Today cars have become as one of the basic requirement of every house. Advancements in various fields have mandated every individual to own a car. But, cars need adequate amount of gasoline to travel. This gasoline is available to the public in various concentrations and octane numbers. Now, what is that octane number? We know that a spark-ignited internal combustion engine undergoes 4 steps to complete one cycle namely, intake, compression, power and exhaust.

The fuel which has low compression ratios, when compressed produces a flame front with the gasoline. But, before the flame occupies entire space inside the cylinder, some unburned fuel gets ignited separately before the main flame reaches the unburned fuel. This improper function of the engine produces a rattling sound inside the engine thereby corrupting the performance of the engine and this process is termed as knocking. In order to prevent knocking, usage of fuel with high compression ratios can help you in a great extent. High compression ratio of the fuel corresponds to the octane number of that fuel. Octane number is nothing but the resistivity of the fuel against the premature detonation or ignition. Hence the loss of the fuel can be greatly reduced and the speed of the vehicle can be increased considerably.

In developed countries, gasoline is available in various octane number specifications like 87, 89, 91 etc. Each number corresponds to the increasing resistivity against the premature ignition. These octane numbers are also classified as regular, midrange, premium, super premium, etc. Regular is suitable for ordinary vehicles which are used for commercial purposes. Not all the vehicles are compatible with the fuel with all these octane numbers. Only vehicles with the turbo engines can go for fuels with the octane number 91. Moreover, there are also small bottles of octane boosters which can boost up the speed of your vehicle by simply mixing with the regular fuel. If an octane booster of number 3 is used with the gasoline rated 91, then the total strength of the fuel shall be 94. But, usage of minimum amount of octane booster around 0.3 is enough to reduce knocking in your vehicle. Mentioned below are some of the octane boosters which can improve the efficiency of your engine by reducing the rattling sound.

NameKey FeatureSize 
TorcoAerial speed32oz Check Price
Royal PurpleReduces power loss16oz Check Price
LucasSafe for turbos15oz Check Price
KlotzTetraethyl lead128oz Check Price
104+ octane boosterReduces pings16oz Check Price
RACE-GASPatented unleaded formula32oz Check Price
STPRestores power 5.25oz Check Price
GumoutSafe for turbocharged vehicles15oz Check Price
BoostanePrevents flakely sediment19oz Check Price
VP Racing FuelsImproves throttle response32oz Check Price

1. Torco Accelerator

Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

Torco accelerator is the best octane booster which can make your engine to provide its peak performance with good speed. It is a beneficial product which can cause your fuel to be burnt completely without leaving any remnant fuel back in the cylinder which ends up in knocking and pinging. Due to the high compression ratios the resistivity of the fuel from getting burnt before ignition increases heavily thus enhance the smooth movement of the vehicle. The Torco accelerator comes in a big cylindrical can which can support you with long-term usage.

It is recommended to pour the required amount of this octane booster inside the gasoline tank and then fill your tank with the commercially available gasoline. By this way, the octane booster in the tank gets stirred up by the poured gasoline which gives an even mixture of the booster with the fuel. Torco accelerator can raise the octane level up to the range of 105 which is very similar to fuel used in the race cars. Hence knocking can be highly reduced with a bonus of aerial speed. But such high speeds are not required for all the folks, especially those who use vehicles for commercial purposes.

Such persons can customize the use of the Torco accelerator in minimum percentage to achieve their desired speed and performance. Even though usage of Torco accelerator octane booster provides your maximum performance, it should not be exposed to light when it is poured inside the tank. This is because the Torco accelerator is sensitive to sunlight which can hamper its performance. Storage of these octane boosters other than its original container can also inhibit its performance. Irritation in the hands can occur when it comes in contact with the hand. So it is better to have some hand safety gear before working with it.

  • Aerial speed
  • Safe for O2 sensors
  • 105 octane level
  • Expensive

2. Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster

Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster

Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster also possess a elite position in this list as it protects the catalytic converter of the vehicle which in turns provide low detrimental effects on nature. What exactly is a catalytic converter? A catalytic converter is a chamber which is used in the internal combustion engines which operates in either petrol or diesel. They are used to reduce the toxicity of the harmful effluents released during the operation of the engine. They convert the harmful gases like, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide into carbon dioxide and water vapor hence rendering great support to the environmental conservation.

Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster can also be a healthy replacement for the usage of lead additives which was once used to increase the compression ratio. But due to the formation of lead salts and degradation of the environment usage of lead additives were given up.  Additionally, Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster true to its name can boost up your octane number to 3 numbers which is really high. On seeing this, certain people shall think that they can evolve their ordinary vehicle into a race car using this octane booster.

But, that’s totally impractical. The standard of the engine in which this booster is used is also a vital factor which determines the speed. Otherwise, it can just, provide your engine a smooth travel without any unwanted jerks, pinging and rattling sound. Royal Purple MAX BOOST octane booster provides good stability by resisting the fuel from getting detonated before it reaches the ignition temperature. Also, due to the efficient usage of the fuel availability of carbon and other remnants inside the cylinder shall be very minimal thus increasing the life of the engine. 

  • Reduces power loss
  • Octane raise upto 30 points
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Expensive

3. Lucas Oil octane booster

Lucas Oil octane booster

Lucas Oil octane booster is a highly productive octane booster which concentrates on perfect and clean use of the fuel inside the without leaving anything in the solid or liquid form. Unlike other existing products in the market, Lucas Oil octane booster has proved to be efficient in releasing limited effluents from the engine thus preserving the environment and nature. But the environment friendly aspect of this octane booster can be determined only by analyzing the emission in the oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. As we have discussed, catalytic converts reduce the amount of toxicity of the emissions and the oxygen sensor mounted on the exhaust determines the amount of unburned oxygen which can be used find out the efficiency of the engine.

These emissions through these equipments after using Lucas Oil octane booster seems to be eco-friendly when compared to other products and hence they are suitable for all types of engines including turbo, fuel-injected, carbureted etc as it is a concentrated solution which is three times more powerful when compared to any other octane booster . Even though, each packet of this octane booster contains 15 ounces of the solution, it can prove to be an accurate mixture with 25 liters of fuel or gas. Additionally, Lucas Oil octane booster is a simple solution which can also reduce the premature ignition inside the engine thereby reducing the pinging and rattling noise of the engine providing a comfort transit.

  • Safe for turbos
  • Treats 25 gallons of fuel
  • 3 times better than other
  • Bit slow response

4. Klotz octane booster

Klotz Octane Booster

Klotz octane booster is a quality octane booster which can increase the speed of diverse vehicles in various ranges depending upon their engine. Unlike any other octane booster prevailing in the market, Klotz octane booster can afford the change of octane numbers up to a range of 10 numbers which provides exorbitant speed to the vehicles. At the same time, the stabilization of the fuel is also properly maintained by the Klotz octane booster as it provides a high compression ratio to the fuel making it to withstand from getting burnt before the flame front reaches all corners of the space inside the cylinder.

Consequently, the pinging and rattling sound of the engine is drastically reduced thereby providing an optimistic performance to the vehicle.  Since there is no wastage of fuel, the vehicle can also travel for a long distance when working with a fuel mixed with the Klotz octane booster. Moreover, the harmful substances in the emission of the effluents from the engine using this octane booster shall have substances which are less reactive with the environment.

Klotz octane booster can be blended easily with any other solution involving oils, lubricants, petroleum oils etc thus providing a cent percent unpolluted formulation. Conclusively, Klotz octane booster can cause health issues with your skin and so it should be handled with safety gear only. It also abrades paints, fiber glasses, and plastics. Hence care should be to taken to prevent drips and spills in any part of your car while pouring it into the tank.

  • Tetraethyl lead
  • Octane up to 10 numbers
  • Stabilizes flame
  • Uncomfortable shape to use

5. 104+ octane booster

104+ octane booster

104+ octane booster is one of the most effective and synthetically formulated octane booster which bestows multiple benefits to the engine of any type used in trucks, cars etc. It increases the resistivity of the fuel against heat thereby providing a high compression ratio. Due to this increased resistivity, usage of fuel can be stabilized inside the cylinder without being subjected to premature detonation. 104+ octane boosters prevent premature detonation and hence increase the mileage and efficiency of the vehicle.

