The world has been undergoing a lot of changes for eons and eons and still, it has not stopped. After the industrial revolution, there have been a lot of changes in the world especially in terms of science and technology. One such development in science is the origination of the global positioning system. Although most of you are quite familiar with the global positioning system, still there are folks all over the world who doesn’t understand how the global positioning system works?

Let me help with that in detail. Hope you are good enough about Venn diagrams. All right! Now imagine a circle A with any diameter (say 30 inches). Now think that you have become small and you are inside the circle. You could possibly be anywhere inside the circle. Now I am introducing another circle B which overlaps over 25 % of the first circle. Now, what is your position inside the circle? Hope your position in the circle has been confined to that 25% of the circle. Can you guess what would happen if I introduce a third circle C which overlaps 10 % of the other two circles? Note that the accuracy of your position is high as the number of circles increase. Conclusively, your position inside the three circles has been clearly defined without any confusion.

The working of the Global Positioning System is very much similar to that of the above example explained in circles. For your information, the GPS system has been made up of 33 satellites of which 31 satellites are constantly moving around the globe in its position. Wherever you are on this earth, you shall be seen by at least 4 satellites at a time which is more than enough to find your exact location on the earth. Greater the number of satellites which monitors you, greater will be the precision of your location.

On the basis of ownership, the United States military had been using GPS for several years and later on, it was given out for civilian use. Unlike any other technological advancement, GPS has a hefty optimistic impact not only among learned people but also on the illiterate people who do menial jobs. They can simply be used to locate anyone and anything in any location in the world. Right from a human to a small key anything on this world can be easily detected by the GPS very much like a huge airport screening machine. I have researched and analyzed a number of websites and blogs to come out with these outstanding and exceptional products which can locate a person on earth with improved accuracy and precision.

NameKey FeatureBattery Life 
Spy TecCutting-edge GPS technology2 Weeks Check Price
VyncsAccelerometer chipOBD II connection Check Price
MOTO safetyFleet ManagementOBD II connection Check Price
AMERICALOCExtended multicarrier coverage10 Days Check Price
MasTrackEasy to install No battery needed Check Price
ABLEGRID3300 mAh extra-long battery life2 Weeks Check Price
AmcrestPremium mapping service2 Weeks Check Price
Scout GPSUniversal Hard wire kitFew Days Check Price
GPS Tracking DeviceRecords 6 months history2 Weeks Check Price
Brick House SecurityWeather-resistant body2 Weeks Check Price

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

If you are really looking for some cool and productive GPS gadget which works with great precision, then you should head for Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker like any other folk all around the world. True to its name, Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker is used to spy on your enemies and most probably your relations. The size of this cute little device is very small and so they can fit anywhere without any constraints. They can fit a backpack, a belt, or even your pocket. GPS was initially used to detect the car robber who takes away the cars parked at unsecured locations.

But today, the spy trackers have been used to find out, treasons and deceptions which happen within the house. Some folks are very happy to work like a detective agent; they find joy in monitoring the travel locations of their wife by fixing this Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker to some hidden location of the car. Seriously, they can see the car moving to unfamiliar places through Google maps and when privately investigated they come to know about their sneaking wife to see her boy toy.

Apart from sneaking wives, you can also use Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker to monitor your kids when they leave the school. Also if you kids or elders have any sort of health issues and they move out of the safe zone, then by using this cool gadget. Hunting shall be a thrilling event, which becomes more interesting when you go deep into the dense forest. But, in such dense vegetation, you may lose the direction and path. To your rescue, you can have this Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker which can lead you back home by showing you the exact way. But be sure, whether you are surrounded by animals while you go back because GPS cannot help you with that. Since the Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker is compatible with your smartphone, you will text messages when you enter or leave a location. A monthly payment through this Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker allows you to update your position for several seconds which depends on the plan you fetch.

  • Cutting-edge GPS technology
  • Real-time track and map
  • GEO fencing
  • Expensive

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker is one of the GPS tracking mechanisms which provide a lot of support to folks of all kind. Vyncs GPS Tracker shows the exact location of your vehicle without any error, no matter wherever you are on earth. With the Vyncs GPS Tracker in your versatile vehicle, you can get the information each time you cross a particular zone. It can not only be used by drivers who drive over long distances but also they are compatible for surveillance and monitoring.

