on hand will help you protect from encounters with the wild bears or other animals. This spray delivers a powerful blast and can stop a bear in its tracks up to 30 feet away. It has a powerful fog and 2% capsaicin will help you in case of any dangerous situation.

The bear spray comes in a compact canister, if you prefer a small pepper spray then this would be the right choice. It is light in weight so you can carry easily even without a holster. A defensive spray can work best if you hold it properly that’s the great benefit the Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray can give to its users. It can easily fit into your backpack as it is light in weight also.   

This Bear Mace spray has the same effective Oleoresin Capsicum active ingredient as many other traditional sprays meant to prevent human attacks. A lightweight holster is provided for quick, easy access to the spray, it is made in U.S.A also the repellent is made from the highest level of capsaicin concentration.

This 9oz repellent canister provides 6 one-second bursts of self defense; it sprays in a fog pattern and will create a cloud of pepper spray around the bear to stop its aggressiveness. Get this product and protect yourself from bear attacks.

  • Powerful spray
  • Looped handle makes it easy to grab
  • Reaches upto 30 feet
  • Doesn’t come with holster

#6. RUGER RB0100 Bear Pepper Spray 

The Ruger Bear Pepper Spray is packed compactly in a 9 oz can, so it’s easy to take it anywhere also this repellent helps to defend you against a variety of bears. This bear spray from Ruger is ideal for use on multiple bears in one shot.

It releases a full 9.2 seconds of continuous spray and reaches ranges up to 20 feet. The canister’s solution is dispersed in a fog cloud pattern to maximize effectiveness. This spray is designed with a fog pattern so the cloud penetrates even the wet fur to provide better protection in all kind of scenarios. 

The spray range is 20 feet which can keep you at sufficient distance from the attacking bear. Protect yourself from dangers of the outdoors when camping or hiking or hiking with the Ruger Bear Repellent of 9 ounces.

This spray is ideal for multiple bears because the 9 oz canister offers up to 9.2 seconds of continuous bear spray. It is also a great bear spray for wetter environments, such as the Pacific Northwest, because it is capable of penetrating wet fur to still have the desired effect.

Every bear spray also features a different duration of spray. Some last from 4 to 6 seconds while others last as long as 7 to 9 seconds. Obviously , a longer spray will give you more chance to deter a charging animal, but it’s more important to make sure your can is EPA-approved so that you can trust that all its features have been thoroughly tested to work efficiently and effectively.

  • Fog cloud spray pattern
  • Penetrates wet fur
  • 9 ounces of product
  • No holster included

7. UDAP Bear Spray Safety Orange with Color Griz Guard Holster

The UDAP 12HP bear spray comes with a hip holster and has 2% capsaicin content. It is a leading brand in personal safety. The maximum range you can expect this spray to reach is 30 feet. Its glow in the dark safety clip reduces the risk of accidental discharge.

It comes with a quick access holster which you can get in variety of colors. The spray works great on all types of bears also against mountain lions so you’ll be protected from the big attacks.

The UDAP spray is good in quality like other sprays; it just weighs 7.9 ounces and is the lightest product in the smallest canister. This may make the spray more appealing to those who need to pack light on mountaineering trips or joggers who want to run while carrying the spray in their hand.

The hard plastic snap holster is more accessible and well designed, it’s a bear deterrent which comes with a stylish camouflage hip holster also has a high concentration of capsaicinoid as the active ingredient. It works as a single shot as opposed to a wide radius of fog which may last around 4 seconds.  

A holster is included with this canister; in addition to this it is also equipped with a glow in the dark safety cap to allow visibility at night. It is highly effective as it may cause immediate irritation to the bear’s nose, eyes, and lungs. When you go for mountain biking or hiking, take this amazing bear spray with you to protect yourself from the aggressive bear.

  • Non-flammable
  • Works on all bear species
  • Powerful dispersion
  • Difficult to remove

#8. Guard Alaska 9 oz. Bear Spray Repellent & Pepper Enforcement Metal Belt Clip Holster

Guard Alaska was researched and tested for six years in the Alaska wild, and it is the first bear repellent registered with the EPA as a repellent effective against ALL bears. 

This Guard Alaska Pepper Defense spray is a 9 ounce canister with a belt clip to make it easier to carry with you. It comes in a pack of two, 9 ounce bottle which also includes a holster with a belt clip for one of the best rated bear spray options. It’s registered with EPA to be effective against all bears.

