Is it chill outside? Looking for some blanket or sheet that can keep you warm and cozy in your bed?

Electric blankets are effective heaters, a warm cozy electric heated blanket appeals to many people during winter months. A good heated blanket is a powerful element that you need during the time of winter or any chill climate to keep you warm, to feel the comfort and to have a pleasant sleep.

When the weather turns cold, it’s a great choice to use a full-size electric blanket as it helps to keep you warm. Are you tired of getting a high electric bill from not shutting it off? Buy Electric blanket with timer and leave the controller in ON position and let the appliance timer do the work.

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The best electric heating blanket helps you save money on your electricity bill so don’t have to raise the temperature frequently.

These largely heated blankets are designed with a lot of adjustable heat settings so you can use it even in summer months. Additionally, the best electric throw blankets are available in larger sizes, such as queen and king, with dual heating settings for couples with varied temperature preferences.

Here are the top-rated electric blanket reviews based on the reviews by consumer report.

NameKey FeatureMaterial 
Soft HeatLow voltage technologyMicro fleece fabric Check Price
Sunbeam10 heat settingsPolyester fabric Check Price
Trillium WorldwideLED indicatorPolyester fleece Check Price
SertaPower save designPolyester brushed micro fleece Check Price
BiddefordAutomatic shut offUltra luxurious micro plush Check Price
Shavel Home ProductsMicro flannelEuropean cotton Check Price
Bial HoNano-carbon fiber heating elementSoft micro plush Check Price
SunbeamThermofine technologyQuilted fleece Check Price
Convenient GadgetsTwo level heatings Soft plush velour Check Price
Sports Imports LLCEasy to wash and cleanPolyester fleece Check Price

Top rated Electric Blankets of 2019!

After long research over the above features, factors and other important aspects, I have collected top 10 picks of Electric Blankets from a collection of about 100 different types of Heated Blankets; proceed below to check out the best picks

1. Best king size blanket- Soft Heat Electric Heated King Sized Blanket

Soft Heat is a unique manufacturer of electrical appliances and has a special place in the market for electric blankets. Experience the comfort, softness, material quality with Soft heat. Micro-Fleece Fabric is the high-grade quality materials used, and most of their products are machine washable.

Why do we recommend it?

As said earlier, best Electric blankets give comfort and convenience for the users. The high-grade quality material used in this blanket is the plush fabrics which are soft by nature. After testing more than 50 products our team experts found that Soft Heat is the best safest electric blanket.

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King size bed warmer

The manufacturer had adapted to the safest technology which allows the customers to feel warm during their sleep. There is a pre-heating feature associated with the blanket so that the warmness can be felt all over the sheet.

Dual heat electric blanket

There are dual controllers, and zoned heating which can be used in all types of beds and each person can adjust his/her temperature without sacrificing others preferences.

Low voltage heated blanket

The technology of safe, warm and low voltage is another significant advantage of this product. This product operates less than 25 volts and contains a tiny power supply box which has the capability of changing a 120 volt AC home current into the low voltage DC.

Best heated comforter

This is the reason you feel the warmth even when the blanket is wet. If you consider the regular wires, they might be thick, uncomfortable and has a bulky look. But the wire used in this product provides the expected warm without any discomfort.

Highest rated electric blanket

The price of this product is high but worth the penny spent for it; this product comes with a weight of 8.4 pounds and is made up of ultra-soft microfleece fabrics which are of high quality.


  • 100% polyester
  • Micro fleece fabric
  • Low voltage technology


  • Non-porous

2. Best twin electric blanket- Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket

Sunbeam is one of the leading and popular manufacturers of electric blankets. They are best for their high-grade quality materials used, durability and reliability. The Queen size Sunbeam soft velvet plush heated blanket gives a luxurious feel of warmth and comfort, perfect for cold wintry nights.

Why do we recommend it?

What’s best in this product? This blanket is made from ultra-plush polyester fleece that holds heat well so it provides a night long thermoregulation. High-quality fleece fabric is used in this product which gives the extra softness of this blanket. It has an automatic shut-off function.