You can simply slide by your couch and just track the information about the whereabouts about your son or grandson using the Vyncs GPS Tracker thereby preventing them from skipping classes. But people always look for gadgets, with which they can monitor their husband or wife and catch them red-handed while they are engaged in some personal business. Vyncs GPS Tracker is also reinforced by a highly accurate GPS accelerometer chip which helps you know about the status of your car and the way your car is driven by your driver. In case, in your absence, your car has been handled roughly by anyone you can get information within seconds on your screen. Such support is rendered by the GPS tracking device as it is plugged into the onboard diagnostic board which is a self-diagnosing mechanism in the cars.

Using such hi-fi system you can also get information regarding the fuel economy and its consumption. You don’t have to pay for this cool gadget every now and then. You can have 1 year of data plan and service without any cost; hope you have to pay for network activation of your device. The refresh rate of the GPS images has been devised according to the plan which you have adopted. True to the features in that plan, you shall have the refresh rates which are around 60 or 30 or 15 seconds. In other words, you will get a refreshed and updated screen after the above mentioned seconds. Not only to prevent car robbery Vyncs GPS Tracker can also be used when you are ready to head for a new campsite to which you have not travelled before.

  • Accelerometer chip
  • Battery status notifications
  • Speeding histogram
  • Map tracking could be better

3. MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker

MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker

MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker is a robust and potent tracking device which has been constructed specially for drivers and older citizens. With these handy devices, you can simply look over each and every single move of your car. Hence, they are highly useful tools for the teens that learn to drive a car. Of course, teens are more susceptible to accidents due to improper handling of the controls.

To boost up drivers and learners, the MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker provides an app in which they can see the performance, harsh braking, and rapid accelerations. You can also track the routes and the ways you have traveled at the end of the day through this MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker which is connected to the On-Board diagnostic board of the vehicle. You have to make a meager pay of about 20 dollars to get the service.

In case, you don’t want your teen to go on with his driving after several hours you can also set the number of hours in the MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker. Once you are done with that, the tracker makes an alarm signal to the teen and after some amount of time from then, the car stops. You shall also get real-time emails and messages when you move past a zone. MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker is also reinforced with the route replay mechanism which the teen can review once he/she has completed the training. They can also refer to the number of harsh brakes, rapid accelerations they have undergone while driving the car.

Apart from the teens learning to drive, they can also be used to monitor the elder ones at who are in their wheels. MOTO safety OBD GPS tracker shall also be very useful when you travel to really long distances, especially for migration and camping. With the support of this sturdy equipment, you can simply move to the dense woods where you don’t require any other gadget to find out the way.

  • Fleet Management
  • Works with OBD ports
  • GEO fencing
  • Battery drained quickly

4. AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker

AMERICA LOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker

AMERICA LOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker is an exclusive type of GPS tracker which is designed by keeping the battery life in mind. Folks who need GPS tracker to last for long hours should rely on AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker. The refresh rates for the AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker can be set to 60, 30 or 10 seconds with whom you can see the updated images on your screen without any further delay. Unlike any other GPS tracker mechanism, this exceptional device does not require any additional fee to provide multiple refresh rates.

Moreover, the grand looks of the AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker are very much like a smartphone which is styled with three different LEDs of different colors each of which indicates a specific process which involves power, cell, and GPS. The life of the battery used in the AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker really surprising when compared with any other contemporary products. The battery life is not simply counted in minutes or hours but they are counted in terms of days. People who are accustomed to the AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker will not have taste for other types of GPS trackers for sure during the power withstanding ability in it. Real-time tracking is also possible in this GPS tracker with which you can determine the location any person or any object with more clarity.

The entry and the exit time of a person to and from a location can also be determined. The app which is installed in your mobile, laptop, or tablet keeps your device tracked just by paying a normal fee of 25 dollars and you don’t have to pay any hidden or extra fees for this product. The date and time history of the person or object can also be stored in your app which can also be used for criminal investigations. Without much strain, you just can simply track your suspicious wife sneaking out in search of their boy toy. Tracking elders, youth, teen, kids and even your pet shall be a clever idea using the AMERICALOC GL300W Real Time GPS Tracker.

  • Extended multicarrier coverage
  • Compact and small
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Overpriced

5. MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

MasTrack OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker

Not only kids but also most adults are also interested in monitoring and tracking someone. In the case of children, it is a mere play, but when it comes to youngsters and adults it is a real play. MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker needs to be connected to the OBD board with which the device can synchronize itself. The device is really very handy and they possess male connector pins for efficient working. The system does not require any software to be installed in the laptop, smartphone or tablet.