It is also found to be extremely compatible with any sort of engine like turbo, fuel injections and carburetor type engines. The fuel injectors spray the required amount of fuel into the cylinder which is a part of the entire operation of an engine. Due to the prolonged exposure of the fuel injectors to the heat created in the cylinder, the spray tip, plunger and other delicate parts of the fuel injector gets clogged with residues formed with the reaction of heat with hydrocarbons.

This limits the fuel spray to the cylinder. 104+ octane boosters are formulated with special mixtures which not only reduce the knocking in engines but also clean the fuel injectors as well. Emissions coming out from the engine are not extremely hazardous and so the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converters shall not get spoiled with its effluents. Sometimes the carburetors which mix the air and the fuel shall not operate properly leading to stumbling and deceleration of the vehicles. Even such meticulous issues can be easily solved with the help of 104+ octane booster. Each bottle consists of 6 ounces and it is capable of providing extreme results even if it mixed with 18 gallons of gasoline and also it can be used with fuels of various gasoline mixtures including ethanol.

  • Reduces pings
  • Clean the fuel injectors
  • Increase fuel resistivity
  • Delayed performance

6. RACE-GAS 105 octane booster

RACE-GAS 105 octane booster

RACE-GAS 105 octane booster is an outstanding solution in the motor world which is an extreme pure octane booster without being tainted by a drop of alcohol. True to its name, RACE-GAS 105 octane booster increases the octane number exorbitantly to 105, thus making an engine to give its peak performance. Usually, race fuel corresponds to a big octane number when comparing with the fuel used for commercial vehicles.

The octane number of RACE-GAS 105 octane booster is very high such that it can provide a vehicle to give a race performance if that vehicle is built with a good engine. Even though RACE-GAS 105 octane booster has a big octane number, it does not provide any harm to the fuel system, catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Additionally, it is more compatible to use even in E85 engines. Exx corresponds to the percentage of the ethanol that can be used in engines. Hence E85 says that particular engine can withstand the use of ethanol up to 85%. Ethanol is an alcohol used in alcoholic beverages which is also used as additives in the engines.

The presence of ethanol in the engines shall corrode and eat away the rubber gaskets, vapor locks the carburetor leading to fuel starvation, reduces the gas mileage but still what makes the use of the ethanol to be mandatory? It is the climate. All parts of the world experience different climate and ethanol prevent the freezing of the fuel during winter seasons. Since, RACE-GAS 105 octane booster can be used in such weather friendly engines it can also clean the remnants in the fuel injection path, and the cylinder with advance fuel stabilization.

  • Patented unleaded formula
  • Work in any engine
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Ups and downs in performance

7. STP octane booster

STP Octane Booster

STP octane booster is a dual purpose octane booster which not only increases the stability of the engine but also it can render ultimate cleaning of the fuel intake system. Engines usually make the vehicle to move slowly with eventual crackling and rattling sound when fed with the regular gasoline without any octane booster. The crackling sound created due to the improper engine ignition shall be eradicated using STP octane booster which stabilizes your system with its chemical properties.

Fuel to the does not pour into the cylinder like the water from the dam. It needs to be filtered properly from water, residue and other unwanted substances before entering the engine. Immediately before entering the engine, fuel need to be mixed with the air in the carburetor, then atomized and sprayed into the cylinder. Due to this repeated process, the clogging of various residues due to heat shall hinder the performance of the engine. Such hindrances can be cleaned by this STP octane booster thus providing the fuel path with limited impediments. Usually, a cap is used to close the fuel tank once you have fed your vehicle with fuel.

Sometimes, people forget to close the fuel tank which gradually leads to the gradual vaporization of the gasoline. Moreover, light-sensitive octane boosters used in such vehicles with open fuel tanks can cause adverse reactions inside the tank leading to the failure of the engine. But, usage of STP octane booster shall not vaporize your fuel, at the same time it is not very much reactive to light to cause unfortunate chemical changes inside the tank. Moreover, the price of the bottle is very much affordable for anyone, but the size of the bottle shall not be satisfactory to all.

