As we all know kayaking is an interesting water sport which not only provides immense excitation to the participants but also for the spectators. As it is water-oriented sports crashing shall not be a major issue in this game. Even though you stumble while you proceed with your game you shall land safely in water. But that does not mean you don’t have to wear any sort of safety gear. You should never have any compromise over the safety gear as is can save your life when you happen to encounter any hard obstacles like a rock and that often happens when you kayak in a gushing stream.Kayak is a small boat like structure which can be used by only one person at a time. Initially, kayaks were made out of hard skins of marine aquatic animals like seal. Later, polyethylene materials came into existence to serve as the raw material for the kayak.

Recently, fiberglass has been used for the construction of the canoes and kayaks. First, the body is tailored strongly with the copper wires to hold it together and then they are coated with the epoxy resin to which provides further insulation and strength to the kayak. Once, the resin dries, the copper wire is removed and the body is coated again with the fiberglass in order to reinforce the entire structure. Apart from these materials, the hull is made up of specific materials like marine plywood, cedar, redwood, and pine. Aluminum frames, rubber coatings, nylon, and paints are also used in various kayaks. Even though these elements add to the sophistication of the kayak they also add to its weight which shall be a challenging task for the user to pull the kayak near the water body.

Hence, you need a strong cart which can pull the kayak easily without causing any damage to it. The tires which are used in the cart should withstand the weight of the kayak, at the same time they should it should be worn by encountering the marine environment. The frames which encompass the tires should be strong and durable with minimum weight. Compact and dynamic reinforcements in the kayak shall render you with supplementary features. Listed below are some kayak carts with various features and it shall be very helpful to you while you fetch one.

NameKey FeatureCapacity 
TMSV-shaped cradle120 lbs Check Price
MaloneNever-Go-Flat tires200 lbs Check Price
ABNEasy to dismantle 200 lbs Check Price
AosomDetachable front and back110 lbs Check Price
MaloneFor all STD kayaks300 lbs Check Price
C-tugNon corroding polymer300 lbs Check Price
Seattle SportsSpring loaded side stand300 lbs Check Price
ProSourceEasy to puttogether150 lbs Check Price
Seattle SportsAll-Terrain Center Cart75 lbs Check Price
YaheetechPremium rubber bumper120 lbs Check Price

1. TMS Deluxe KAYAK Cart Wheel


A kayak is not only a sport; it has been also used for transportation also, especially in the landscapes associated with the lakes and streams. TMS Deluxe KAYAK Cart Wheel is a stylish and elegant looking cartwheel which can pull your kayak from the parking lot to the lake with minimal effort. The tires used in the cart are really strong with adequate size which is capable of pulling even a long cart. TMS Deluxe KAYAK Cart Wheel has a couple of tires which are 3 inches in thickness and 9 inches in diameter.

With these tires, pulling your kayak over the sand and gravel shall be easier as the buttons of the tires are designed in such a way that they don’t sink in the sand and don’t glide along the gravel. Moreover, this TMS Deluxe KAYAK Cart Wheel has been fabricated to withstand the weight of 120 lbs. Hope that is a good amount of weight which a cartwheel can withstand. It also consists of a spring-loaded stand which shall be very helpful for the user to unload the kayak out of the water. Also the stands and frames which are made up of aluminum are reinforced by anodizing it with stainless steel.

To be more clear, anodizing is the process of strengthening the surface of metal with a corrosive resistive and durable finish. The stands consist of foam bumpers which not only serve as a shock absorber while you pull your cart. Additionally, the foam bumpers prevent the occasional coincidence of the body of the kayak with the frames, whenever it encounters a rough path.  A 12 feet long tie-down strap is available with this cart, which can help you keep the kayak secured at its place. Also, a 13 inch nylon strap is also provided in order to prevent the frames from opening up widely.

  • V-shaped cradle
  • 3″ in thickness
  • 12 FT long tie-down strap
  • Little Stinky

2. Malone Universal Kayak Cart

Malone Universal Kayak Cart

Malone Universal Kayak Cart is one of the standard types of kayaking cart which is reinforced with the various adjustments. It is built with two tires each of which is of diameter 10 inches with an adequate thickness. The tires used in the Malone Universal Kayak Cart are “never go flat” tires which shall never becomes punctured. Hence, even when the tire encounters sharp stones, rocks, pebbles, shells etc you can be able to pull your cart without any sort of difficulty.

