Due to the technological developments, now the whole world has migrated to electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, iPod and other accessories which play a major role in everyone’s day to day activities.


Smart phones and other electronic devices are upgraded with lots of qualified features and advanced technology that are very much popular among people every day. Everything is truly powerful in its working principle until your battery run out.

It is really tough to carry an additional external battery along with you every time so that you can able to replace the uncharged battery with the new one. To overcome this situation, you may use the power bank to charge the mobile, tablet and other accessories whenever you need.

With the use of this portable power banks, you can simply place it in your purse, pocket or bag for charging. Are you feeling burdensome to choose a perfect portable power bank? Here I have rinse up some of the best portable power bank in this article to charge your mobile in an efficient way.

For What Reason, One Should Own A Portable Power Bank?

Portable power banks are an elegant way to solve the problems involved in charging. You can able to take this portable power banks with you wherever you want it. Totally it is an amazing piece inbuilt with an innovative technology.

The main target of this portable power bank is to connect with your device in any kind of emergency situations.  It acts like a protective case to safeguard your electronic devices not to get shutdown suddenly.

When your battery gets low down, only thing you want to do is, just plug in the device with the portable power bank’s charging port through the USB cable. It automatically charges your device that already connected with the power bank whenever your battery dies.

Its main beneficial factor is that, it store energy in its inbuilt lithium ion battery and use that stored energy to charge your device in case of emergency. You can able to feel the flexibility of using the power bank option included when the power supply is low state in your device.

These high powered portable energy saving gadgets takes less time to charge your device than your normal device charger. If you have a USB port cable, then you can able to charge your device anywhere from your car, home, workplace etc.

With the advanced technological options in every portable power banks, you don’t require any maintenance measure and separate chargers for each devices. You can able to charge several electronic devices with the use of the inbuilt multiple ports involve in a single portable power banks at a same time.

Higher current involved in the portable power bank allow for faster charging within one hour of time duration. Portable power banks are worth looking for its maximum output current through the USB ports to charge your device’s dying battery.

List of Best Portable Power Banks

NameKey FeaturePower 
RAVPowerInbuilt flashlight16750 mAh Check Price
AnkerPowerIQ technology5200 mAh Check Price
EC Technology4 LED lighting22400 mAh Check Price
KMASHILED lighting10000 mAh Check Price
JackeryAluminum shell6000 mAh Check Price
EasyAccDual USB ports10000 mAh Check Price
AnkerFast charging5000 mAh Check Price
DULLAUltra slim design12000 mAh Check Price
Polanfo4 LED indicators10000 mAh Check Price
AUKEYTraveling cylindrical sizing5000 mAh Check Price
LenovoMicro USB plug-in5000 mAh Check Price

1. RAVPower Portable Power Bank

RAVPower Portable Power Bank

If you rush to have a light weight efficient portable power bank which is somewhat special in its weightless measure to carry in your bag, the RAVPower 16750mAh portable power bank is a smart move. This external battery charger includes a powerful capacity for charging the device in an efficient way.

It is very much compact and reasonable light weighted in measure to carry anywhere you want it. This high security designed portable power bank also consists of dual charging facility with LED lighting to help you trace out a way in case of dark condition.

While your device is charging, it automatically switches off the charging process in case of overloading, short circuit and full charging condition. Its short circuit and over current protection facility make sure about the protective charging facility.

RAVPower portable power bank provide enough energy to attain the full charging with your devices. With the iSmart technology implementation, it maximizes the charging compatibility with android, apple, iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5, iPod etc.

You can attain a huge capacity charging of 16750mAh with this portable power banks such that it enable the charging speeds up to 4 amps. It is specially designed with ultra high reliable Samsung lithium ion battery, which is smooth and enables you to charge your device efficiently.

Its 4 status LED display keeps you informed with the remaining capacity stored up in your power bank. Inbuilt flashlight is implemented in this power bank to flash out in low lighting and darkened environment.

  • High protective design
  • Inbuilt flashlight
  • Huge capacity charging
  • Need separate plug

2. Anker Astro Portable Power Bank

Anker Astro Portable Power Bank

Do try this Anker Astro E1 5200mAh ultra compatibility portable power bank to charge your devices. Once if you use this portable power bank, you will surely amaze with the PowerIQ technology implemented in this product.

This portable power bank is fast and safe to charge your device with the advanced technology implemented in this product. Its exclusive PowerIQ technology helps to indentify your device about the charging need.