  • Restores power
  • Two-in-one formula
  • Reduce pinging
  • Overpriced

8. Gumout 510022 octane booster

Gumout 510022 Octane Booster

Gumout 510022 octane booster is also a good pick in the list of best octane boosters as it contains no alcohol. Alcohol is the factor that harms the catalytic carburetors and the oxygen sensors which reduce the toxicity of the effluents from the engine. Hence, it can be inferred that Gumout 510022 octane booster does not cause any sort of destruction to the environment and its surroundings. It increases the resistivity of the fuel against heat thus reducing the knocking of an engine. By shooting up the octane number of the fuel it also increases the mileage and allows best usage of the fuel without wastage. When exposed to skin, it shall cause skin irritation and its associated problems. Vapors coming out of this Gumout 510022 octane booster can also cause dizziness. Hence, proper safety gears like gloves and respirators should be worn before handling octane boosters of such kind.

  • Safe for turbocharged vehicles
  • High boost in octane combustion
  • Reduce emissions
  • Take a while to see the difference

9. Boostane Professional Octane Booster

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

Boostane Professional Octane Booster is an eminent booster which can provide a high octane number of 116 with the fuel. Due to the high octane number, vehicles which use this octane booster shall definitely be faster than the other vehicles. Boostane Professional Octane Booster is reinforced with an app which helps the user to customize their fuel needs according to the type of the vehicle they possess.

It can increase the fuel stabilization of the vehicles by having high compression ratio comparing to other vehicles which uses other brands of octane boosters. Erosion of rubber parts, vapor locks, fuel starvation caused by ethanol can be rectified with the use of Boostane Professional Octane Booster. Moreover, it also provides lubrication to the parts in the cylinder which are more vulnerable to abrasions of various degrees.

Apart from these optimistic solutions, it also clears the sediments and flakes which get attached to the inner parts of the engine. Other than the above mentioned features, Boostane Professional Octane Booster also reduces the pinging and rattling noise from the engine which occurs due to improper ignition. The significant feature of this Boostane Professional Octane Booster is the certification from a third party which endorses the operation of the octane booster as mentioned in its advertisement.

  • Prevents flakely sediment
  • Increases octane upto 116
  • Safe for gasoline engines
  • Work best for racing car

10. VP Racing Fuels 2855 octane booster

VP Racing Fuels 2855 octane booster

True to its name, VP Racing Fuels 2855 octane booster is an awesome booster product formulated for the cause of race enthusiasts. Apart from the races, this octane booster can also be used for elevating the pickup of several trucks which struggle to pull the weight, but make sure about the engine specification before get into such an activity. The volume of this octane booster is 32 ounces which is higher than the volume of any other octane booster in this list thus providing a high performance to price ratio and this complete bottle can be used to treat 10 gallons to gas to show improved efficiency.

It is a superior octane booster which does not flinch from the primary operation of maintaining the fuel stabilization and prevention of knocking in the engine creating a rattling sound. Apart from that, it prevents the engine hesitation, as we raise the throttle which is characterized by the stumbling of the engine. Not only that, it also affords cleansing the fuel system from sediments, flakes and clogs without any flaw. But, the unfortunate part of VP Racing Fuels 2855 octane booster is that it is a lead substitute booster which uses tetraethyl lead to increase the compression ratio of the fuel and eventually lead constituents shall lead to terrible wear and tear of the seat valves whose repair shall be very expensive.

Since today’s engines are evolved to used oxygen sensors and catalytic carburetors they are only compatible with only classical cars which have outdated engines. Not only the solution, but also the vapors of the VP Racing Fuels 2855 octane booster are flammable at high temperatures. Hence care should be taken when using it at hot countries and make sure that you don’t forget to follow proper safety procedures.

  • Improves throttle response
  • Eliminate knocking
  • Raise octane up to 8 numbers
  • Not for commercial use


  1. I had tried all sorts of the booster to my car. But I have not yet satisfied with those boosters. Now, I am in search of getting new gasoline. So could you suggest me to choose the booster, giving better satisfaction?

  2. My vehicle needs an octane boost and Royal Purple is the best that I have ever used. I have no issues with using Royal Purple. It gives better mileage and will save you on your gas. It is such an amazing product. The bottle is really a well worth product.


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