Have you ever travelled to somewhere with a bad luggage? It is certainly annoying to roam about in the airport with a bag which does not adapt to your movements. Almost all of you would have travelled in an airplane and it proves that most of you had been to an airport at least once in yours. Moving from one terminal to another with the inconvenient luggage shall be a threatening nightmare. It is because of the luggage, most of the people get tired after the journey.

At the same time, you cannot simply leave your luggage back in your home and walk with empty hands. So, the only way left for you is to find a bag which can hold your weight and at the same time, it should be adjustable for anyone to handle it. Some baggage’s when crammed with more belongings they protrude outside the limit thereby making the bag awkward to look. In some other case, the stitches along the folds shall not be reinforced properly which results in rips and cuts.

Such inconvenient moments at an airport shall certainly leave the user with great exasperation. Sometimes, issues arise in terms of wheels. Due to the appendage of low quality in-line wheels, the luggage can only move in a line. They cannot move at right angles with much ease and to make that happen you have to make a wide turn which shall be a puerile practice inside the airport. Recent advancements like spinning wheels and casters shall be very helpful to wipe out such issues as they can be used to pull the luggage in any direction without any constraint. The most important factor is the storage capacity of the baggage you possess. Even though your bag suffices all the above-said features, it would become a waste fabric if it does not have enough room inside it.

Without enough room what are you going to take in a bag? And what is the point of buying a bag with no adequate space? Apart from that, you should also focus on additional cosmetic reinforcements like zippers, locks, plastic frames, and telescopic handles etc. Also, know the type of the material used to manufacture the baggage which is very important to know more about its durability. In this article, I have listed some high-quality luggage cases which I have inferred after toiling hard for more than 3 weeks.

NameKey FeatureMaterial Used 
RocklandNon-slip shoulder strap 600 denier fabric Check Price
U.S TravelerSelf-locking handle system1200d rigid polyester Check Price
Olympia8 convenient pockets1200d polyester Check Price
Kenneth Cole ReactionLarge U-Shaped ZipperABS hard-shell Check Price
TravelonMesh expansion pocketQuilted Microfiber Check Price
Delsey ParisDouble spinner wheels100% Polycarbonate Check Price
SamsoniteMicro-diamond designPolycarbonate Check Price
OlympiaRetractable handleSupreme Polyester Check Price
AmazonBasicsFabric lining150D-polyester Check Price
SamsoniteThree-digit TSA lock100% Makrolon polycarbonate Check Price

1. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

Rockland Luggage

It is a stylish and spectacular luggage which is skillfully crafted to hold the items that you need for 2 complete days. The fabric is made up of a tough material which covers all the portions of this luggage. The contrasting colors of the luggage shall lure the mind of any person who sees it. The zippers are made up of strong metallic elements which move freely in its path without any impediments. The comfort grip handles are available in two different positions; one at the top and the other at its sides.

Why is the comfort handle fixed at the sides? If you happen to cross a pit with stagnant water, then for sure you are not going to pull the luggage inside that contaminated water. At the same time, lifting the bag with the telescopic handle shall also be impossible due to its height. Hence, the comfortable handle is installed along the sides to make your travel easy. The telescopic handle is made up of steel and so they possess minimum weight when tailored with the luggage.

The telescopic handle is also provided with the adequate length and so, it can be used by people with varying heights. The strong ergonomic padding at the top and the bottom of the bag keeps the posture erect and sturdy. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set also provides a small flight tote bag whose texture is similar to that of the large suitcase. You can hold on to this small bag, just in the compartment above your seat. Note that, this tote bag is tailored with such dimensions which fit inside the luggage compartment while you are in the flight. Further, the wheels are made up of high-quality plastics which not only pose stubborn durability but also a good look.