To your astonishment, the color of the rim of the wheels are painted in red not only to prevent any aquatic corrosion but also allows a person you locate your kayak cart even if it is far away from you. The frames in this Malone Universal Kayak Cart are made up of aluminum which is anodized with stainless steel in order to ensure long-term usage. A strap in the middle of the aluminum frames is fixed in order to prevent the frames from opening up widely. Also, it can help your kayak to remain stabilized in its position once it is loaded on the cart.

Additionally, the cart is reinforced with a stabilized interlocking kickstand which can help you to keep the cart at a stable position without toppling your kayak. Tie down straps to keep your kayak at the fixed position are available in this kit. Cylindrical foam bumpers fixed along the frames shall withstand the weight of the kayak and prevent it from colliding with the frame. Conclusively, the Malone Universal Kayak Cart is smart equipment which can carry exorbitant weight of about 200 lbs and hence, Malone Universal Kayak Cart is more compatible to carry heavy and lengthy boats.

  • Never-Go-Flat tires
  • Adequate thickness
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Plastic wheels

3. ABN Universal kayak cart

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

ABN Universal kayak cart is an exquisite and agile kayak cart which is designed skillfully with nothing short of excellence. It is equipped with two tires like any other kayak cart, but unlike other carts, the tires of ABN Universal kayak cart are very much knobby as it is an air-filled tire.

Since it is air filled, the tires shall easily overcome any obstacle in its path, as air acts as a perfect shock absorber and air can be filled in this tire from a bike pump. Moreover, these tires can sustain the tough environment and terrains like sand, moisture, gravel etc. of ABN Universal kayak cart is capable of carrying a weight of 200 lbs and hence apart from the kayak, your backpack, paddles, float mat can also be placed over the kayak as you pull the kayak. The frames of this kayak cart are made up of aluminum which is strengthened by anodized stainless steel.

Additionally, the tires and the frames of the ABN Universal kayak cart can easily be dismantled with a lynchpin and the parts can be stored either in your backpack or on the kayak as you start floating. Also, the weight of the dismantled parts shall be around 8lbs and so carrying it shall provide no trouble to you. Further, the aluminum frames are supported with the strong and thick foam bumpers which prevent the kayak from coinciding with the frame. Without the foam bumper the kayak cart shall also be susceptible to intense damage at its bottom. A kickstand which is supported with a spring is devised at the base of the cart in order to stabilize the cart when the user loses control, thus you can prevent the kayak from getting damaged by hitting down.

  • Easy to dismantle
  • Thick foam bumpers
  • Kickstand with spring
  • Strap slips

4. Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart

Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart is a kayak cart very much similar to a cart used for human locomotion.  The polished steel frames used to build the body of this kayak cart are the remarkable asset of this Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart. The significant feature of this kayak cart is the availability of the bicycle hit and it means unlike any other cart, Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart can be easily pulled by  using a bicycle .Also, the diameter of the wheels in this kayak cart is really big enough to contest with the size of a bike wheel.

Due to the increased circumference of the wheel, the kayak can travel long distance with minimum time and least effort of the user. Not only for loading a kayak, this Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart can also be used for transferring luggage. The front and the back part of this kayak cart shall be detached to create ample space to carry any large item. At the same time the strong and polished steel side walls can be folded to its sides to carry large items. The front part is connected to a cycle hitch which makes it easier for the user to yank the kayak cart easily along any surface.

The Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart is backed by four reflectors two of which are installed on the wheel and two on the back portion. The wheels are reinforced with special adjustments which can release the wheels all of a sudden. The wheels used in this Aosom Wanderer folding bicycle cart needs air to be inflated and that can be done by a regular bike pump. In addition to the weightless frames used in this cart, the bottom of the cart is made up of solid PE material.

  • Detachable front and back
  • Solid PE material
  • Contain cycle hitch
  • Flat edge wheels

5. Malone Scupper Kayak Cart

Malone Scupper kayak cart is a dominant cart which is precisely designed with strong reinforcements and adjustments. Malone Scupper kayak cart is a trustworthy cart which is compatible only for the kayaks which have scupper holes. Although scupper holes are used to maintain the stability of the kayak and to drain the water from it, outside water the holes can be used to hold the frames of the kayak cart thereby serving dual purpose. The wheels used in this cart are made up of high quality polymers which shall not wear with various types of grounds it encounters. Moreover, these tires do not get punctured as they do not use air for its movement.

