The helmet is one of the most important equipment to keep you safe and secure on your motorcycles and there are a full face and modular helmets which are very popular in markets. A modular helmet is designed for adding an extra comfort to flip it into an open-faced helmet. It is modeled to get a fresh or cool air when you are riding at a high speed on the road without taking the helmet off from your head. The open face helmets have much benefits of being cooler with a better visibility and it looks very attractive and stylish.

If you need to get a full protection for your head, the full-faced helmets are the better choice. It will be lightweight as well as aerodynamic so you will not feel an extra weight on the top of your body. If you plan to go for a long ride, then the full-faced helmets will provide you an extra protection. It also prevents the rider from too much of dust, pollution, rain and also offers you a plenty of airflows to keep always chill and cool.

Also, the design of the modular helmet makes it much simpler to wear your glasses so that you can ride your motorcycle very comfortably; while you are wearing it the front face flip end should be raised up to avoid any damages for your glasses. The modular helmets help to give you more protection when you are riding a bike, it avoids crashes, and also prevent your eyes, ears, and the neck. They can be flipped up so the helmet doesn’t need to be taken off from your head to talk to the person in a phone call; you can just answer them by flipping your helmet above.

Most of the helmets have a single toggle button at the center of the chin or at the side of the chin; the center button needs a single hand to operate, but the side button is not very satisfying.

Some of the Best Full Face Modular Helmets are given below:

NameKey FeatureMaterial 
ScorpionExoAnti-Fog face shieldPolycarbonate, Dual Density EPS Check Price
HJCAdvanced Channeling VentilationPolycarbonate Check Price
YEMAReinforced chin strapAerodynamic ABS, Multi-Density EPS Check Price
HJCAdvanced CAD technologyPolycarbonate Chinbar Check Price
ILMBluetooth 3.0 technologyMicrofiber, Polycarbonate Check Price
1StormUV ProtectiveAerodynamic Thermoplastic Alloy Check Price
BellAnti-scratch shellPolycarbonate/ABS Check Price
HawkAerodynamic shellThermoplastic Check Price
1StormWashable paddingThermoplastic Alloy Check Price
IV2Dual inner sun visorABS Thermal Plastic, Fiber, Foam Check Price

1. ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

If you are looking for a new model sports helmet the ScorpionExo will be the right choice; it is very capable of protecting you in case of any crash or accidents. It has an oval shape with many useful features; it is user-friendly so that this helmet can be heavier and expensive than other models. It is redesigned with a different structure and ventilation which gives a smoother ride for you and gives EXO-GT920 a cool, fashionable look. Most of them prefer this helmet because of its lightweight design it is also very durable, strong, and light so it may not cause any discomfort for you.

It can easily integrate with a Bluetooth system near the ear positions so you can easily attend the call on the way to work or listen to some music. The ventilation system in this helmet makes you feel comfortable in warm conditions it forces the cool air to come in. The faceshield can optimize the visibility under a heavy sunlight which can give you a good vision under the lights of night. When you travel each day with the helmet for a long distance dust and sweat will be collected on it so you may get some face problems but this helmet provides you to remove the liners and make a clean wash with soap and water.

  • Anti-Fog face shield
  • Dual density EPS
  • Anti-Scratch hardened coating
  • Long oval shaped

2. HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular helmet

It may be a right choice to choose this helmet because it prevents you from all kinds of injury, protects the head from serious damages, so this can offer you an ultimate protection. It is one of the most comfortable, stylish and an affordable product that can keep the rider safe and give a smoother experience while biking. It is not too heavy the material used in this helmet is very durable but it is extremely light so it may not add any burden for the rider it also uses an advanced CAD technology.

It also comes with a fitting chin strap which can be opened with a single button so the rider can easily; just remove the straps and open the front shield while holding the bike with another hand. It offers the Bluetooth speaker that helps to connect your phone and move in hands-free mode the sound quality will be extremely perfect. It has a built-in UV protection shield because the front shield is designed with a material that prevents the person from harmful UV rays. This helmet also has an advanced ventilation system which controls the heat and humidity that makes you feel cozy.

  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation
  • QuickSlide tools
  • UV protection
  • Expensive

3. YEMA YM-925 Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

These helmets cover the front and back sides of the head and also the face to give full protection to the users; it ensures your safety wherever you go. It is constructed with an ultimate high-quality ABS material that offers an aerodynamic feature; you can use this full-face helmet at any weather conditions because it has been equipped with in and out ventilated ports so cool air can enter into your face. It also comes with a fully removable and washable liner pad to keep your helmet fresh, clean and odor free.

It will be comfortable to wear, has a fashionable design with inner and outer visors which can be removed easily with the help of specialized tools. The YEMA helmet has been constructed to provide comfort and protection for the riders and also allows communicating with other people and listening to music, GPS instructions can also be noticed with the help of Bluetooth headset. The interior part of the helmet is made of foam which can be rigid and odor free; wearing the helmet for some time can make the foam to soften up and keep you comfortable.