It tends to offer you a fastest charging speed up to 2 amps which is four times quicker than others. This high capacity portable charging device include two charging port for charging devices like iPhone 6 and 5s, galaxy S5, note 4, iPod mini and other smart phones.

PowerIQ amp adjusting technology is also inbuilt in this portable power bank to identify the need of device charging for providing the fast charging effect in case of emergency. This portable power charger looks similar to the small candy bar which fits perfect in to your pocket, bag and other accessories.

This compact portable power bank comes out with the superior quality of premium battery cell for efficient charging.  Its battery design further specially vented with the cutting edge technology and other advanced equipments to enable you a complete safety measure.

  • Ultra portability design
  • Premium battery cells
  • PowerIQ technology
  • Smaller than candy bar

3. EC Technology Portable Battery Charger

EC Technology Portable Battery Charger

I can’t able to narrow down the list of best portable power banks without this EC technology external portable battery charger. This 2nd generation unique power bank design offer you an efficient charging facility with its 22400mAh battery capacity.

With the use of this EC technology portable power bank, you can able to charge your iPhone 5s for about 10 times when compared to others. Not only you can able to charge your iPhone, you can also charge your MAC book, Samsung tab, iPad etc.

The innovative design of this power bank is quite simple but more attractive such that its red black combination looks fabulous. It includes 3 USB charging ports at the top of the power bank head to support the fast charging functionality.

It comes out with 2 amp micro USB charger for making the charging process a faster one. This portable power tank need up to 15 hours for charging with the use of USB port cable. It is available in different colors but its red color looks great.

Higher efficiency rate of this external battery delivers a fast possible charging ability with the input charging of DC 5V 2A which is twice faster than a normal charger. It saves half of your time wasted in charging your mobile with normal chargers.

It includes four LED lighting setup to indicate the user about the battery charger left in the power tank. Not only it includes LED lighting, it also consists of torch light at the top end to lighten in the dark condition. It is specially inbuilt with the lithium ion battery and microchips to provide proper safety charging facility.

  • Comfortable charging
  • 3 USB charging port
  • 4 LED lighting
  • Slow charging

4. KMASHI portable external battery power bank

KMASHI portable external battery power bank

Love to have a fabulous charging unit on your own during every travels? KMASHI portable power bank is the best option to go for. This red black combination power bank is somewhat similar in TV remote shape.

This comfortable power bank design is quite simple which makes it attractive for you to carry along your travelling. It includes micro USB port such that you can able to make use of it for charging the power tank.

Its 10000mAh battery is capable to charge your devices up to three times and it also includes 2 USB ports and 4 LED lighting setup at the top of the power bank. The LED lighting helps you to notify the amount of charge left in power bank.

You can able to charge up to two different devices together in this portable power bank at a same time. This power tank requires 4 to 5 hours for charging its battery and you can simply place it in your purse, bag or pocket.

This attractive design includes inbuilt battery cells of ultra high density range which makes the product more compact and effective for charging purposes. Its intelligent power managing IC, short circuit protection, overcharging prevention and super fast charging functions through its dual USB ports for charging iPhone, android, iPad, tablets and other devices.

  • High portability
  • LED lighting
  • Micro USB port
  • Heavy

5. Jackery Bar Premium Battery Charger

Jackery Bar Premium Battery Charger

With the use of the Jackery bar portable power bank, you can able to charge your device up to 3 days if you stay out there for vocation. This portable battery charger is perfect charging option which includes LED lighting implementation for notifying the amount of charge left remains in the power bank.

The main beneficial measure about this portable power bank is that, it is designed smaller in size so that you feel comfortable to carry along in your hands, bags, purse or pocket. It includes torch lighting mode at the top of the power bank for lighting during dark region.

Its 6000 mAh lithium ion battery comes out with four layer of circuit protection to secure the device from overheating, over charging, high voltage and short circuit. This portable power bank is specially made up of aluminum which makes you feel convenient to carry.

This handy portable power tank is best for travelling usage and also it is essential when your device is about to shut down. High capacity 6000mAh battery pack of advanced technology is implemented in this portable charger for charging android, iPad, iPhone 6s and 7.

The battery of this portable power bank is upgraded with the powerful battery pack of Panasonic grade A lithium ion polymer cell and premium microchips. Its battery setup is completely enclosed with the aluminum shell to form a powerful portable power bank of high quality.

  • Inbuilt flash light
  • Aluminum shell
  • Quick charging facility
  • No pass through charge

6. Amazon Basics portable power bank

Amazon Basics portable power bank

Amazon basics portable power bank is one of the perfect solutions for charging your devices. With its power capacity, it performs well and it includes only one charging port that constitutes the ability to charge at 2.4 amps.