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Temperature control blanket

The control of this heated throw blanket is lit for easy use even at night. It comes with three heat settings which you can adjust according to your warmth. With its advanced Thermofine technology, the blanket can automatically adjust the temperature to make it stable for long hours.

Best price on an electric blanket

The price of this product is far less when compared to the previous product. The Sunbeam electric heated fleece blanket is a machine washable electric blanket. The GSM is about 160 and lushness of 2mm. It’s the best electric blanket for a double bed.

Warm fuzzy blanket

They come with a pro controller and let you choose the heat setting from low to medium to high. After using the electric blanket for three hours, it’ll shut off automatically. The Sunbeam warming throw blanket senses the warmth needed and capable of adjusting based on it.

Sunbeam warranty

Sunbeam provides five years of the warranty period for this electric blanket product. Adjust the heat settings and sleep peacefully with maximum comfort and reliability with this Sunbeam product.

Heavyweight Plush blanket

The product is about 4.2 pounds in weight and available with a dimension of 7X11X13 inches. Acorn, Seashell, Garnet, Lvy, lagoon, Mushroom and walnut are some of the designs available from Sun beam.


  • 10 heat settings
  • Auto off function
  • Machine washable


  • Comfortable for sofa than bed

3.Best Travel electric blanket-Trillium Worldwide Heated Travel Blanket 

Trillium Worldwide is the leading manufacturer of electrical appliances, and they are popular in the product for their productability and for the innovations they bring in their products. Travel blankets are typically lightweight and small in size, so they’re easy to pack for cold days and long trips

Why do we recommend it?

Trillium worldwide blanket is a top choice for anyone who wants to relax while on the road. You can just fold it and keep it on your car to get through the toughest winter. It’s the best electric blanket for a car; the polyester fleece used in this dual control heated blanket warms up rapidly.

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Ultra soft blanket

The heated fleece travel electric blanket from trillium can make the users comfortable on long trips on the road and can be used for camping as well. It has been constructed using 100% super-soft polyester fiber, wherever there is no room and a warm bed is required, the electric blanket would serve the purpose ideally.

Automated turn-off feature

The adjustable timer automatically turns the blanket off after 30 to 45 minutes, to keep you safe. Powered through any cigarette lighter, it’s a low amp draw so it won’t suck power away from car’s other features.

Large heated blanket

With the dimensions of 42 x 58 inches, this blanket spreads easily across two bucket seats. You can use this feature to keep kids warm in the backseat or keep both front seats toasty. There is an LED light indicator with 7-foot fused cord for the easy identification of the unit.

Best affordable electric blanket

Trillium is the cheap king size electric blankets and is available in different colors namely black, brown, chocolate, blue, navy and red plaid. This is one of the best value electric blankets used for travel, road trips, camps, emergencies and RV’s.


  • Automatic shutoff
  • LED indicator
  • Electrically heated throw plugs


  • Barely warm

4.Best Electric throw blanket- Serta Electric Heated Blanket

Serta, the best manufacturer of Electric blankets, provides the high-grade quality materials and fabrics which accompany the preheat functions for the comfort and safety of their products. The Luxurious low voltage Electric Heated Micro-Plush Triple-rib Blanket from Serta has been produced to provide a maximum level of comfort to the user.

Why do we recommend it?

The electric blanket from Serta is able to offer warmth to the users even when it’s not connected to the power source. Serta is the best low voltage electric blanket which makes it safe for anyone and anywhere. With this heated blanket, there are no hot spots or cold spots as the heat produced by the blanket is spread evenly.

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High-quality heated blanket

These soft heat electric blankets can be used while you are on a couch, bed or a chair. They have about four different heats setting to maintain the comfortless and warm condition. Many warm heated blankets come with thick wires but Serta has thin and small wires.

Fleece comfort blanket  

Serta’s material is made up of 100% polyester with microfleece fabrics in them. This will provide the comfort and the reliability for the user who is covering this blanket over them. The power supply boxes are small yet it’s able to transform the 120VAC input into 12V DC output which is used to warm up the blanket.