  • Reinforced chin strap
  • QuickSlide protection
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Not scractch resistant

4. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC 980-615 IS-MAX helmet

The HJC IS-MAX II Modular Helmet is one of the flip-flop modular crash helmet with a good sun visor it looks very attractive. It is the best safest helmet because the shell is constructed with a polycarbonate which provides an outstanding performance and a better improvement for the users. It comes with a large and easy to use the switch on the chin guard with a slider on the forehead; it is easy to open the chin guard with just one gloved hand. It has an advanced ventilation system so you will not feel any discomfort while moving on the road.

The removable and washable liner is moisture-wicking with glass grooves which can be more comfortable for glass wearers and simple to slip them when fixing the helmet. It has a new 3D design that offers 95% UV protection, an anti-scratch coating which makes a proper face shield for you. The HJC has a flip down internal visor so you no need to stop and remove the sunglasses it’s just easy to move the internal shield to protect the eye. It is made of lightweight materials with superior fit and comfort by using an advanced CAD technology.

  • Advanced CAD technology
  • Locking mechanism
  • One hand operation
  • Less padding

5. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip-up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular

The ILM helmet has extraordinary features that may grasp any rider’s attention which comes with a fully integrated Bluetooth system which will be easy to set up. It also has a built-in MP3 system with headphones and microphones so you can receive calls and talk to them without stopping your motorcycle or removing your helmet. It is designed with a full front covering when the face shield is down; this helmet has an aerodynamic design which protects you from any lift or drag at high speeds. The sound quality at high speed can make a huge difference to the riding with the Bluetooth helmet.

The internal visor can be adjusted or controlled by a single toggle switch on the side of the helmet; the external visor moves with the front of the helmet when you flip it to open. The user should insert a Bluetooth receiver into the port at the base of the helmet; the receiver will be chargeable but you no need to take it off from the helmet. The Bluetooth technology provides 8 hours of talking time with 110 hours of standby mode; it can be operated by a single touch FM, GPS and music are also available. This helmet is modeled with a microfiber lining which is kept in the interior part of the helmet which is washable so it keeps you odor free and fresh.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • GPS navigation audio
  • Built-in speakers
  • Less battery life

6. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular helmet

The 1Storm face helmets have a protective outer shell of lightweight materials which is highly durable. It has a different type of designs; the interior part of the helmet is constructed with a heavy, plush and cushioning inner pad which can make your cheeks comfortable while riding. It is extremely light and durable because it is made with an aerodynamic and thermoplastic technology which is a safer choice to choose. This 1Storm helmet comes with a three ventilation controls which can give the rider a fresh air to breathe when he’s riding at a higher speed.

The benefit of this ventilation is that it cuts the unwanted noise from outside and offers an enjoyable riding experience to the rider. The face shield provides the crystal clear vision to the rider so that he can be stress less and make shade with the front shield; it may be useful for him to overcome the obstacles on the road better. It has a high amount of cushioning which is needed for your face while wearing the helmet; it can also be easily removed and washed so you may not feel bad odor, this comes with high-quality materials.

  • UV Protective
  • Dual lens design
  • Completly removable
  • Too small

7. Bell Revolver Evo Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip-up Helmet

Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Revolver Flip-up Helmet has many numbers of improved features like a new chin curtain, redesigned eyeport seal and flips down a shade. The new-fashioned ventilation can allow a cool air into your head which makes you more enthusiastic and fresh. It comes in many colors and designs so you have many choices to get the best helmet. The extraordinary visor can protect you from the harmful UV rays; it is one of the best modular helmets which are made from lightweight materials so it will not be a burden for the rider when he wears it.

The velocity flow ventilation system can make your ride even more enjoyable. The polycarbonate material is used in the shell for making it more durable; the interior padding helps not only for deep breathing but it is also antibacterial. It has a single button face shield and chin bar so you need not stop the bike or remove the helmet to talk while you are moving on a road. It is constructed with ABS shell so it allows some fast and easy way of protecting yourself without any specialized tools.

  • Anti-scratch shell
  • Anti-fog
  • D-ring closure
  • Louder

8. Hawk ST 11121 8GB FX Glossy Black Modular Helmet

Hawk ST 11121 8GB helmet

The Hawk ST Glossy Helmet offers you the optimal comfort and a good protection in a modular design; it is constructed with a thermoplastic material so it will not be too heavy to carry. The aerodynamic shell can make the rider to feel very comfortable and fresh when he is moving at a high speed. This helmet is redesigned with an upper and lower chin bar so that you can easily breathe the air and adjust with a single button by your hand. The exterior part of the helmet is light and durable; the stability of this Hawk is extremely high.

The built-in visor is both fog and scratch resistant which may be adaptable to any conditions. The polycarbonate face shield is used to protect your face from the harmful UV rays or sunlight; it is one of the best moisture-wicking helmet liners and cheek pads; so it can be breathable, soft and feasibly removable and washable. The Bluetooth 2.0 allows you to communicate with others, the sound quality of the speaker offer a clear and consistent performance. The volume of the speaker can be adjusted itself; you can also listen to music, MP3 or GPS navigation.