  • Non-slip shoulder strap
  • Telescoping handle
  • 3 internal organizational pockets
  • Rough shape

2. U.S Traveler Rio roller Luggage

U S Traveler Rio roller Luggages

U.S Traveler Rio roller Luggage is one of the best selling products in the market which is liked by most of the people for its exclusive design and color. True to the name, it is an exceptional product which is suitable for experienced travelers. The height of this generously sized bag is about 21 inches which is more than 3 feet. Therefore, you get enough space inside the luggage to house any big item like shoes, boots, sweaters, blankets etc. Apart from housing, big sized items, it can also accommodate paper works like documents, papers, files, checks etc inside a separate compartment.

There is also a mesh compartment in you can store the toiletries, books, and some other gadgets which need air. The entire interior of the U.S Traveler Rio roller Luggage is reinforced with the tie-down straps which are very helpful in keeping your clothing and blanket in its position without getting disheveled. The zippered compartments at the front shall be very useful to house valuable items like keys, money, chains etc.

The upper and the side regions of the luggage are tailored with the handles which allow the user to lift the bag with much ease. The whole body is also strengthened with the strong ergonomic padding which gives a proper structure to the luggage. The plastic molds which are fixed at the lower corner of the baghouse two wheels which allow the user to pull it along a line The flight tote bag which comes with this luggage also looks cute and voluminous to hold expensive items while you board the flight.

  • Self-locking handle system
  • EVA padded front panel
  • Large zippered mesh lid pocket
  • Sleek handle

3. Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel

Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel

The Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel is a precisely designed baggage constructed with supreme quality polyester. Since the bag is made up of polyester, the possibility of water to get inside the bag is very low. I don’t say that you have to go in the rain to check it. Sometimes you might spill some beverages or drinks while you are seated on the airplane. At such times, the polyester materials shall keep your belongings secured inside the bag.

Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel can not only be used as a bag but also it can be transformed into a rolling duffel. The padding at the base of the bag keeps your bag sturdy and so you don’t have to worry about your bag losing it’s shaping when it is crammed. The handle which is used to pull the bag is kept concealed behind the padding. This handle is available in an adequate length which can be pushed and pulled in and above with much ease. Also, the Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel comprises 8 compartments each of which is reinforced with a separate zipper.

The height of this exclusive bag is around 15 inches; you can also wear this bag around the shoulder. Unfortunately, there is no sternum strap attached to the gadget. The U-shaped top of the bag allows the user to make use of all the space available inside the bag. This Olympia Royal Blue Rolling Duffel also consists of a small transparent sleeve which serves as a placard to differentiate your bag from that of the others.

  • 8 convenient pockets
  • U-shape top
  • Retractable handle
  • Less capacity

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction roller luggage

Kenneth Cole roller luggage

Kenneth Cole roller luggage is one of the highly durable and long lasting roller duffel which is made up of high-quality ABS plastic. The whole body of this roller duffel is made up of superior gridded texture which stands as a unique feature of Kenneth Cole roller luggage. It is manufactured with a limited weight and so they adhere to the regulations of the airport authority. The zipper material is also strong enough to join both the halves of the suitcase with no constraints. The most astonishing feature of this luggage is the presence of the wheels which are multi-directional.

Apart from the in-line luggage movement, the   Kenneth Cole roller luggage allows the user to move the luggage in any direction of his interest. Due to the use of high-quality bearings in the Kenneth Cole roller luggage, you can move your bag without any considerable struggle. The telescopic handle used in this luggage is also very soft and strong and so it can be pulled out to a desirable length. Additionally, the push button at the handle can fix the telescopic length at any position thereby making the Kenneth Cole roller luggage usable for short people. The fabric at the internal part of the suitcase keeps your belongings in place and secured with the help of the tie-down straps inside the roller luggage.