Malone Scupper kayak cart provides the same comfort to the user even when it comes across grasslands, terrains, pebbles, sand etc. The size of this cart is very precise and cute which has the capability to fit to all standard kayaks. The arrangement of the frames in this kayak is also very much simplified. Each tire has a frame which moves upwards which are connected by another frame horizontally. There is a small pin on the horizontal frame with which you can adjust the length of the horizontal frame and hence Malone Scupper kayak cart can adjust its width which shall be suitable for many kayaks with diverse widths.

This locking control mechanism can change the width of the horizontal frame from 6.5 inches to 16 inches. This horizontal frame is also equipped with a removable foam pad with a dimension of 6 x 4 inches which serves the kayak to prevent it from coinciding with the frame.  The frames of the Malone Scupper kayak cart are made up of non- corrosion aluminum and hence rusting of the frame is not possible. At the same time, the weight of the Malone Scupper kayak cart is very meager, as it uses only two small tires and frames and so it can be carried easily from one place to another very easily. Conclusively, this tiny and precise piece of equipment can withstand a weight up to 300 lbs which makes the user to get excited.

  • For all STD kayaks
  • Locking control mechanism
  • Eliminate rust
  • Toxic smell

6. C-tug Trolley Cart

Ctug Kayak cart

C-tug Trolley Cart is an imperial model of the kayak carts which satisfies all the requirements of a standard cart. Any user of a trolley cart shall thrive for various optimistic features like reduced weight, high storage capacity, easily movable, no flat tires, etc. C-tug Trolley Cart is a versatile device which can be used to reduce the strain of carrying ample weight to a specific distance. The tires of the C-tug Trolley Cart is completely made up of non corroding engineering polymer which is more suitable for encountering various challenges like marine environment, pebbles, rough path, sand, grass, hilly terrains etc.

At the same time, the surface to the tires consists of lot of buttons over it which can prevent slipping and stumbling of the kayak when it is loaded on the cart. Since the tires are not using air to inflate it, the possibility of getting punctured is impossible. The most astonishing feature of this C-tug Trolley Cart is its weight which is around 10 lbs. Since it is fabricated with a limited weight, it can be easily taken from one place to another without any struggle. A normal bag shall be more than enough to carry this C-tug Trolley Cart to wherever you want.

The rubberized pads at the top of the cart endow extraordinary support and grip to the base of the kayak thus preventing it from toppling down. Moreover, the rubberized pads can be adjusted with the knob at the middle to adjust itself to the size of the kayak. Additionally, there is a kickstand at the front part of the cart which beholds the cart from falling down when the user has loose hands over the cart. Astonishingly, C-tug Trolley Cart has the capacity of holding a hefty weight of about 300 lbs which is incredibly high when compared to any other type of the cart. Also this compact device requires no tools to dismantle and assemble its parts.

  • Non corroding polymer
  • Weighs 10 lbs only
  • Rubberized pads
  • Bad straps

7. Seattle Sports ATC Cart

Seattle Sports ATC Cart

Seattle Sports ATC Cart is a elicit type of kayak carts which can be suitable for heavy and long kayaks. The Seattle Sports ATC Cart is a made up of powder coated steel frames which can be easily folded and made compact enough for commutation. The diameter of the tires used in this cart is around 16 inches which is very similar to the size of a bike tire. Hence, air is the primary requirement of this cart which is required to inflate the tires. Due to the inflated tires, the movement of the tires along a rough, swampy, dried, terrain path shall not be inferior. The two tires of the Seattle Sports ATC Cart are entangled with the steel frames which also keeps the tires in position.

Two raisers each of which is welded on the frames of the cart are attached with foam bumpers which can handle the weight of the cart with a soft touch. Additionally, the foam bumpers also prevent the kayak from having occasional contacts with the entangled frame thus protecting the bottom portion of the cart. Further, the height of the raiser is compatible with the curvature of the kayak loaded on the cart.

A spring-loaded side stand is provided at the base of the frame which helps to stabilize the cart. True to the structure of this Seattle Sports ATC Cart it can carry ample weight of around 300 lbs regardless of the type of ground. The top pad bars are adjustable in such a way that they can be easily folded and kept close with the tires very much similar to that of a suitcase. Hence transportation of the Seattle Sports ATC Cart also becomes easier.

  • Spring loaded side stand
  • Two welded raisers
  • Entangled frame
  • Smells

8. ProSource trailer cart

ProSource trailer cart

ProSource trailer cart is a precise and sturdy trailer cart which is easy to handle by all walks of life. It consists of two knobby tires which can be inflated using the bike pumps. There are several frames which can be fixed together by means of screws and you don’t require any tool to fix your cart. This ProSource trailer cart can be assembled and broken down in a very short time which clearly explains the simplicity of the cart.