It includes one Guard Alaska 9 oz. bear repellent spray canister (4 year shelf life) as well as one Pepper Enforcement metal belt clip holster. Fogger delivery system sprays 15-20 feet quickly against the attacking bear for maximum effectiveness.  Releases full 9 ounces of spray protection in 9 seconds, or may be fired in bursts.

This fog style spray covers the area more effectively but if there is a lot of wind in that area it can cause a blow back. The safety cap ensures you won’t fire it by accident and the case itself holds the spray secure. Check the bear spray in action to get away from the attacks.

With just 1.34% capsaicinoid formula, it has enough power to scare off anything but still it’s considered to be environmentally safe. It’s the only made spray to repel all bear species.  Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances – Only EPA approved bear spray effective against ALL bear species. Be safe and protect yourself with Guard Alaska. 

  • Great product
  • Works well
  • Safe to use
  • Spray distance is less

#9. Dragon Fire Repellent

The Dragon Fire Repellent comes in a two pack which offers a powerful 19% OC solution within a compact, easy-to-canister. This makes it an ideal spray for anyone which means you need not carry a bulky canister around every time they trod into a bear country.

If you want an extreme power in a compact package, then the Dragon Fire Repellent weighs only half an ounce and can stop the bear from over 10 feet away. With its handy keychain attachment, you can take it with you wherever you go without carrying it in your hands. The Dragon Fire Repellent offers a maximum spray range of up to 10 feet and packs up to 12 sprays.

This product is also manufactured in USA and comes with a keychain attachment which makes it easily accessible within a second. It’s a perfect spray for women and daughters to carry for self defense as well as animal repellent.

If you are looking for an effective bear spray to keep in home that you will use need to scare a bear off your property, a smaller can with less range is likely fine.

If a bear is near you,  all you need to do is get a better dose of bear spray near the animal from the safety of your cracked door or window and then retreat inside your residence; the animal will leave without further incident, even if it was not directly struck in the face. A can of Dragon bear spray is a reliable way to ward off the animal and keep you safe.

  • Great value for money
  • Sprays consistently
  • Switch is too easy to twist
  • Not very effective

#10. UDAP Bear Sprays w/ Holsters 12VHP

This bear spray is very easy to use and it is highly accurate. It can reach up to 30 feet also it is equipped with a quick release safety cap. It is one of the trusted bear spray products developed by a bear attack survivor. The spray is accurate and has a range of 15 to 20 feet also contains a good amount of mace.

UDAP bear spray comes with a holster so you have easy access and can grab the canister whenever you need. This spray is designed to penetrate the wettest of fur but make sure you hit the bear directly in the face. The 7.9 ounce can deliver an excellent and effective dense fog as it is developed by the bear attack survivor; it has an excellent choice and value.  

This spray consists of a super-hot, oil-based formula that instantly affects eye, nose and lung tissue to stop a charge. This formula is non-lethal, EPA registered and tested to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It also is equipped with a quick release safety cap. A hip holster is included. Spray canister is 7.9 ounces.

You can use this bear spray at any climatic conditions, it can be useful even if you are hiking in a cold weather so don’t worry about whether or not the spray will work. Unlike some brands, this spray deploys a concentrated, dense fog that covers a broader area in a shorter period of time, which means more protection for you.

  • Sprays fast
  • Comes with a holster
  • Sprays upto 30 feet
  • It doesn’t last long

Why bear spray?

Bear spray for black bears is the most effective means of repelling a grizzly or black bear in a non-toxic, non-lethal manner. You can use bear spray only when you encounter an aggressive bear that is charging towards you.

Take your bear spray with you at all times when you’re in bear country. Keep it easily accessible for you, like in a holster by your side. Just practice using your bear spray and get comfortable with it.  

What is in bear spray?

Pepper spray and bear sprays are not the same although they’ve been derived from Oleoresin capsicum.

Some of the bear spray ingredients are OC, base fluid, and aerosol propellant. Base fluid is smoothly mixed with the OC to dilute it, it’s an oil based ingredient. The aerosol is used to eject the ingredients; these three main ingredients are gently packed into a canister with a trigger to avoid unwanted sprays. The spray should last atleast 8 seconds and the pattern should be cloud or cone. 