Auto shut-off feature

There is a shut off with auto features which can be used for the safety purpose; this will also save your power and can be used based on your convenience. It’s a USB powered electric blanket. You can dry wash the electric blankets also this is machine washable.

Available in various colors namely chocolate, beige, Grey and Slate blue. They weigh about 2.5 pounds and come in a dimension of 50X60X0.5 inches.


  • Power saving design
  • Easy to wash
  • ETL Certified


  • Very thin

5. Best Electric blanket for couples- Biddeford Micro-plush Electric Heat Blanket

Biddeford, which is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic appliances, produces excellent products related to it. Experience the comfort and safety using these Biddeford products. The dual-sided Microplush heated blanket with one microfleece side and one Sherpa fleece side for adding comfort.

Why to buy Biddeford?

Do you love to sleep comfortably while kicking the cold-out? If this is the case, the Biddeford heated blanket is the right choice. Biddeford plush heated electric blanket is made up of micro plush fabrics which are considered to be the ultra-luxurious, and you will be able to experience the warm, softness and coziness through this high-grade quality material used within them.

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Auto-off Biddeford electric blankets

The Biddeford heated blanket controllers are of two types which include ten heating settings through which you will be able to adjust the warm settings, apart from that there is an automatic shut off option with 10 hours for the convenience of the users.

Machine washable

From the Biddeford heated blanket review, it’s clear that they are machine washable and they can be dried easily. The weight of this product is about 7 pounds the manufacturer provides one year warranty for their users.

Affordable & Durable

The price of this product is affordable and are available in various colors namely Azure, Egg shell, pewter, sea-foam green, Dark crimson, chocolate and Golden rod with some of the suitable sizes twin, queen and king. The Biddeford Electric Blanket warranty is excellent and it’s a good option if you’ve a limited budget.


  • Ultra luxurious microplush
  • Warm fabric
  • Two controller


  • Uneven heat

6. Best Buy – Shavel Home Products Thermee Electric Blanket

Are you searching for an over electric and a fitted Electric blanket for you? You can choose shavel home products without any hesitation. Soft wire technology is finely enclosed in between a specially crafted wet-proof cloth, Shavel blanket adds elegance and classic look to any bedroom.

Why to buy?

The luxurious Thermee electric blanket from Shavel Home Products is top quality, a durable electric heating blanket which provide ultimate comfort. The material, micro plush fabric is made up of 100% polyester, and they are imported.

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Long cords

With many blankets, while they work just fine yet we’ll have trouble using them because of the short cords. Shavel provides 16-foot cords so it’s easy to plug them in where the power cord will not be a problem.

All size secure heat settings

The Shavel Home Products Thermee comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King. The electric heated throw blanket is equipped with eight secure settings so that you can adjust to the level of warmth you prefer.

Energy Saver

An auto shut-off function will turn the heater off after 10 hours of operation for added safety and energy savings. A thin wire is enclosed within the electric blanket which gives a decent look without any bulky nature and there are no discomforts while you cover the blanket.

They weigh about 11.3 pounds and come in the dimension of 13X7.5X10 inches.

Multiple color options

You can find this type of electric blanket in different colors like Cocoa, English Blue, Lilac, Khaki/Tan, Pinecone, Sage, Sand and Slate grey.


  • Micro flannel
  • European cotton
  • Fast drying


  • Heavy

7.  Best for travel- Bial Ho  Lap Electric Blanket

Bial Ho, one of the recent manufacturer of Electric Blanket are best in developing electrical appliances for their customers at an affordable rate. Bial Ho USB heated lap blanket will make it be a comfy and cozy area to ease busy and tired.

Why to buy?

Bial Ho Lap USB-powered electric blanket is operated with the use of a USB. You can plug to any USB devices like power bank, Laptop, Personal Computer, etc. They are made up of comfortable and the soft micro plush materials which give them a smooth feeling while you touch the blanket.