Due to limited use of heavy materials the weight of the ProSource trailer cart is not high. So, it can be carried easily by a human simply in his backpack. The frames of the ProSource trailer cart are made up of aluminum which are supported with four rubber pads which bears the weight of the kayak sitting over it. Aluminum doesn’t get corroded and hence this ProSource trailer cart is compatible with all kinds of weather and it can also be used in various landscapes like hill, sand, swamps etc.  The rubber pads shall not wear easily just because it encounters some scratches and abrasions.

Make sure that your kayak cart does not stay in the sun for a long time which shall damage the rubber to some extent. Also, there is a small strap which holds the two frames at a specific distance in order to prevent the overspreading of the frame when a heavy kayak is placed over it. The frames are provided with the bend at its middle so as to carry the kayak with proper stabilization.

  • Easy to put together
  • 4 rubber pads
  • Premium quality aluminum
  • Needs wider wheels

9. Seattle Sports ACT Cart & Trailer

Seattle Sports ACT Cart

ACT Cart & Trailer is versatile and precise equipment which can provide ample contentment to the user. The construction part of the ACT Cart & Trailer is made up of two tires which move with the air inside it. Hence, an air pump is very much essential to keep the tires loaded with adequate amount of air. The rims of the wheel are made up of specialized polymer which is surrounded by the rubber wheel. A metal arm connected to the center of the wheel subtends into a square frame around both the wheels.

The raisers from the square frame are equipped with the rubber bumpers which prevents the kayak from abrading the metal frame. Moreover, straps are also provided with the kit which can be used to fasten your kayak with this ACT Cart & Trailer for better locomotion. ACT Cart & Trailer is also reinforced with the stainless steel levers which are usually hitched with the bicycle or a bike. With this enhanced settings you can simply ride your bicycle instead of pulling your kayak with your hands and the kayak shall follow you as you have granted tires to it.

You can also remodel the entire cart into another form of cart which can be pulled by a human. This ACT Cart & Trailer kit consists of a pair of steel frames which can be towed by a human by using his hand. Additionally, there is a spring-loaded side stand which is used to stabilize and park your trailer when you reach the venue to kayak. Additionally, this ACT Cart & Trailer is designed with its center of gravity in such a way that it can carry only kayaks of length up to 15 feet and they can carry only limited weight of about 75 pounds.

  • All-Terrain Center Cart
  • Specialized polymer
  • Raisers with rubber pumpers
  • Poor mount

10. Yaheetech Kayak Cart

Yaheetech Kayak Cart

Yaheetech Kayak Cart is a very simple kayak which has been fabricated with the aluminum frames which has been reinforced with powder coated material which makes the design to be robust and versatile. Scupper holes are small holes in the kayaks which shall be very useful to drain the kayak. Two aluminum frames extend vertically from the axle which is bent to house the premium rubber bumper. The wheels used by the Yaheetech Kayak Cart are about 24 cms and hence the height of the cart shall be high compared to any other kayaking cart.

The premium rubber bumpers shall bear the weight dispersed at the sides of the kayak without making any sort of abrasions and scratches to the kayak whereas the extended aluminum frame shall hold the kayak in its place while traveling without getting stumbled. Further, there is a central aluminum rod which runs parallel to the axis of the wheel which also contains a premium rubber at is middle and this rubber shall hold the weight at the center of the kayak.

Moreover, the polymer tires used in this Yaheetech Kayak Cart shall support the movement of the cart in any type of land including rough, fine, coarse, clayey etc. Since, aluminum is extensively used in this kayak cart, carrying the cart after dismantling it shall not be difficult. Dismantling this kayak is also easy and the weight contributed by this Yaheetech Kayak Cart shall be very meager and hence it can be transported to anywhere as per the users wish. Also, two w/2 pins are used to keep the aluminum frames in place which induces easy mobility.

  • Premium rubber bumper
  • 24 cms wheels
  • Polymer made tires
  • Hard on soft sand


The above article has enlisted the qualities and features of various types of kayak carts and we hope this article shall reduce your valuable time in hunting the best kayak cart. No pick from this list can be deemed to be inferior as each kayak has its own significance. But, before you get one make sure that you inquire about the types and raw materials used to make kayak carts. Do not rely on the carts made with heavy metals because weight shall be an annoying factor which you shall regret only after you purchase it. As a whole, try to get your kayak cart which has limited weight.


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