  • Large U-Shaped zipper
  • ABS hard-shell exterior
  • Mobility free-weight rolling
  • A bit hard wheels

5. Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag

Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag

Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag is a medium-sized roller luggage which is fabricated in the shape of a dome which is supported by mesh expansion pockets. Although it looks like a bag, it is exactly a roller luggage. It is also reinforced with a compartment for housing a water bottle which is absent in most of the backup bags. Are you going to move into a busy airport with a huge bottle of water? NO. Isn’t it? You can’t do that for a long time as it would make you intensely tired. On the other hand, if you possess this Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag, you can just keep the bottle in its place and make use of it whenever required.

It is also strengthened with the bag straps which the user can use to lift the bag when required. Apart from the lifting straps the Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag also has a telescopic handle which has a button on the top. Using this button, you can pull out the telescopic handle by simply pressing it. Once you release the button, your handle gets fixed on at that position and so this roller luggage is compatible for anyone with any height. The wheels which are available at the base accounts to some weight, but those are the parts which help you to move your bag easily. The high standard plastic used in the Travelon Wheeled Back-Up Bag keeps your bag not only strong but also endows amazing admiration.

  • Mesh expansion pocket
  • Unique dome-shaped
  • Have mutltiple zippered compartments
  • Zippers hard to use

6. Delsey Paris Helium Aero Spinner Suitcase

Delsey Luggage

Delsey Helium Aero Spinner Suitcase is really a masterpiece among the variety of roller luggage. It boasts quality through the metallic luster and the muscular pattern and designs all over its body. It is completely made up of 100 % polycarbonate and hence it is very much immune to cracks and breaks in the ergonomic situation. The voluminous room inside the roller luggage allows you to load them to the fullest capacity.

Even after loading it to the maximum, you cannot see any sort of bulges along the sides of the luggage thereby proving to be a fabulous gadget to be used by all traveling personnel. The internal straps in the suitcase help to strap the belongings without dispersed from its place. The two zip locks in the suitcase are brought together and they are locked in its place with help of locking device fixed at the sides. Although the lock looks small the security it endures is extremely breathtaking. The wheels at the base of the suitcase are made up of thick polycarbonate whose looks boasts its rigidity.

The wheels are ornamentally crafted to look extremely superior. Above all, the wheels are internally connected to a spinner which allows the user to rotate the device in any direction of interest. In normal suitcases, you can only load on one side and the other side should be left empty. This empty space inside the suitcase makes the items to move up and down and finally collapse everything. But in Delsey Helium Aero Spinner Suitcase the strong internal compartments allows the user to load the suitcase on both the halves of the suitcase.

  • Double spinner wheels
  • Crack resistant material
  • High weight capacity
  • Difficult lock mechanism

7. Samsonite Omni Spinner suitcase

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner

Samsonite Omni Spinner suitcase is one of the best performing products which has proved as one of the hard travel elements. The outlook of this suitcase is made up of thick patterns of micro diamonds. Further, the material of the Samsonite Omni Spinner suitcase is very strong such that it does not undergo any sort of wear and tear in spite of serious blows. The zipper along the sides are wide enough and strong such that hold both the compartments of the suitcase with extreme tightness. The top part of the Samsonite Omni Spinner suitcase possesses a sturdy and strong plastic handle which is of great help to the user to lift the suitcase.

There is also a separate segment to hold the telescopic handle which is made up of durable aluminum. Since aluminum is a weightless material, pushing and pulling the handle in and out of the slot shall be easy. There is a switch at the top of the handle which when pressed allows the user to adjust the length. Once the switch is released the aluminum handle stays at that position thereby proving its compatibility with people with various heights.

The Samsonite Omni Spinner suitcase is also strengthened by a lock which is present at its sides. The lock simply holds the zipper head with respect to the adjustable numeric key beside it. The wheels in the Samsonite suitcase can rotate at 360 without any obstacle and so it can be turned into any direction of interest without applying more stress to the telescopic handle. Additionally, the presence of the emblem of the samsonite organization on the micro-diamond texture embosses out of the plane tells the user that it is one of the branded products.