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Multi-purpose blanket

There is a heating element in the form of nano-carbon fiber which produces healthy infrared rays. They can be used for multi-functionalities and can be utilized in many places like workplaces, couch, bed, chair, etc.

Lightweight electric blanket

You can wrap it throughout the shoulders, you can use over your lap, gaming time and for many purposes. The weight of this product is about 8.8 ounces which are light in weight and can be portable to any place so that you can use it during your travel too. This would be also a perfect gift for the travel freaks.

Best dual control electric blanket

Machine washable and can be dried easily without any discomfort. There is a time switcher for adjusting the time of the warm feel and also a dual controller for the comfort of each.


Are you searching for a basic model electric blanket at a reasonable rate? Then Bial Ho is the right pick for you. The price of this produce is less, and they come in different colors like Black, Chocolate etc.


  • USB powered
  • Plush material
  • Two color choices


  • Small heating area

8.Best Twin- Sunbeam Twin Size Electric Blanket 

The Sunbeam Twin size Electric blanket gives you the ultimate warmth and comfort. This heated blanket comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. Advanced Thermofine technology can monitor the temperature and adjust automatically. Sunbeam is the best electric blanket amazon.

Why to buy?

Dual controls which help every individual to adjust the warmth setting based on their needs without sacrificing the partner’s needs. Available with ten different heat settings with ten hours different automatic shut off function. They can fit just into a twin sized bed.

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Energy Saver

The weight of this product is about 4.2 pounds and is available in the dimension 13.1X11.2X7 inches. Machine washable and can be dried easily. This is one of the best types of an electric blanket, which gives the maximum warm at an affordable rate. You can save your energy and money if you are apt to Sunbeam Electric Blanket.

Features of Sunbeam Electric blankets

Sunbeam blankets are not just blankets with heating coils; they are equipped with an advanced technique such as special sensors which detects the coldest part of the body and target heat directly to those areas.

Color options

The price of this product is affordable and are available in different sizes and in various colors like Blue, Cocoa etc. They are made up of high-grade polyester quality materials with a Sunbeam quilted technology to maintain the warm over the blanket.


  • Thermofine technology
  • Auto-adjust heat control
  • Extra soft


  • Difficult to handle heat control option

9. Best for workplaces- Convenient Gadgets & Gifts Heated Lap Electric Blanket

Convenient gadgets and gifts, from the manufacturer name you might have known, what types of products they produce. They had developed more successful products in the market. The USB heating Blanket is a soft plush velour blanket which surrounds the heating pad for ultimate comfort.

Why to buy?

There is a heating pad which helps the plush velour blanket for the warmth feel around the blanket. As this is USB powered, you can plug this to any electronic devices like desktop, laptop, etc. for charging.

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USB plugs

There are three USB plugs along with the products, one for low and other two for high. This is suitable for any workplace that does not include office desk heaters. There is a lap Blanket which measures 17 inches wide and 31 inches long. It’s the best electric lap blanket UK as it offers a lot of benefits to the user.

Dimension & weight

The heat output produced by this blanket is equal to one cat or a dog. The product weighs about 1.4 pounds and comes with a dimension of 13.2X9.7X2.4 inches.


The price of this product is less, so it’s one of the cheap fuzzy blankets in our list and they are available in different colors namely blue, black, chocolate brown etc.


  • USB heating
  • Two-level heatings
  • Large sheet


  • Could be bigger

10. Best electric throw- Sports Imports LLC  Fleece Electric Heat Blanket

Sports Imports LLC, one of the leading producers of home and auto accessories develop each and every product based on customer expectation and with the best price. It’s the best price dual control electric blanket which is currently available in the market.

Why to buy?

It can easily convert a 12 Volt home supply to standard 12V DC current. Sports 12V Electric heated blanket is best for long road trips, camping, etc. There are two different levels of heat control available with this product for extra comfort.

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They come up in two different styles namely 12V fleece and SIL- RBHB Fleece. The weight of this product is about 1.9 pounds and is available in the dimension of 10X10X4 inches.