All it needs is the support of an app which works together with the tracking device. Apps are also available for both Android and ios smartphones. Unlike any other GPS tracker, using MasTrack OBD Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker you don’t have to spend your penny on activation fee and also you have a long period of 12 months to enjoy tracking of any person and obstacle. Hence, it becomes a cheap and best means of tracking mechanism to track your robbed vehicle. Having installed this vehicle tracker on the dashboard you don’t have to worry about your stolen car. You can simply follow them in another car by using this hi-tech device and catch them red-handed.

Not only that every time your engine is switched on and off you can get instant messages through short messages and also via emails. However, the device is not powered separately with any additional cell or battery. They get their power from the OBD board which has been devised to keep all the engine parts healthy. Not only determining the position of your cars and vehicles, you can also find your cheating wife and teen without following them. You can also find the driving employees who are really cheating the organization by having personal rides to unwanted venues resulting in the increasing consumption of gas.

  • Extended multicarrier coverage
  • OBD-II port connection
  • Provide tow alert notifications
  • Fewer features

6. ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

ABLEGRID GT001 GPS Tracking Device

True to the name, ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time GPS Tracking Device is an able and dynamic device which takes the tracking experience to a different level. Like any other GPS trackers, you don’t have to fix it near the driver. If you do so techy folks can easily identify the gadget and dispose of it. Thus, the tracker which you have fixed on the vehicle shall not track any information. To overcome this issue ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time GPS Tracking Device has a clever solution. A strong magnet has been attached at the back of the tracking device which helps you to fix the device anywhere on the vehicle.

You can also fix them beneath the body of the car so that no one would peep into it as long as your vehicle is examined by a technician for any repair. Further, it is a cute little device which is around 4 inches in length which possess a separate battery for its function. The rating of the battery is around 3300 ma which helps you to keep continuous tracking of a person or object for 2 weeks. Also, the SMS generated as you move over every location can be sent to you continuously for 2 months without any disruption.

The ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time GPS Tracking Device also possesses a low power alarm which alerts the user when there is a shortage of power in the battery. The most interesting thing in possessing a GPS tracker is that you can use them for real-time tracking of any person without any disturbance. Even though you are not going to its use for investigation purposes, having a look at the movement of your car from a laptop at your home shall be a delightful experience.

UBLOX G-7020 is the GPS chip used in this exceptional device and hence they provide a high signal strength and sensibility which provides a rapid positioning of the person with high precision. ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time GPS Tracking Device should be synchronized with Google maps in order to show the position of your target.  Features like mileage statistics and the electronic fencing systems are also used in this gadget thereby proving the device to be more dynamic.

  • 3300 mA extra-long battery life
  • No installation
  • Portable design
  • Bit hard to navigate

7. Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker

Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker

Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker is one of the best GPS trackers for tracking your lovable elders at home. The size and weight of this dexterous gadget are very meager such that it matches the size of a lighter. Due to its microscopic, they can be installed anywhere in the vehicle. They can be installed below the plastic bumpers, on the hood, beneath the doors, or wherever required. Therefore, this feature helps you to make your device almost invisible to any eyes which are in a hurry. Apart from the cars, they can also be used for tracking kids, trucks, elders, and other assets etc.

The geo-fencing attribute in the Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker is used to define the boundaries in different zones. When the tracker installed cars go beyond this boundary, the laptop or the tablet which is in synchronization with the moving car gets an alarm signal. This system can be used in all the school vehicles in order to monitor the activities of the driver and to prevent rash driving with the kids inside the vehicle. Further, the life of the battery can withstand up to 14 days when it is used as per the regulations. You can also buy a separate magnetic housing to keep the GPS tracker protected inside the box which can keep your device safe even when it is encountered by harsh wind, rain, snow dust etc.

The magnets which are embedded on the casing shall keep the box fit in its place without any disturbance. Moreover, you can also access the tracker, throughout the day and night without any delay using your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. However, the entire system of the Amcrest AM-GL300 GPS Tracker works in the 2G network and it will work only in the areas with 2G coverage.

In case, you find the performance of your tracker is not fine, you can contact the support team to get corrected within a day. If there are discrepancies even after the service endured by the support team, the money you spent on the tracker and the subscription shall be reimbursed without any delay.

  • Premium mapping services
  • Unlimited Text/Email Alerts
  • 10-14 Day Battery
  • Difficult to access

8. Scout GPS – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker

Scout GPS - Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker

Although Scout – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker lies at the tail of the list, it possesses so many attractive features suitable for people of various categories. It is a tracking device which uses some wires to be installed in the vehicle and it would take around 10 minutes for anyone to fix this tracker on the vehicle. The most astonishing feature of this GPS tracker is that they can be used in any part of the world without any issue.

