Have you ever heard about glass break sensors? Yes. They are the advanced safeguarding equipment that can keep your accessories away from thieves.

Though there are traditional methods and electronic circuit systems to safeguard the things, they thieves can trap them easily. You can completely avoid this by using a glass break sensor.


Affording the best glass break sensor will keep your things for a long time. As there are many brands, you would feel hard to find the top products, and so I have come with a shortlist of best glass break sensors, Have a look at this article to know more about glass break sensors.

What is glass break sensor?

Before moving to the best products, it is important to know what a glass break sensor is?

Many thieves break out the windows and doors to enter into the houses. They do this job in a tricky way so that people within the houses cannot identify them. To avoid this and to safeguard the homes, experts have designed glass break sensors with them.

These sensors are simple, innovative devices designed with vibration detecting technology. With this, they identify thief especially within the windows doors. Further, they also activate the alarm signal, and so the people within the house get alerted about the thieves.

Further, some of the glass break sensors come with advanced function. They have the capability to send a message or phone call to the users. With this, the owners can get an instant alert on thieves and so they can take immediate safety measure to avoid them.

Benefits of glass break sensors

Moving to benefits, the glass break sensors are advantageous systems. They have many advantages with them. Some important benefits are listed below.


The important feature among all other is the durability. Mostly all the glass break sensors are designed with long lasting life. Their battery life may move off, but the performance offered by them can be maintained for a long time.

Extended battery life

All these devices have small battery cells for operation. Some system is equipped with an adapter to charge the batteries whereas some systems have replaceable battery setup. The battery life should be checked often and replaced. It increases the performance of the product for a long time.

Accurate alert

The sensors have the capability to detect the surrounding situations with thieves attack. The alarm does not ring unusually for simple winds and other factors that attack the windows. It determines unusual vibrations and alarms the users based on that. So that, the sensors offers accurate alert to the users.


Some sensors detect and transmit the updates through mobile phones. This wireless transmission acts as an additional advantage. With this, it increases various additional and adaptive functions to the people.

Easy to install

Mostly all these sensors are small products. They come with easy installation feature. This feature is efficient, and they offer better result compared to other products.

Top Best Glass Break Sensors

NameKey FeatureWeight 
Doberman SecurityVibration trigger technology2.4 ounces Check Price
Fortress Security StoreGSM control panel4.8 ounces Check Price
HoneywellLarge coverage area5.9 ounces Check Price
SabreRed warning sigh alert3.2 ounces Check Price
2gigDual shatter recognition8 ounces Check Price
Interlogix24-hour loop protection4.8 ounces Check Price
SimplisafeHigh quality sound alarm3.2 ounces Check Price
GE Security InterlogixWireless transmitters7.2 ounces Check Price
Honeywell AdemcoFlex audio principle3.2 ounces Check Price
DSCInbuilt sound alarm1.6 ounces Check Price

1. Doberman Security Model SE-0106

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is product.png

The glass break sensor system that ranks first in the list is the DOBERMAN SECURITY Model SE-0106 sensor system. It is an innovative system constructed with various advancements. Some important advantages of this system are listed below.

Vibration sensor

This security system has vibration sensors that can trap the things very quickly. Mostly thieves enter into the houses through the windows. For this, they have to break the glass doors of the windows or some doors. With this security system, you can get an immediate notification whenever the windows feel vibrations.

The vibration technology used within the product is perfectly tuned. It will never go off in any conditions, and it is climate resistant too. Further, this signal does not give any false alarm to the users. It senses the difference of vibration, and it activates only if the region feels any strong vibration signals.


As soon as the sensors detect vibration, they activate the alarm. This system uses a sound signal, and so it produces alarm sound off about 100db. As the decibel level is high, the signal reaches to everyone in the room, and so you can identify the thieves quickly.

Compact sensor

Further, the entire system is compact, and so you can place the product anywhere. You can use this product in the home, offices, garages, dorm rooms, etc. in addition to this, installing the product around the region is very simple. You can just peel off the top layer and stick the product to your desired destination.

Control switches

Various control features are also used within the product. These ON/OFF control element are used for determining the activation of the product. In addition to this, the product also has alarm control fact to control the alarm sound by the products.


Installing this product does not need any tools or other accessories. The entire product is durable, and it operates with 3-cell batteries. These three cell batteries are unique and they last long.