Auto shut-off feature

There is a dual control available within the blanket so that an individual can adjust the warmth based on his without any discomfort. There is an auto time switch to adjust the time settings.

High-quality product

The price of this product is affordable and can be suitable for different size of couches or beds and is available in Red, Beige, and Black. They are made of high-grade quality polyester blend material with micro plush fleece that helps to maintain the warm overall your blanket.


  • Thermostat
  • Easily cleaned
  • Breathable fabric


  • Take time to heat up

What is an Electric Blanket?

Before we get into the guide on purchasing the Best Electric Blanket, you need to know what an electric blanket is.

Heating Blankets, which is the other name for Electric Blanket contains a thin set of electrical wires embedded within the sheet to heat up the bed. To experience this, you need to plug this into your main supply whenever you are in need of an electric blanket.

There is an electric heating element within the blanket, which gives the warmness when you cover the blanket over you. They are designed in such a way that the sheet goes on top which is opposite to an electric mattress pad which lies at the bottom of the bed sheet.

What are the Types of Electric Blankets?

There are three different types of Electric Blankets namely Electric Mattress pads, Heating Blankets, and Heated throw blankets. You need to know which is the right and suitable type before you get an electric blanket for you.

Also, check your blanket is an Over blanket or under blanketFitted or Unfitted electric blanket.

Researchers have found out that the warm radiation produced from the electric blankets helps you to relieve from any pain, sinus problems and allergies.

Applications of an Electric Blanket

An Electric heated blanket is used for various purposes; let’s see about its importance and uses below.

Electric blankets for dogs

If your puppy is prone to getting cold, a heated blanket may be just the thing you’re looking for.

It is extremely useful when your canine has short hair and small size, your dog will be healthier and happier if he has somewhere to lie down and elevate his temperature.

Electric blankets for cars

Cold season, overnight road trips, long travel –there are so many situations in which you must have the best-heated blankets for your car handy.

As they’re portable and less expensive than heated seats, you can easily upgrade about any ride with cozy blankets. The 12-volt fleece blanket works better with cars, trucks, RVs and SUVs as it may definitely help to warm up in freezing weather.

Electric blankets for cats

Heated cat blankets offer many benefits for your pet. Usually, cats love to sleep in a warm environment;

Especially during winter months, we all want to curl up under the blanket sometimes pets also will join you. Electric blankets are harmless for pets, so give your cat the option to easily move and breathe while using a blanket.

Electric blankets for camping

When you go camping to enjoy nature, you would love to spend time with family and have a good night rest.

Without a good sleep camping trip will not be interesting, so use an electric blanket to keep you warm and cozy. Wrap yourself with the heated blanket and stay comfortable.

Electric blankets for beds

Get a blanket to sleep conveniently at cold season; it can be used even during hot days to offer great comfort.

Turn on the blanket before getting to bed, and once it heated up the bed, they turn it off and hop in. There are tons of models available in the market, pick the best and beat the winter months.

Electric blankets for babies

There are blankets for babies also, with this you can make your child warm and maintain the body temperature at the correct level.

Electric blankets are designed with 100% airflow so air easily flows through dome shape without any interruption.

Get an electric blanket and have a peaceful and comfortable sleep during chill days.

How much you need to spend on these Electric Blankets?

Price of an electric blanket depends on various factors like size, features, material quality, durability, comfortable feel, etc. If you are opting for a basic model blanket, you can spend about $30 to $130, and for a deluxe model, you can pay

A Powerful Guide to Choose the Best Electric Blanket

I know you guys are here, as you have decided to select one of the best electric blankets for you. Read this guide thoroughly for getting the blanket that is worth the money you are spending along with the right features and suitability.

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You might have already read various sources, many customers’ reviews for getting the right one. Maybe you have different opinions and are confused about selecting the right electric blanket.

Trust me; you will be out of your confusion and will choose one of the best electric blankets happily and steadily without any chaos after reading this complete guide.

How to Choose the Best Electric Blanket that let you keep safe?

