Of course, we are in the 21st century and there are numerous advancements in various branches like science, technology, medicine etc. But, the worse part which needs to be accepted is that security to women has been challenged a lot in this century. Centuries ago, regardless of the civilization, women were always treated as assets and not as exact humans.

We can accept that at least to some extent in terms of barbarism and illiteracy. But, today all are almost educated and everyone knows the ups and downs in committing a crime against women. But, still, there are predators that escape from the clutches of law and commit not only mistakes but sins. Such sins against women happen mostly at night and that too when they go out for work. Here are some useful tips for any women in the world by following which they can stay safe at work.

  1. Proper transportation

Generally, it is good for women to stay away from the night shift jobs on account of safety. Apart from general safety, there are so many situations which compel you to take the job. At such conditions, you have to keep yourself safe not only from outsiders but also from your co-workers. Ask your company to arrange for a night shift cab which can make you travel safely from and to your house.

Also, ask the driver of your cab to check the vehicle for punctures, light failures, an improper sound of the engine before you start from your office. In case, your regular driver is on leave, it is good to have a suspicious eye on the new driver even if he is referred to you by the company. Avoid unnecessary talks to the new driver in order to keep you safe.

2. Conversation over phone

Most of the women when entering a new office pose to be a person who is difficult to handle even if they are soft in nature. This is to keep them away from the other gender on accounts of personal safety. I don’t say this is bad but when it comes to a conversation over a mobile phone, things change upside down.

They start to speak so polity, which is totally different from the image you have created in the office. Obviously, everyone will notice your sudden behavioral change and most of them would guess that the way you behave in the office is not the real you. So, while you talk over the phone it is good to be aware of your official environment.

  1. Don’t trust new friends

Once you go to a new office, you can get many friends on the first day itself. You can very intimate with the new friends that you have made. But, make sure that you don’t share your email Id, Bank accounts, address, mobile number etc. Even if the friends you made are good, there is a huge possibility for them to share your details with some stranger and that person can bring you troubles. Also, stay away from going to clubs, parties with your new friends.

  1. Pepper spray gun

True to the name, the product is very itchy and hot. It has been manufactured from the extracts of chilies and pepper which is added in suitable proportions with the organic solvent called ethanol. You can use it without any hesitation when situations become worse. They are available in different models like pens, key chains, guns etc. The victim who received a pepper spray shot will not lose his life; so don’t be afraid that something bad would happen to him and you might get imprisoned.

  1. Restrictive clothing

This is a common mistake done by most of the women who dominate the night. They wear tight and uncomfortable dresses which prevent them from moving fast. When you have to run for some cause, you won’t be able to run with your maximum speed. Thus you dress can make you a victim soon. So, when you go outdoors always make sure that you dress in such a way that you can perform your regular actions without any difficulties.

  1. Don’t appear to be travelling alone

Whenever you happen to walk alone, don’t create situations to others that you are alone. You have shown on your face that you have a strong support from behind. Avoid strangers when you are alone, even if he intends to help you. And the most important point to remember is to avoid speaking over mobiles. Of course, you think that others around you would think that you are calling 911, but speaking over the phone only diverts your attention from the real environment around you. So, it is better to avoid talking over phones when you are alone.


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