  • Unique ultra design
  • Vibration trigger technology
  • Built-in vibration sensor


  • Less battery time

2. Fortress Security Store (TM) Glass Break Sensor

Fortress Security Store (TM) Glass Break Sensor

The glass break sensor that ranks second in the list is Fortress Glass Break Sensor. It is a simple easy to use a sensor that has various advancements and developments with it. This safety device safeguards your house completely from thieves and other interpreters. Some important advantages of the product are.

Quick installation

You can place this mounting system on any glass products and things. This mounting system offers perfection to the users.It can be used both in the windows and in the place with essential accessories. Even, you can implement this product in Fortress safety.

Advanced technology

This system uses inbuilt technologies in it. The glass vibration sensor used within the product is linked directly to the GSM control panel. With this, whenever an alarm is triggered in the product, it sends an alert to the control panel. This control panel transmits this message as an SMS or phone call to the people.

No false alarm

By this, you can get an immediate alert that some outside person is trying to move into your secured place. Further, the sensor has the capability to avoid false alarms too. It can quickly detect and check out the vibrations caused by the wind and some environmental problems.

Wireless technology

In addition to this, the product communicates with the control panel with the help of wireless technology. Hence, there is less chance for the thieves to find the product. Installing this product in any place is a complicated process, and you need to refer the manual of the product.


  • Reliable technology
  • No false alarm
  • GSM control panel


  • Wired

3. Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector

Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector

The product that ranks third in the list is the Honeywell 5853 Wireless Glass Break Detector. It is an excellent product designed with GSM technology. The important feature of the product is.

GSM Technology

The GSM technology used within the sensors has wireless transmission and reception capability with it. With this, immediate alert signals are sent to the mobile phones of the owners. Further, this technology sends alert signals only when the sensors are active.

Coverage Area

The coverage area offered by this product is high when compared to others. It has 25-feet coverage area, and so any vibration within this region can be detected easily by these sensors. Further, it also produces instant alarm signal as soon as the vibration signals are detected.


This sensor is compatible with many devices. It operates by all versions of 5800 devices. Further, this product also works incompatible with all new technology devices too. So, this product offers complete convenience to the users.

Adjustable sensitivity

The sensitivity offered by the sensor can be adjusted easily based on the need of the user. Further, various other control features are also equipped with this product. Using these control functions, the owner can place the product as per as their need.


  • GSM technology
  • Large coverage area
  • Quick alert


  • False alarms

4. Sabre Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector

Sabre Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector

The next product in the list is the SABRE Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector. Some important features of this product are listed below.

Advanced sound alarm

The alert system used by this glass break sensor is the audio alarm system. The sound produced is in the range of 100 dB so that people within the house can get instant alerts once the alarm is ringing. It also reaches to the neighbors and the neighbors too can come for additional help and work.

Easy Installation

This glass break sensor comes with user-friendly installation feature. The installation is simple, and it can be done without any wiring and tools. In addition to this, the product is compact, and you can place them perfectly in any places around the region.

Sensitivity setting

Apart from this, the entire set-up has high or low sensitivity setting. It is an easy to use control option. The control signals offered by these products are high compared to others. Further, absolute sensitivity control provides accurate alerts. With this, you can neglect false alarm to a great extent.

Battery life

The battery life offered by this product is high and this lifetime offers durability. Further, the sensor also has low battery level indicator. This indicator is used for determining the battery life, and so you can replace them whenever needed.

LED lights

This product has a warning LED lights setup with it. The important purpose of these LED lights is to alert the thieves before entering into the house. Further, it also restricts them away from the house itself instead of breaking out into the houses.


  • 100dB sound
  • Red warning sigh alert
  • High/low sensitivity


  • Low sound alarm

5. 2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector ETL Listed

2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector ETL Listed

The 2gig GB1 Glass Break Detector is the top fifth product in the list. The specialty, of this sensor, is the technology. It has the capability not only to detect the vibration but also the sound of broken glass and disturbance.

Sound sensor

In addition to vibration sensor, the sound sensor is also used within the product. These sensors are durable, and they have the capability to track down the sound changes within the coverage area. Whenever they track the sound of breaking the glass, the system produces instant alarm sound to the users.