Pepper Spray Vs Bear Spray

Bear deterrent is quite like a pepper spray, it is a special type of pepper spray designed to work against bears. All bear sprays are pepper ones, but not all pepper sprays are intended for bears.

One of the common features of these both is, it contains Oleoresin capsicum which is an irritating substance found in peppers. From the bear spray reviews, it is clear that it has a much lower concentration of OC compound, but if you’re a hiker or a camper, then buy some bear spray for self defense.

Pepper spray is a self defense weapon intended to incapacitate human threats also it’s highly effective. It’s quite easy to pick bear sprays because it will be clearly written on the bottle as bear repellent, bear deterrent, or for stopping charging or attacking bears. The EPA has registered bear sprays only with the concentration not exceeding 2%, whereas pepper sprays used against dogs or humans have 10%.

Is Bear Pepper Spray Effective?

Bear repellents are proved to be effective after testing it completely against the bears. This spray can affect the sight, smell and breathing of a bear also it’s doesn’t matter if it’s a black bear, grizzly bear or even a polar bear. But using a bear spray on humans will definitely have some burning and irritating effects.

 What does Bear Mace do to a Human?

Bear Mace contains as little as 20% of the oleoresin capsicum also this spray can cause irritation and mild burning. Bear mace is designed to deter bear but not cause it any harm or even long-term effects. On the other hand pepper spray is specifically designed to incapacitate an attacker.

How to use bear spray properly?

Heading into a bear country? Then it’s good to be prepared with safety measures, and bear spray. Bear spray is one of the effective deterrents of aggressive bears. Bear spray canisters come with a cable tie around a nozzle just cut off the canister before you take the canister anywhere.

Things you’ll need

Bear Spray Holster

Bear Canister

Steady nerves

#Tip 1: Practice without a Holster at First

It’s quite challenging to spray directly from the holster, once you’re comfortable with the holster then you can move on to spraying from the holster.

#Tip 2: Don’t Substitute the Holster with Something Else

It’s not good to put the spray in your pockets or backpack or any other place other than a holster. What’s the use of a holster? It is specially designed to provide easy access to the can. If a bear is nearby you then it could be dangerous to take the repellent from your pockets.

  • Position yourself

When the bear is near you, try to position yourself then get a sense of which way the wind is blowing. With this the wind takes the stream away from you and towards the charging bear. This will stop some of the spray into your face.

  • Keep your canister ready

Remove the canister from holster and make sure that the gun is pointing in the general direction of the bear. Sometimes unexpectedly wind may blow at an angle but focus on your aim so that the fog clouds will land where it is supposed to.

#Tip 3: Fire from a distance

When the bear is 30 or more feet away from you, then start spraying in a side-to-side motion while directing the can downwards. Choose a spray that can fire at least 6 seconds also this kind of spray is recommended for most environmental factors. If a bear is approaching you or charging you, use the spray to deter the bear.

How does bear spray work?

Bear spray is made of hot peppers which burn eyes, noses of bears that walk into mist sprayed from the container. The effective range varies from 18 to 30 feet, depending on the product you choose. The aerosol can shoot up to 8 meters though the spray is very effective at short range.

 To be more effective, bear spray has to hit the eyes and nose of the bear. If a bear comes near you just spray to deter the bear, in case if a bear continues to approach re-apply another 2 second burst. Bear spray is ideal for personal defense use while hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and biking, or whenever enjoying the great outdoors in bear country.

Accidental Contamination

The harmful inflammatory properties of the bear spray will affect humans in a similar way as it does bears. If a person is attacked by a bear spray it will irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose, and lungs which results in swelling. The eyes will close and tear, the nose will run profusely coughing will result.

To decontaminate from accidental contamination do the following

Just wash the affected area with chill water

Remove contact lenses

Be aware of hypothermia in cold conditions

Take a short shallow breaths to avoid breathing in spray

It may take some time from 15 to 20 minutes before relief from the symptoms are left. If the pain last for a long time then you need medical attention.

When to Replace Your Bear Spray Product?

If your bear spray has been discharged for any reason like left in extreme temperatures (above 50 degree Celsius or below freezing), or has passed its expiry date should be replaced.

Final Words

Bear spray is even more effective than a speeding bullet when it comes to defending yourself against the full charge of a grizzly at 35 miles per hour. Get the best Bear spray from the above list and stay safe!


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