  • Micro-diamond design
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Effortless mobility
  • Unsteady handle

8. Olympia Luggage Rolling Tote

Olympia Luggage Rolling

Olympia Luggage Rolling Tote is a very simple product which is known for its cute design and performance. The entire tote is made up of high-quality polyester thereby bringing down the weight of the tote considerably. It has the zipper on the top opening like a ‘C’ and so it looks like an open cylinder from the top. Unlike normal rolling baggage which can be filled only on one side, Olympia Luggage Rolling Tote can accommodate a lot of items inside it by stacking one over the other.

However, when you are about to pack delicate items like laptop, it would be better if you think twice. The telescopic handle is made up of steel and it does not possess any sort of button over the handle. In other words, fixing the height of the steel telescopic handle at a particular point is not possible in Olympia Luggage Rolling Tote. Instead, you have to pull the entire frame out or push the frame inside the zipper which has been tailored to house the frames.

Moreover, the Olympia Luggage Rolling Tote is reinforced with a number of meshed compartments which holds your valuable items and also allows you to see the item inside. True to your guess, you cannot put any of the small items like keys, chains, or money inside this meshed compartment. Instead, you can use the internal voluminous compartment for such purposes. It also consists of two skate wheels fit at its bottom to move the tote in a line. The hard padding at the base keeps the center of gravity at that point thereby keeping the tote and wheels stable.

  • Retractable handle
  • Top opening
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Trembling wheels

9. AmazonBasics Spinner Luggage

AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage

AmazonBasics Spinner Luggage is one of the recently emerged spinner luggage which is known for its simple structure and ornamental design. There are adequate exterior chambers which look strong and stubborn thereby proving themselves to be capable of bearing wear and tear of various degrees. The main compartment opens wide into two halves, and so it can be packed on both sides with the reinforcement of zippers. They are luggage which is suitable for 2 to 3-day outdoor camping or international visits.

They can contain toiletries, boots, shoes, blankets, sweaters, cosmetic accessories etc. The interior of the AmazonBasics Spinner Luggage is very much roomy, which can hold lot items other than the stuff mentioned above. The fabric which is used for lining the interior of the suitcase is 150D polyester which poses the durability of the interior of the suitcase. The separate compartments on both sides of the suitcase allow you to accommodate not only hard items but also documents like paper, checks, money etc.

The interiors are also reinforced with the tie down straps which is used to hold the belongings in its place without getting disheveled. The telescopic handle which resides at the rear part of the suitcase is polished and incorporated with ornamental designs and a hard thermosetting handle. On this handle lies a switch which controls the movement of the aluminum frame in and outside its housing. Conclusively, the Amazon Basics Spinner Luggage is a product which has come into sale only after going through a series of product tests.

  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Expandable to 25%
  • Fabric lining
  • Small for family trip

10. Samsonite Metallic Luggage Spinner

Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner

As an exclusive producer of high-quality luggage spinners, Samsonite Metallic Luggage Spinner has put forward another rocking cool product which has been embellished by various ornamentations. Unlike any other product in this list, Samsonite Metallic Luggage Spinner has three digit locking code which provides the user with additional security. The metallic coat of the outer surface makes the spinner to look elite and exceptional and this single aspect is enough for international travelers to own this spinner luggage.

The handle at the sides is wider comparing to other luggage spinners which allows people with variable hand sizes to lift it. The fabric lined interior of the luggage spinner keeps all your items in its place without any dispersion. Therefore, you don’t have to feel upset once you open your luggage spinner once you finish your travel.

The wheels used in the Samsonite Metallic Luggage Spinner are of high quality which they use for expensive skate shoes. The entire product is made of polycarbonate and so it becomes immune to fissures and cracks. The telescopic handle is very stylish and simple which resembles the structure of the English alphabet ‘T’. This telescopic handle has a specific slot at the back of the suitcase which houses the handle when not used.

  • Three-digit TSA lock
  • Flat handles
  • Durable cross straps
  • Too wide


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