High-quality batteries are used within the product. These batteries are designed out of lithium material and so the lifetime of the batteries stay long compared to the conventional measures. The appropriate life of the batteries is about five years.

Dual shutter technology

This product also has dual shutter technology with it. With this technology, they can capture all the things perfectly within it. Further, the use of this technology offers complete convenience to the owners.

360 degrees range

The range offered by this product is high compared to others. Further, it also has complete 360-degree coverage mechanism with it. This 360-degree range detects even simple changes in the environment. So, it offers perfect and instant alert to the users.


  • Long lifespan
  • Lithium battery
  • Dual shatter recognition


  • Too much sensitive

6. Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector, White (5150W)

Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector

The next product in the list is the Interlogix Glassbreak Shock Detector. It is a simple, innovative product designed mainly to improve the security of houses and other places. Some important features of this product are.

Glass alert

This product offers broken glass alert to the users, and so even any slight variation within the coverage area can be intimated to the people. It detects all types of glasses, and so you can use it in every type, variety, and models of the system effectively.

24-hours protection

This product offers complete protection to the users. This complete protection offers better results to the people. Further, this detector also alerts you when you are out or when your in an outdoor environment.

No False Alarm

This sensor detects well, and so it avoids false alarm signals. The sensitivity of the product can be adjusted and with this adjustment, minute changes within the system can be identified. This reduces false alarm signals to a great extent.

Coverage range

The coverage range offered by the system is about 10 meter. This coverage range offers perfect alert to you. Further, this system safeguards the entire houses even when you are away from home.


  • High sensitive
  • 24-hour loop protection
  • Sense up to 10 feet


  • Wired

7.  Simplisafe Glassbreak Sensor

Simplisafe Glassbreak Sensor

The next product in the list is the Simplisafe Glassbreak Sensor. The important feature of this product is durability and performance. Some important features of this product are.

Unique design

The entire product has unique design compared to other products. It is designed rectangular, and it fits perfectly in any types of places. Further, it has user-friendly adaptation with it. Using this product within your house offers an extra level of security.

Sound alarm

This product is designed especially with a high-quality sound alarm technology. This sound alarm offers complete alert to the people. The sound offered by this alarm signal is high, and so the neighbors too can hear it. With this, the house can be saved effectively from the thieves.

Coverage range

This sensor has 30-feet coverage range with it. Its coverage range is high, and to the protection offered by the device is high. Even, any little sound within this region can be detected by the sensor. Further, the product has the capability to note down all the types of glass breaking sound.


The next important function of the product is sensitivity. The sensitivity range offered by the product is considerably high. Further, the sensitivity can be adjusted and so this product is considered to be an user-friendly one. This control also has the capability to neglect and avoid false alert signals.

unique sound pattern

Apart from the above factors, this product comes with a unique sound pattern design. With this sound pattern, the user can identify the break down at perfect spot correctly. The thieves get struck within this sound pattern, and they run away as soon as the alarm is heard.


  • Premium quality sound alarm
  • Light weight
  • Easy to fit


  • Low Battery span

8. GE Security Interlogix Shatterpro Crystal Wireless Glassbreak Detector (NX-488)

GE Security Interlogix Shatterpro

The Interlogix Shatterpro Crystal Wireless Glassbreak Detector (NX-488) is an advanced crystal wireless detector that offers higher comfort to the users. Some important features of this product are listed below.


This sensor is a compact sensor designed in a box shape. The small feature makes the product durable and flexible in all types of environmental conditions and situations. Further, it can be placed even in hidden regions so that thieves can be detected easily.

Reduces false alarm

This sensor has an excellent false alarm immunity with it. As the resistance is high, the durability offered by the product is high compared to others. This feature also eliminates false alerts given to the people and so it is considered completely as a user-friendly product.

Coverage angle

This product offers complete protection to the owners because the coverage range offered by the product is about 360 degrees. This coverage range also adds flexibility to the users. Further, this coverage range detects vibration and breaking sound both in and out of the house. With this, the thieves are kept well isolated from the region.

Wireless transmission

This sensor has inbuilt GSM technology with it. This technology offers many advanced features for it. With this technology, one can easily withstand and withhold many advanced situations and conditions.  Further, it also sends immediate alerts to the owners, so that they can safeguard when they are not in the home.