You can able to charge your device with the use of this 16100 mAh capacity portable battery pack which is powered up through the lithium ion polymer battery. By using this lithium ion polymer battery, the weight of the power bank becomes less and also it improves the safety measure in charging.

Amazon basics portable power bank is designed in a rectangular shape with smooth edges not to damage other accessories. Its weight and size are compatible to use in a convenient manner. This power bank is highly portable which is best to use in a location where the wall chargers are limited.

Its dual USB ports helps to charge multiple devices such as smart phones, iPad, tablets and other devices during a same time. This portable power bank is highly equipped with the power overload protection to prevent high voltage, short circuit and overheating effect.

This portable power bank is packed up with four LED lighting setup for indicating the level of the battery in a percentage measure. It starts to flash out to remind you for charging when the power tank’s power lower down to 10 percent.

  • Dual USB ports
  • High portability
  • Convenient charging
  • LED blinks often

7. EasyAcc external battery charger power bank

EasyAcc external battery charger

Not yet find the best external battery charging unit? EasyAcc 10000 mAh external battery charger is a smart choice to have with you during your travel. Its colorful and sleek design is really quite simple and attractive.

This sleek designed portable power bank charger allows you to make utilize of this charger for charging your device wherever you want. It further helps to keep your device remains powered for long duration timing.

It works based on the implementation of 10000 mAh capacity battery unit for storing the power to charge other devices. This compact portable power bank can easily fit into your bag, pocket or purse during your travelling.

This portable power bank include dual USB charging ports in which each USB ports is different for charging different devices. Each of the USB charging port does not include same specifications for charging the devices.

The first USB charging port consists of 1.5 amp output ideal for small and medium sized devices whereas second USB charging port consists of 2.1 amp output ideal for large sized devices. Its four LED lighting setup at the top of the power bank is used for indicating the remaining charge left in the power bank.

Its unique look and color let the device to stand out from other device for charging purposes. This compact super portable design enables you to easily hold the device in your hand for easy and full speed charging.

  • Easy to carry
  • Portable sleek design
  • Unique design
  • Could be lighter

8. Anker Power Core Portable Charger

Anker Power Core Portable Charger

This ultra compact portable power charge comes out with the implementation of battery capacity up to 5000 mAh. Its high capacity power core 5000 mAh is perfect solution for charging your devices anywhere from workplace, travelling or home.

Its small cylindrical design offers most of the user a best capacity to size ratio such that its appearance does not even notice when it is placed in your pocket or purse. The fast charging technology is mainly inbuilt in this portable power bank for utilizing two different fast charging options.

This multi-protective system helps to ensure about the safety measure against overheating, over charging, high voltage and short circuit. PowerIQ technology is involved in this portable power bank to provide the fast and quick charging facility up to the range of 2A.

Voltage boost facility is highly featured in this portable power bank for improving the device output to overcome the cable resistance. It also helps to ensure the constant high speed charging for different devices at a same time.

The tube design of the power core 5000 mAh is designed efficiently to be used as pocket friendly and its capacity is enough to offer full charging for two devices. A single press at the LED lighting option enables all the information about the charge remains at the power bank.

  • Pocket friendly
  • LED lighting setup
  • Fast charging
  • Thicker and heavier

9. DULLA M50000 External Charger

DULLA M50000 External Charger

Missing an important message and phone calls due to battery run out? DULLA portable power bank tends to solve this problem more effectively. DULLA 12000 mAh portable power bank is compact enough to keep your day perfect with full charging effect wherever you go.

This ultra slim portable power bank is comfortable to hold and it does not get slip easily from your bags or pocket. Its lightweight compatibility enables you to use this device for charging the digital devices anytime. With the one touch of the power button, LED light indicator glow up so that it is easy for you to know about the remaining power capacity in the power tank.

It includes fast charging technology to charge the devices with the usage of inbuilt dual USB output ports. These dual USB output ports are different in their specifications such as one port offers 2.1 A device and another port offers 1 A device charging.

With a charge input of 5V to this powerful portable battery charger, you can able to fully charge your power bank up to 11 hours time duration. Dual USB port let you to charge any device quickly and faster than other power bank models.

This portable power bank is more compact for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, Samsung galaxy s6, s7, edge, note 4, note 5, note edge, HTC, Sony, Huawei, blackberry, iPad, tablets and more. It is specially designed with smooth finish for stylish travelling outlook.