Have you heard of the proverb “Better be safe than sorry”? As this electric blanket is an electrical appliance, you need to be aware of some important cautions when you choose or use an electric blanket.

  • Always prefer an electric blanket that includes an ETL or UL mark on it

What is the use of this mark? It’s a guarantee for the blanket that it has met the best standard for electric appliances in the United States. Every Manufacturer will check for this before they retail to the customers.

  • Never go for Second Hand Electric Blankets

Whatever the electric appliance may be, you should never prefer the second-hand ones. If you are considering safety as one of the important factors, then you to go for a new one.

Never take the risk of any electrical appliances. Move away from them and get a new one without any single scratch or defects.

  • Prefer an Electric Blanket that has low voltages

Always pick blankets with low voltages because there are chances of reducing any electric shock risks. Check whether your Electric Blankets are associated with the following factors.

  • Consider the Safety

If an electric blanket meets the current Underwriters Laboratories Electric Bedding Safety Standard, then they are considered as one of the safest product in the market.

Before you buy an electric blanket for you or your kids, you should read their guidelines thoroughly so that you can avoid the ones that are not safe.

If you are choosing an electric blanket for your pets, you need to get the low voltage electric bedding as pets quickly chew or cut the bed. There are chances of risks in those cases.

  • Are your electric Blanket Washable and Durable?

Check whether the blanket is machine washable or hand washable. Prefer the one with machines because you may find difficulties in washing with your hands.

While washing, the blanket should not pill or shed colors. Before cleaning detach the power cord for the durability of the electric blankets.

  • Does your Electric Blanket contain Dual Controls?

If you prefer to choose a single blanket for two persons, then you should check for this feature. Dual control can be best for larger sheets or queen-sized beds.

By this control, each person can control the heat on their sides separately.

  • Are your Electric Blankets User-Friendly?

Any people can use these electric blankets, so the type should be user-friendly so that anyone can adjust the temperature control as they wish at any time.

Electric blankets are available in both digital and analog controls. Some of the manufacturers even provide wireless controls.

  • Is there a time switch option in your Electric Blanket?

Some blankets allow time settings, where you can keep the temperature set for a particular period, there is also the automatic shut off option through which you will be able to fall asleep safely. Your blanket should allow preheating too.

So if you are finding an electric blanket with features like easy to wash, simple care, multiple heat settings, dual heat controller, automatic timer switch and control, temperature sensors and if it matches all your requirements and suitability never miss the one.

 What to know about electric blankets?

Apart from these features, you need to know the purpose, suitability and certain factors before you get an electric blanket for you.

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These blankets helps you to keep warm and cozy at any time, have a good sleep with it.
  • You need to know how often you are going to use this electric blanket.
  • Know your bed size and outlets before you choose a one.
  • Know whether you are in need of an electric blanket for you, your kids or for your pets.
  • Know the weight of the blanket you are going to get. Will you be able to handle it properly?

Look for the Warranty and guarantee provided for the blanket.

Benefits of an electric throw blanket

Electric Blankets are one of the extraordinary comforts available during the winter or in any chill time. There are a lot of pros when considering these electric blankets, let’s look them below.

  • Let you keep warm during chill climates
  • Saves enormous energy and your savings
  • Electric Blankets give you the comfortable sleep at any cause.
  • Relief from stress, muscle pains, allergies and so on.
  • The dual control and the time switcher assure you for the better and comfortable feel.

Disadvantages of Electric Heated Blankets

As the proverb, “two sides in a coin”, there are also some of the negatives while using these electric blankets.

Pregnant ladies and other patients cannot use this electric blanket as the electromagnetic radiation give many negative defects for the persons.

Discomfort at some cause as they are embedded with a set of wires.

There are chances for fire hazard though they are tested.

You need electricity to operate this Electric Blanket; hence you will not be able to use this when there is no power in the home.

Final Words…

I have listed all the above products only after analyzing and testing them along with experts and professionals. You may find the difference in price ranges, but they all are best for the penny you spent on it. Pick the right blanket and enjoy its benefits.