So, this Scout – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker can be highly compatible for the fisherman who goes inside the seas to reap fishes. Additionally, at times of natural calamities and bad weather, Scout tracker can be used as an identification mark to find the whereabouts of the boat and the men in that boat. Apart from that, they can be installed in vehicles of various types which involve ATV, trucks, cars, boat, PWC etc.

They can also be used in the drones for the surveillance purposes also. The Scout – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker possesses a vibration sensor which facilitates the generation of an email or a message to the laptop of the user whenever the system gets disturbed by an external shock and so even if the person whom you are tracking comes to know about the presence of the GPS tracker, they cannot remove the device.

Scout – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker provides a worldwide free app which needs to be installed in your personal mobile or laptop. Through this app, you can get the real-time motion of your vehicle and each time you cross a specific location, an email or message will be sent to you. Hence, even if someone steals your vehicle you can easily find out the location of your vehicle, regardless of the position of the vehicle anywhere in the world.

Unlike any other GPS tracker, this GPS tracking app installed in the laptop can support multiple scouts at the same time. In other words, you can track so many vehicles on a single screen without any issue.  Hence, Scout – Universal Vehicle GPS Tracker shall be very helpful to folks who go for motorbike rides in the mountains and if anyone is left out back in the woods, they can be easily identified within a short time.

  • Lightweighted
  • Real time reporting
  • Universal Hard wire kit
  • Less battery life

9. GPS Tracking Device GL300W Real-Time GPS

GPS Tracking Device GL300W

It is one of the best GPS tracking devices which focus on a variety of features like battery life, tracking, geo-fencing etc. The battery life of the GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracking Device is around 2600 mAh which can keep your device alive and support continuous tracking for about 2 weeks. The device is styled with a black glossy look which, boasts about its performance and superior design. GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracking Device is placed inside a small and cute looking chamber which is really made up of tough plastic in order to keep the device from getting battered during a travel.

The box is also cushioned with foam with superior quality which houses the GPS tracker with high comfort. Further, the rigidity of the box is very high such that, it can withstand blows and shocks up to a certain limit. It is also a waterproof and weatherproof box and so they can be used to house your tracker even in the wet and freezing zones. Like any other tracking device, GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracking Device can track your position on earth at any time and it can be stored in the system for about 6 months.

Also, this exclusively designed GPS tracker is also compatible with both Android and ios smartphones. You can also fix geo-fences in this GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracking Device with which you can fix triggers for a particular spot like school or college. Now that you have fixed the geo-fencers you can easily get messages once the person leaves or arrives at the spot.

However, you have to pay an activation fee of about 30 dollars for every month to provide you with such a service. Apart from there are no hidden fees collected for the service they render. Moreover, the speed of the vehicle on which this GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracking Device is installed can be easily monitored. Hence, this tracking device can be used to monitor vehicles in which kids and elders travel.

  • Records 6 months history
  • Weatherproof magnetic cover
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • Took time to get charged

10. Brick House Security Real-Time Tracking Device

Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device

Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device is another amazing and breathtaking cool gadget which is kept safely inside a styled case. The box which houses the tracking device is not only very strong but also water resistant. Therefore, it is evident that Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device can be housed inside the box even at times of heavy rain and snow. The battery life of the Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device is around 2 weeks when they are used under normal conditions.

Moreover, they shut their power off, when the engine is turned down thereby saving a lot of power and increasing the battery life. Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device construction is simplified by refraining from using wires in the system. Hence, you don’t have to cut down the wires, in order to switch the device from one car to another. Real-time location viewing is also used in this versatile device with which you can track the movement of your car every second.

But, you need a smartphone, tablet or a laptop synchronized with Google maps to view the change in the position of your car. Not only cars, you can also use these, fantastic devices when you set out for outdoor camping with your friends. When it comes to jungle and forest, instead of laptops you can go for a smartphone on which you can see your own position thereby allowing you to find the exact way.

Furthermore, Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device is also reinforced with the fleet management in which the target to reach the destination is fixed before the travel begins. In case, the vehicle deviates from its regular path you shall get short messages and updates regarding the position of the vehicle. Like many other GPS trackers, Brick House Real-Time Tracking Device does not award a long-term commitment for tracking some person or object. Instead, it provides a monthly subscription to the users which they can cancel as per their own interest.

  • Weather-resistant body
  • Pre-set 60 seconds reporting
  • Have panic button
  • Too pricy


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