LED alert system

Two types of alert system are used within the product. One is the LED alert system =m and the sound alert system. The LED alert system is used to make the thieves aware about the detector and alert them to lever the place.

The second is the sound warning system; this system alerts the owners of the house whenever there is a glass breaking sound and vibration within the place. So that,  it safeguards the entire region completely without any loss.


  • Wireless transmitters
  • 360 deg coverage
  • Battery powered


  • Need awhile to install

9. Honeywell Ademco Intellisense FG-730 Dual Flex-Guard Audio Glass-Break Detector

Honeywell Ademco Intellisense FG-730

The Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 glass break detector is a simple, innovative sensor designed with a wide range of functions. All these functions are unique, and they offer specialized result to the people. Some important features of this product are listed below.


The entire product is designed to compact in rectangular shape. This is an excellent glass break detector that detects the technology used within the product. In addition to this, the product can be placed in any places within the product.

Dual technology

This sensor has dual technology with it. It uses both flex and audio signals to alert the users. This flexo audio principle offers alert signals to both the people in and out of the system. This system adds additional safety to the people.

signal verification

This glass break sensors neglect mostly false alarms with it because it uses dual alarm technology. This technology is simple and effective. With this, the sensors only produce alarm signals only after analyzing the sound.

Coverage range

Coverage range offered by this product is considerably high compared to other products. This broad coverage range offers flexibility to the users. Thieves breaking glasses in the remote regions can also be detected easily with complete perfection and produces an alert.

Battery life

The battery life offered by the product is high. The batteries used within this device can be replaced effectively if needed. Further, the battery life can be indicated with the help of LED lights. With this, you can replace the batteries within the product whenever needed.

Climatic variation

This detector detects the variation by wing and glass breaking. With this, it offers alert to the owners. Further, the alarm does not go off with the variation in inbuilt-feature. The alarm rings till the battery life or till the owner put off it.


  • Result proven design
  • Flex audio principle
  • Signal verification


  • Huge

10. DSC AC-100 AC100 Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector

DSC AC-100 AC100 Acuity Digital Glassbreak Detector

The next important detector in the list is the DSC AC-100 AC100  Glassbreak Detector. This is a controlled detector that has digital circuitry setup in it. Some important feature of this product is listed below.

Sound alarm

This glass break sensor has inbuilt sound alarm technology with it. This technique is useful, and with this, it will alert the people within the house with a sound alarm. This device is active throughout, and the sound from the alarm is high so that even the neighbors can communicate with you easily.

LED Light

Next important feature of the product is the LED light. This LED light is used for denoting various features of the product. This light is used for determining the location of the users. Further, the battery level of the product can also be determined easily.

Vibration sensors

Next important factor in the product is the vibration sensor. This sensor is effective, and it determines the vibration at any instant perfectly. In addition to this, the vibration sensor has some advanced facts with it too. They have the in-built technology to differentiate various types of vibrations effectively. With this, they completely avoid false vibration.

Glass break detector

In addition to vibration sensor, this device also has the capability to identify the sound of glass is breaking within the place. With this sensor, various types and varieties of functions can be identified effectively without any loss. Further, this sensor has the capability to find any type and range of glass breaking system.

Easy installation

Next important feature in the list is an easy installation. We can install the product easily under various circumstances. Further, the installation does not need any tools. Hence, this product is considered one among the user-friendly product.


  • Field prove device
  • Vibration sensor
  • Inbuilt sound alarm


  • Less coverage area

How does glass break sensors work?

Glass break sensors are unique in which they work to detect not just when doors or windows open, but detect breaks in windows and sliding glass doors.  Most of the alarm glass break sensors use an audio microphone that recognizes the frequency of broken glass.

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Glass break sensors works smart and detects precisely when an intruder enters into the home.

Glass break sensor also works differently depending on the type of glass. They work efficiently to keep your family safe from the intruders.

Window Sensors vs. Glass break Sensors

Both Glass break sensors and motion sensors are the great additions to a home, these detectors will only activate an alarm if the door or window is opened.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is window.png
Window Sensors triggers an alarm when an unauthorized person tries to enter, here a smart sensor is fixed near the door so that it can be easy for you to get alert if anyone comes.