  • Aerodynamic shell
  • Upper and lower chin bar
  • Built-in visor
  • Too tight

9. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle helmet

The 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular is designed with a dual visor; if you need the feel of a sun or wind on your face you can just flip up the main visor so it will be refreshing for you. It is extremely durable and safe because of its inner lining and solid build materials; this helmet will be the perfect choice for you when you need to move a long distance. The aerodynamic and thermoplastic shell is used to keep the helmet very light. It has an affordable budget but it contains many useful features to make it one of the best models in the market today.

It is the best visor in the market for keeping the over brightness away and protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays; the visor has both inner smoked lens and an integrated sun shield to get the better result. It has a fantastic design and an attractive look; it is a good model for rides around the city due to its modular design.

This is one of the high-performance helmets which is glove friendly and is waterproof; it has a durable lightweight material with removable and washable interiors and an EPS impact inner lining. It is made with an advanced flip up which allows you to enjoy the protection of a full face helmet by just a push on a toggle button. Its inner lens provides an extraordinary lighting that makes you to enjoy the night riding very smoothly.

  • Washable padding
  • Glossy design
  • Advanced flip up
  • Small for oval headed people

10. IV2 Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

IV2 Helmets modular helmets

The design of this helmet is very simple which gives an enjoyable experience for the riders and it comes with a dual visor. If you are riding at an extreme cold or hot condition you can cover the full face with visor, but if it is too irritating then you can just open face by just pressing a single toggle button on the side of the helmet. It is constructed with a thick inner lining to protect your skull and to keep the internal of the helmet soft for the user.

The inner side is shielded by EPS absorption to keep the head safe in case of any accidents. In most of the helmets, the inner lining is not washable but the IV2 modular helmet allows you to remove it and clean well to get rid of bad odors. An advanced thermoplastic shell gives you an extra security and comfort with an efficient ventilation system; there are several openings for passing air while moving on the road. It is the cheap, durable and a stylish helmet; the Matte Black Dual Visor looks great because of its unique design, color, and durability. The UV treated coating keeps the helmet to look new for a long time. 

  • Dual inner sun visor
  • EPS impact foam
  • Unique SAMURAI design
  • Loud wind noise

Buying Guide:


It may be discomfortable when you have a heavy helmet, so it is a good idea to pick a helmet with lightweight. It may cause a heavy burden on your neck and maybe lead to some health-related issues like causing neck pain if goes unchecked. The lightweight helmets are well designed and make you go for a long drive by wearing it.

The inner lining should be given by EPS to provide you a very comfortable journey. It will be perfect for all kinds of weather and there can be many numbers of breathable vents to accommodate warm weather rides. It offers the rider with the ease of mobility and reduced weight/stress less on the neck. This type of helmets gives more safety, durability and a comfortable ride for the users.


Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory to protect the head against falling objects and on the side of the head, eyes, and neck from any bumps or scrapes. You must choose the helmet which can provide you a good protection. It must also consist of protective padding that absorbs energy from the impact and reduces the force given to the head.

The inner padding must be made with high-quality foams to offer a soft cushioning feel for you while driving the motorcycle. The most common cause of head injuries is because of falling against the sharp and hard objects, to avoid such kind of accidents you must have a clear idea before choosing the helmet.


The ventilation on your helmet keeps your head cool in summer or if you are riding for long hours. The great vents at the front of the helmet help your visor fog free and it reduces misting. Most of the helmets are designed with sliders over the vent holes so you can open or close it. You must buy a helmet with good venting so that it can give you a good and comfortable riding experience.

Some of the helmets have a vent hole at the front or top of the crown which gives a refreshing air to pass through the holes. The fabric liner must be used at the interior part of the helmet to pass the air directly onto the head. It is also possible to keep vent holes on the two sides of the chin bar also which passes the air at the back of the visor to keep the misting up and also allows extra ventilation around the jaw.


It is very important to choose the helmet that gives a good and comfortable fit for you, for that you must know the exact head size. Most of the helmets are adjustable, it may have a twist at the back or you can change the thickness of the foam panel inside the helmet.

The fit helmet should be snugly and be refreshing to wear, just wrap the tape around the full part of your head. You must measure an exact size to get a good and fit helmet, it is also possible to match the shape of the rider’s head as it is worn but it must not get looser when you turn side to side.

Bottom line:

It is very important to find the right helmet; well fitting motorcycle helmet offers a safer and a comfortable ride. Be Smart and Be Safe! Ride with a good quality helmet and enjoy your life. Leave a comment below.


  1. I purchased YEMA YM-925 last month. The model and color of the helmet attract me a lot, so I bought this. But after using it I loved to use only this YEMA full face helmet. I do wear glasses and they fit comfortably inside, even with the inner shield down. It covers your full face and protects you from danger. My husband also loves this too.

  2. I am thinking of getting a new helmet for me. Your info is extraordinary. Could you suggest me the best one, which offers the highest level of protection?


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