Inbuilt four LED light indicators allow you to notify about the charge percentage of the battery and the charging status of the device for user easy reference. This portable power bank unit is specially designed with aluminum body and inbuilt lithium ion polymer battery to reduce the weight of the power bank.

  • Aluminum outer core
  • Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Stylish outlook
  • Too low charging speed

10. Polanfo external battery power bank

Polanfo external battery power bank

With this Polanfo 10000 mAh portable power bank, you can able to keep your smart phones and tablets free from sudden shut down processing. This FCC and CE certified portable power bank is the best safest power bank to fill up your device with charge.

It is highly inbuilt with lithium ion polymer battery and smart chips rounded with the aluminum shell to prevent the wear and tears. This portable power bank is not much bulky to handle and it is very much perfect for iPhone and tablets for charging effectively.

Polanfo 10000 mAh portable power bank is covered up with enough power storage capacity to charge your device five times when compared to other power banks. It can able to offer you extra 48 hours charging setup for using the mobile phones.

It acts as a life saver if your phone runs out during the emergency situations. The 2.1 amp lighting output effect of this portable power banks constitute the ability to refill your device within 2 hours.

This portable power bank is specially designed with aluminum alloy shell to withstand against overheating, over charging and high voltage effect. It is twice as fast as other normal charger such that it saves your time wasted in charging your devices in a particular place.

Its four LED lighting setup let you to know about the remaining power left in the power tank for your quick easy reference. The LED flashlight is also included in this portable power bank to flash out perfectly during the dark situation.

  • 4 LED indicators
  • Prevent overheating
  • LED flashlight
  • Too heavy

11. AUKEY 5000 mAh portable power bank

AUKEY 5000 mAh portable power bank

AUKEY 5000 mAh portable power bank is efficiently designed with travel sizing of small cylindrical shape to be perfectly fit into your pocket or bags. This portable power bank is compact for charging galaxy, iPhone, iPad and others.

Its cylindrical sleek design is perfectly made up of metallic aluminum casing which is durable, compact and light weight for portable charging. AiPower charging technology is effectively involved in this portable power bank for tuning the safe maximum charging ability.

Inbuilt advanced circuitry and safeguard equipments of this portable power banks helps to protect your device from high voltage current, overheating, short circuit and over charging. AUKEY 5000 mAh power bank is referred as the mini power backup device to keep your device with a full charging during your travels.

Its compact light weighted measure becomes perfect to place in your bag or pockets for charging at anytime. Fully charged AUKEY portable power bank includes enough power for charging your iPhone for twice, Galaxy for once and iPad mini for half at a same time.

AiPower technology main usage is to adjust the output power of the power bank to get match with the unique balanced charging needs of all USB powered unit. It comes out with the assurance to work for a long duration term.

  • Light weight device
  • Unique balance charging
  • Traveling cylindrical sizing
  • Get too heat

12. Lenovo PB410 5000 mAh Power bank

Lenovo PB410 5000 mAh Power bank

You can make use of this Lenovo PB410 5000 mAh portable power bank for charging your electronic device anytime anywhere during your travelling. This Lenovo portable power bank is well popularized due to its high capacity charging ability.

This high capacity portable charger allows your power bank as handier, light weight and portable to carry along with you. Its sleek stunning outlook appearance attracts most of the users towards it and allows you to carry easily.

Dual USB port is highly inbuilt in this portable power bank for charging two different devices at the same time. It also includes small 5000 mAh capacity battery backup for charging your devices in emergency situations.

Intelligent charging technology is implemented in this portable power bank for enhancing the safety measures against overheating, high voltage current, short circuiting and over charging. This ultra portable design enables you to easily carry with you.

Its super slim design feature makes it easy to travel around the globe with full convenience. It comes out with USB to Micro USB plug in for charging you device efficiently. This portable power bank is not much bigger than your smart phones such that it tends to offer you a plenty of power charging for every devices.

  • Super slim design
  • Micro USB plug-in
  • Sleek stunning outlook
  • Need to charge often

I do hope that this reviewed article about portable power banks helps you to make a smart move in purchasing the best portable power banks for charging your smart phones, tablets and other electronic accessories. If you use any of the products which I have mentioned above in the list, then do share your experience in the comment box. Share this article with your friends and relatives, if you feel that this article as a useful one.


  1. I have been Anker Astro Portable Power Bank. It is the best product that I have ever used. This is small like a candy bar. Its advanced technology helps in safe charging. I love this product the most.


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