Let’s see the pros and cons of Window Sensors first. There are different types of Window Sensors,

Sliding Window Block:

It is designed to prevent sliding type windows from being opened forcefully. This ring glass break sensors detects when a window is opened by force, so it can be installed in the track of a sliding window.

Magnetic Sensors:

These sensors are compatible with nest, ring, also work with smart things. It detects the breakage of a magnetic connection within the sensor. An alarm is triggered when the sensor is separated from the magnet.

Tilt Sensors:

These sensors are designed to trigger an alarm when the window is left open. It can cover a variety of situations to best suit the needs of homeowner.

Pros & Cons

An additional feature of the Honeywell wireless motion sensor is its built-in low temperature monitoring that can warn you when your home temperatures drop below a safe threshold. The main disadvantage of these common types of window sensors is they only work if the window is opened in the way that the sensor is designed to protect against.

Glass Break Sensors

These sensors are designed to trigger an alarm when the glass is broken.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is glassbreak.png
Glass break sensors are really unique and these devices are helpful for homeowners to know if a glass is broken.

Let’s see the types of glass break sensors,

  • Glass Break Detectors

These systems are specially designed to set off an alarm when they detect the sound of a breaking glass. So, with this single sensor you can cover whole room.

  • Shock Sensors

These sensors are designed to trigger an alarm only when a sensor is physically disrupted by the breaking of glass. It is composed of electrical wires that are taped to the window. If the glass is broken, it breaks an electrical circuit which triggers an alarm.

Pros & Cons

They guard against a type of illegal entry that ordinary window sensors do not. The disadvantage of glass break detectors is that the window has to be broken before an alarm is triggered.

Where Should I Install a Glass Break Sensor?

There are number of ways to make a home safer, and one of those ways is to have a better security system that includes glass break sensors. Actually, a glass break sensor works by listening for the sound of a breaking glass. It has a special built-in microphone that listen even a peculiar sound. Now let’s set them up!

    • For effective glass break sensor placement, consider which windows are easily accessible from the outside. Usually you can place at any doors or windows on the ground level or at basement because those panes must be protected.

  • Use as few sensors as possible to cover as many windows as possible. If you have a room with multiple windows and a sliding glass door, then you can protect the whole room with a single sensor.
  • Mount your sensors, wireless glass break sensors can be mounted on the wall or ceiling because they just need a clear “line of sight” to do their thing.

Don’ts of Glass Break Sensor  

Never place a glass break sensor in between two windows on the same wall. Mount the sensor at least 4 feet away from any of the glass panes which you need to protect. It should be on a different wall from the pane.

How will you choose best glass break sensor?

Many people are aware of glass break sensors but unaware of the fact how to select them. Selecting the glass break sensors is a simple and easy thing. You can follow these guidelines to choose the best glass break sensors from the online market.

Vibration Sensor

The important feature among all is the vibration technology. Every glass break sensors should be equipped with vibration technology with them. With the help of vibration sensors, the thieves can be detected quickly compared to other means.

GSM technology

The sensors with gsm technology are also considered to the best glass break sensors. This technology offers instant alert to the owners, and so they can safeguard the houses from thieves even when they are away from their home.


All the glass break sensors should be designed with the compact feature. You can place these small sensors in hidden places. Hence, the probability of thieves detecting the sensors become less. Further, this feature also saves space and storage area too.


The next important feature in the list is installation. The sensors built with easy installation feature has more market value than others. Simple installation saves money and user convenience.

Control feature

You should afford a product filled with many control features and functions. Sensors built with control features can be operated easily. Further, the alarm signal can be monitored perfectly with these control functions.

Best Brand of Glass Break Sensor

Doberman Security

Doberman Security products specializes in high-quality security devices at affordable price for everyday use. These products are simple to use, highly effective, as well as affordable.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is doberman.png

For home security it features high tech, effective, yet low cost solutions to the variety of home security needs. You can stay free because your home is protected by Doberman security.

Final words

The above mentioned are the various types of glass break sensors from the market. Do select and use a best glass break sensor and secure your accessories for a long time. With these sensors you can also safeguard your house from thieves attack when you are not in the home.

Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.


  1. I have been searching for the best sensor for my newly built house. The sensor that I prefer should safeguard my house from thieves when we are not at the house. So could you guide me with an apt glass break sensor to my house?


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